Thursday, February 19, 2009


You have all seen the agreement that DALC signed with WIDU ( a diploma mill by the way) where the two pledge unwavering loyalty to each other and layout a hazy Plan to adopt Grand PhDism etc. Something has always struck me as odd with this agreement and am not talking about the worthless content of the agreement. 
Oborah's signatures at the bottom. It's just not his signature and maybe he is conning WIDU as well? Surprised? I think he did not sign the document(so he can get of the loop when things come to a head) or that he signed a fake signature (so he can claim it wasn't him when the chickens come to roost). See the magnified signature and tell me why is it so easy to find so many inconsistencies with Oborah!!!
Does the world hate him so much that he had to become a proffesor of a diploma mill? Are we so jealous that our jealousy made his signature change? Not another tired explanation Mr. Prof  of the WIDU!!!


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