Monday, February 1, 2010


Soon there will be no DALC, but Oborah will still be around to laugh in our faces after stealing our futures. He is not a small god like some of his former, current staff and students think.

DALC  is being auctioned for non payment of rent and guess what, KDN is still owed 600,000 , Access Kenya is owed more than 330,000 and all the campuses owe some rent. The banks too want their money. If you wait for Oborah to be dealt with by the others, there will be nothing left. Time to take what is ours, time to take action and finish this fake Professor.

The cars, the expensive clothes, houses, lifestyle and even Patrick will be a thing of the past for Humphrey Oborah. Lets come together and finish this. Staff and students.

See the auction notice and passby if you want a cheap PC.