Saturday, February 21, 2009


We look at the other bogus upgrade option that DALC offers its students and its questionable documents. The European Business School Cambridge.

Application Letter/Transcript/Credit Transfers (click on the image for a clear view)

1. European Business School Letterhead simply lists the website url . No physical address is given, no number, and not a telephone/fax no in sight.

2. The Simple numbering system i.e STUDENT/MBA/YEAR is the kind of code a class 8 prefect would come up with to label the class storybooks in the cupboard at the corner. Not a European Business School!! As of 20th July, this was the 20th Student of the year just incase you didn't notice.

3. Application to credit transfers that is devoid of the details of the credits. Find out from a genuine university and see that credit transfers are not so casually awarded. Where are the subjects, credit points, etc

4. This is a masters degree programme that awards Credit points for 1st,2nd, and 3rd year's coursework. That is definitely a diploma mill right there. Look how they put experience in there as one of the qualification for credit points.

5. Another Signature and no name!! Its always the Academic Secretary, the Chancellor , Examiner, Mickey Mouse Fan, Wannabe musician but no names. They do not want to incriminate themselves.

6. EUROPEAN BUSINESS SCHOOL LIMITED. Anybody who needs an explanation on why that is fishy must be a DALC student who started a course at the 2nd year level and is now fast tracking to an MBA a years later. What is a limited CO. doing signing diplomas and awarding credit points?

This is a document (thanks to a former DALC student) with so much info in it that it is simply ridiculous. The shallowness the Diploma Mills operators exhibit is baffling.

This document does contains the following information:

● Confirms the admission of the student into the MBA programme,

● Gives an admission no,

● Informs of the credit transfers

● Gives results for the assessed thesis

It is an admission letter, credit transfer confirmation and results slip. How bizzare!.

For those who do not know, an application to a school has only one result- an admission /rejection letter. You cannot apply, request for exemptions and submit a thesis for assessment all at once. THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE IN THE REAL ACADEMIC WORLD. I dare say it is like conceiving and giving birth at the same time.

The DEAD giveaway that this is DALC's handiwork is the phrase THESIS(PROJECT). Anybody who has been in there long enough knows that the Head of Missions uses both words interchangeably. He says projects/thesis or thesis/project. It is everywhere in the prospectus and on DALC's website.

What gives them away is the use of PROJECT and THESIS on a transcript. Academics don't do that, they simply have a thesis and you can go figure what a thesis is if you don't know. This one has PROJECT in brackets just in case the person who got the degree or other people who read might not know what a thesis is. (PROJECT). Tell me how many you have read or heard DALC use Thesis/Project. How about the TITLE of the THESIS? Did they forget to mention that?

Perhaps I'll find the word “Certificate” on a particular transcript will also have (award)(accolade) next to it .

DEGREE CERTIFICATE(click on the image for a clear view)

7.The letterhead changes and is different from the transcript above. It says Cambridge, England and still no physical address given. Absolutely no way you could know where the European Business School is situated. All you need to know is that it was at Cambridge.

8.Cambridge again. Least you miss the letterhead.

9.Who is signing these documents. Why are there no names in any of them, and that signature, it is fishy. Who is Collins Thompson??

Ladies and Gentlemen, that is the Upgrade option DALC EDUCATION gives you .

Download your bogus EBS admission letter/credit points award/results slip.
Download your bogus EBS MBA certificate.

This is definitely another one of those Mickey Mouse Universities you should not waste your time with.


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