Wednesday, February 25, 2009




In the first episode, The CLASS was a lot like an anti JAB (Joint Admissions Board) rally. It faulted the KAB for the ever increasing cutoff point and leading to students missing university spaces. The "specialist" sounded like he really despised JAB but failed to enlighten people that JAB has nothing to do with University spaces. That is the governments role. It was absolutely mediocre how the DALC expert was throwing veiled barbs at JAB.




In the first episode, we see different students telling their exceptional stories. One of the students was pregnant, another lacked fee and the last one was unwell. I think there was another student who panicked and failed as a result. All these missed places at the local varsities as JAB was not kind enough to listen to their pleas and understand that lack of fees or illness causes people to perform poorly. So the students have gotten a second chance at the professors den to redeem themselves. They shouldn't feel too special though, anyone can get into DALC because it doesn't matter as long a you pay.



The second installment of the class featured a dizzying juxtaposition of DALC students, hungry Africans and burning houses. The good Prof. Proclaimed that Africans lag back for lack of Gift and Talent Testing. He let us on in a big secret, the western world tests babies and determines who will be president and therefore gets the leaders they deserve. Africans do not carry out these tests and as a result gets woeful leaders.

Zimbabweans should find their leader now through the profs. System. It sounded like a sore joke but according to the class, gift and talent testing will solve Africa s Economic, Political and Social problems. Can I see Obama's results?



I watched the third episode hoping for an educated view on creativity. The truth of the matter is that the presenter sounded more informed than the professor of the WIDU. He gave examples of people whoo were stopped from making planes by DC's as his example of inhibitors to creativity. For a man who wants to solve Africa's problems, this was shallow. He made this reference to these well known stories and broke it down the absolutely ridiculous with a prophesy that in future babies will be regulated under CAP X. I doubt anybody was enlightened by that show.



The CLASS specialist claims to solve all problems with his research. He creates a big picture in every show and one almost thinks that he is really an authority. He solves Kenya's problems, solves the world  problems and Africa s terrible tragedies and mismanagement with his career forecasting. Question is, Oborah has been at this thing for 6 years now still we haven't an engineer, doctor, chemist whose career was successfully foretold by Humphrey Ouko Oborah. Where is your track record?You should sole the small problem first by showing clips of students who got into the right careeer through your tests. Usiwe kama Obel na dawa yake that has never healed an AIDS patient!!



The class is one forum where that mans wild imagination scofmes to the fore. Some of this is borrowed imagination , case in point episode 3. He tells the story of a Hospitals ICU wing where patients lie helpless because their body cells are too weak for them to stand. That coming from a man who claims to have dropped from medical school leaves a lot to be desired but he takes this further and tells us to imagine a flashlight that would heal these people!! I think ICU cases are diverse but there is a possibility according to this professor who simply repeats the kind of nonsense Genopuls claims. He acknowledges that this is creativity and therefore lesser mortals like us will question his thinking. If you are in the ICU for broken bones and shattered spine, poisoned blood, advanced cancer or recuperating from a heart by pass- a flashlight could cure you in a er er FLASH.




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