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Expert Forensic Psychologist cons UK Court for 27 years

Read and see how one quack gave expert evidence in court for 3 decades.

This article should serve to dispense with the notion that since Oborah was on TV last night, he must be the real deal. Quacks have taken governments for a ride just like the DALC head of Missions did to Kilemi Mwiria and the Commission for Higher Education and like the fake doctor in the story, maybe DALC will fool people for 27 years. What makes these fraudsters successful is their audacity to do the unthinkable, so people rationalise it by thinking that if he does that (appears on TV, gives evidence in court, donates to the poor etc)...then there is no way he can be a fake.

Doing audacious things is a deliberate move the fraudster takes to hoodwink you as people judge things on face value without so much as a question. Tell me, when the DALC professor tells you that he studied at Cambridge and speaks in a STIFF English accent, you assume that its true Right?. Have you tried searching the Cambridge University library of research manuscripts to see if he shows up anywhere? Have you looked through the Cambridge Alumni lists for Humphrey Peter Ouko Oborah? Nope. The English accent and fancy career forecasting balderdash had you fooled. So ignore the accent and search through Cambridge University alumni list. You could even write them an email and find out the truth by yourself. READ ON.

· 'Expert witness' convicted of deception charges
· Miscarriage of justice fear in hundreds of cases

A man who appeared as an expert forensic psychologist in hundreds of court cases was yesterday revealed to be a conman who had duped judges, barristers and their clients for almost three decades.

With his lofty motto - Exposing Unrighteousness for the Sake of Righteousness - and a string of letters after his name, Gene Morrison was paid at least £250,000 in taxpayers' money over a 27-year period, giving evidence from the witness box and writing reports for the courts. In fact, his years of experience were entirely ficticious and his qualifications purchased online.

Yesterday Morrison, 48, of Hyde, Cheshire, was described as a complete charlatan and found guilty of a host of deception charges.

Police are now having to reassess around 700 cases in which Morrison gave evidence, looking for possible miscarriages of justice and potentially opening the floodgates for appeals against convictions.


According to this document available from here IIU recognises several institutions. Strangely, none of them are accredited and your usual suspects CAM/OXIM are there. Seems like this is just one big happy family that loves to give certificates without regard for their usefulness or recognition. Download the pdf and read for yourself before the Prof. Dr. craps on your intelligence by alleging that this is the work of malicious people. Take note that this document is on a HongKong website and there is such a strong connection between IIU and CAM/OXIM there, ask you professor of the WIDU to explain. Do not be fooled by his attempts to blame others.
Oh and WIDU also recognises IIU and has accredited DALC (yes they can!!) whose head of Missions is Africa's vice president of WIDU. WIDU is on the Oregon state and Wikipedia's lists of unaccredited institutions.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Nothing beats carton strips for a good laugh and we found one that
will make you laugh at yourself (if you are looking forward to a
degree through DALC) or at the DALC management who are nearing the end
of the rope and have run out of lies to tell people.

Email your DALC STORY to and break the cycle of
silence that keeps this thing going. You can join the few who are
speaking up!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


What is this doing on the IIU transcript? I did not make this up, open the transcript posted previously and see for yourself that there is one logo that is a composition of the IiU logo, the CAM logo and the OXIM one. I have circled the logos that you should look very closely at these logos and see that they are exactly what you see on DALC’s website. Of course they would like to deny any connection with them sham IIU after the BBC expose last year but this unholy union started way before that. I called this the unifying logo for the CAM/OXIM/IIU marriage I can see here.

The question someone should be answering is why do we have this Knightly looking logo that bears the IIU, CAM, OXIM emblems? My answer is that these 3 are owned by the same person whose sole agent on Kenya is DALC. Maybe the professor of WIDU will want you to believe that this is malice but let me break it to you gently if you are a victim of the CAM/OXIM lie.

IIU is a fake university, on examining its transcript we found 15 logos one of which incorporated the emblems of Irish International University, Cambridge Association of Managers and Oxford Association of Management into one. This is because all three are part of a Diploma mill that is hoodwinking unsuspecting people like you.


Aha!! The fake accreditation body needed 2 logos to validate the IIU degree. Why the two I cannot tell but it seems like the work of an overzeaalous con to prove he is not a fraudster but this is all the evidence you need.
To those in the dark, QAC is a fake accreditation body that apparently validates all the CAM/OXIM courses offered at DALC. According to the BBC it is owned by H. Sandhu.
Someone asked how??
Well, diploma Mills know very well that they cannot be accredited so they form self accreditation bodies. In other words they accredit themselves with a prestigious sounding thing like the Quality Assurance Commission. It is no
coincidence that the QAC has an uncanny resemblance to the QCA ( which is a UK publicly funded body that develops curriculum, assesments, examinations and qualifications. QAC pretends to be like QCA and hopes that people will not notice. Just like those counterfeit VAN HUSSEIN shirts or the EVERYDAY batteries.

The QAC validates the CAM/OXIM/EBS/IIU qualifications and
according to documents from the DALC website, your diploma is not valid if it does not have the QAC seal. Sounds like one sad joke right there, but ladies and gentlemen Oborah says that without the seal of a fake accreditation body, you
Diploma from an Uncredited CAM/OXIM is invalid!!! IRONIC!
The QAC website is also hosted on the same servers that host
the CAM/EBS/IIU websites.

That is little too much for coincidence isn’t it?

National Council of Higher Education is a fake accreditation body that serves to accredit illegitimate institutions. The NCHE is named by the Wikipedia alongside other prestigious sounding quaks suh as National Learning Online Council ((NLOC) and National Coucil of Schools and Colleges (NCSC).

So there you have it, Irish International University is accredited by two quackish institutions. Thats too much to handle and should be enough to stop a lot of people on their tracks. This is the same IIU that DALC students upgraded with and were escorted by DALC’s head of missions to graduate in the UK. This is the same IIU whose President owns the CAM/OXIM duo that offers its unaccredited Diploma’s at DALC.

PHEW!! This is a little head spinning!


This is how dodgy this thing is. The CAMBRIDGE endorses all CAM/OXIM qualifications. Actually, at the bottom of every certificate is “Endorsed by Cambridge Academy of Management” with this logo. So the big question would be why is it on the IIU certificate? Perhaps we could look at the Officials list to see the connection. As you look for the Officials, you find that there is a picture of a pretty girl and the listing of CAM/OXIm/EBS on their website. Some of the officials of this CAM include, Hans Joachim Kempe, H,Sandhu and Humphrey Oborah. Isn’t that another amazing coincidence? Oborah is Africa’s representative to the Cambridge Academy of Management where he sits on the same table with Hans Kempe. The three men are professors of the sham WIDU, and Kempe is the President of the Irish International University while Sandhu is the Executive Chairman. CLEAR?


Like energizer bunnies, they (fake schools) never say die, and looking at European Business School Cambridge list of officials, you will find:

Dr Michel Gagne- Dr. Humphrey Oborah- Dr Peter Shepherd Gloria Jean-Clutton Williams

The European Business School is a limited company whose certificates we analysed and found close to 10 anomalies in a previous post. The EBS says that it is not a university but still goes on to awards in DBA and MBA after (laugh at this) a one week residential program at Cambridge. At least one hundred students have gone through DALC and ended up with the European Business School Degrees.


Humphrey Peter Ouko Oborah has lied to tens of Kenyans with a straight face over the last few years. I remember when he told us that the Irish International University was one university of a fairly good ranking that students could upgrade with. Later last year when things got heated, he said that the IIU was an open international university that was misunderstood. Well, I don’t understand why a university has three emblems as you can see above? Why is an irish University also Swiss?


THE REST OF THESE KNIGHTLY LOGOS are supposed to get you confused and impressed at how well the IIU is recognised. Well, I say this is crap that is not fit to WIPE my ass with. Why on earth do we have the United Kingdom logo?
Why do we need the Varsity Logo? So that we know the Irish thing is a University? and why the EU thingy? This is shitty ridiculous.

Humphrey Peter Ouko Oborah is better suited to explain as the IIU certificates were collected at DALC from his hands. We have the invoices you wrote Prof.Dr.Edu of the World Information Distributed University whose research remains unpublished and cannot be traced anywhere.

Oborah, we have new info that you did not go to Cambridge University, wait
till that is published and you can call the police on the bloggers here. You are the most dishonest fake Prof.Dr.Edu ever, how do you look at students in the eyes and tell them all this is malice. Prof.Dr.Edu can you do another one of those malice bulletins where you to great lengths to avoid the questions
raised and point fingers instead?

Prof.Dr.Edu will you respond in your usual fashion so we can ridicule you
inability to tell the truth?
Are you going to make it illEgal for your staff and

students to read this blog? Maybe you could insert a clause in the student
contract warning against questioning DALC’s legitimacy? Prof.Dr.Edu?


Going to University and getting a degree has been abused and oversimplified by the European Business School. These people can compress time and get you a degree in a couple of days after a session like the one below. They call it the residential programme which is usually held in a hired CAMBRIDGE/OXFORD UNI hall.

These are not the words that were spoken and are completely made up. You could also come up with your own captions and have a laugh about it.

1. Hello Gentlemen, Welcome to EBS Cambridge? Which 3rd World country are you from?

2. TOday, we will cover...The man seated next to me is Prof. Sandhu, a honourary Professor of letters. He will assist me teach and guide you through the one day DBA programme. After today, you will be a Doctor of Business Admistration. That is bigger and badder that an MBA.

4.So are we going to delve into the nitty gritty of my Finance thesis? I want to be head of the economic planning unit at the central bank back home.

5.Well, Finance is er.. You have money don't you.. So what is finance? Finance is you, and you are finance. Finance could be all of us. You are financed, I am financed all of us are financed by money. So what is money?

6.In my country , there is money, my thesis sir was not on money markets!! I analysed the economic performance and measurement tools as applied by the Central Bank.
7.Well then you three are full DBA. Why should I fail you while you deserve this degree. YOu are gifted and talented.How was the flight?

8.Ok. Lets take photos so that others can see how easy it to get a prestigious award. SMILE!


The message was sent to admin STAFF recently. Thanks for forwarding this info. This is Oborah's counter strategy that will backfire because people would like the list to be published but not many will want to be listed as having gotten promotions from dubious institutions!
Centre Managers,

I hope all of you are well.

Prof. Dr. Oborah needs profile literature of students from DALC who have either gotten jobs or promotion or received credit transfers to other universities e.g. Nazarene, USIU, KEMU, CUEA, UON, JKUAT, Kabarak, Oxford Brookes, Liverpool e.t.c.
Please ask the students to give their achievement background, the course done in DALC and how the course helped them achieve. Ask them to email to:

Yours sincerely,
A certificate is just paper ... Its content is the value !
None of the above Universities will take you with DALC-CAM qualifications. We have enquired at all the local institutions and nobody, not even Methodist,Daystar and Nazarene that the DALC staff told you would accept really accept. Any achievers?

Oborahs 7 Devastating Lies


Date Posted: 2008-11-27
We have noted that 187 projects were uploaded just over the last 2 weeks.A number of them do not have all Assignments and CATs.Be advised that we will ony send projects that are complete and have been received by 5th November2008.
Late projects will be sent at the end of the December 2008. Penalties apply as mentioned earlier.Tutors who have not marked projects arriving more than 7 days back, will not be paid and may be dismissed as per policy.
Why is it a lie? As far as we know the CAM website does not support any database functionality that would make it possible to receive and store projects. The CAM website waslast updated a year ago and certainly, no projects are sent to the UK. As Oborah says , Its allporojo!

LIE NO 2.Final project and THESIS

It is a requirement that when submitting Final Module Projects that you make sure the following are adhered to:
1. State the Month and Year the Module was taught
2. State The Exam Session of Submission. The following are the submission sessions/deadlines: 31 January, 31 March, 31 May, 31 August, 30 November
3. Upload the project
4. Print both Cover and Declaration pages, sign and date them. Scan and upload both pages online.
5. Make sure that Assignments and CATs marks are diplayed by the system. Any project without these will not be sent to UK. Assignments contribute 10%, CATs 20%, Module Projects 70%. It is a requirement that when submitting Thesis Projects that you make sure the following are adhered to:
1. Scan and upload copies of transcripts and CV when submitting thesis
2. State the university you wish the thesis to go to for credit transfers
3. Upload the full project

Why is it a lie? Well, getting a degree with DALC is not that hard and can be done in 3 easy steps. The second requirement is simply for you to state you wish the thesis to go for credit transfers. You do not apply but simply state and DALC care of the rest. This is because the Universities you are supposed to state are illegitimate and merely certificate awarding bodies created by Oborah's cronies.


Date Posted: 2008-11-11
When negotiating with international partners, the main thrust was about reducing examination and credit transfer fees.

The noble idea was to ensure that our candidates complete to full bachelors or masters degrees. Now, our usual low attitude is back. Much as we mentioned that any excess will be transfered to credit transfer fees, most people are requesting for refund instead, so that "I solve this problem first". Interestingly, even where the money was paid by a company, they would like to pocket the balance. Accordingly, we are therefore not meeting the original objective and fees may revert to original amounts.

People have to be extremely careful when dealing with international partners as they constantly monitor us. Don't be the people that were rewarded and then lost it almost immediately.Please note that there are no refunds based on fees reductions!!!!! It is sad that the very people we try to help are the ones that rock the boat.


Why is it a lie? There are no International partners in this thing. He reduced the examination fees after the Business Daily expose battered DALC's intake and lowered revenues. This move was to trigger the poor who could not afford the courses to fall into his CAM/OXIM dragnet.


Date Posted: 2008-10-03
After completion of final diplomas and knowing that our programmes are registered by Ministry of Education and Commission for Higher Education, you are assured nationally and internationally of credit transfers to either bacheors or masters degrees and in a very short time.
Of course our competitors would like to play tricks so that we make public universities that would upgrade the diplomas. Once we make these public they will rush to them and pretend that they are better than us.
Recently, the same colleges that make negative claims about DALC alongside people they pay to propagate hate campaigns, were in UK to meet heads of institutions we work with so that they can also offer the same courses. They were shocked to meet me and one only said, " I came only to say hello to the President of The Academy". Of course, he traveled all the way from Kenya just to say hello and as though the president is his friend!
They were thrown out and when they came back, they were bitter and now left with no option but spread hate messages. We dont care!

Why is it a lie? DALC claims that it courses are accepted nationally and internationally. Why then can't we find a legitimate University in Kenya where we take CAM papers and get credit transfers as he claimed. Besides IIU and EBS, are there any legitimate overseas universities that accept these qualifications? He doesn't care.


Date Posted: 2008-09-23
Dear all,
Results for all examinations will be delayed up to 10th October 2008 for us and will reach us therefore by 15th October 2008.This is because we have been implementing the online system between us and Cambridge/Oxford.
Please bear with us, since it had to start somewhere. The good news is that in the future results will come much faster with greater accuracy.

Why is it a lie? Repeating a lie many times does not make the truth. It does not create a fact thereof non reality. These certificates and transcripts are all done in the man's house and presented to you. These people in the UK who print these certificates have the habit of making "Kenyan" spelling mistakes such as confusing Wanjiku with Wanjiru. Where in the UK are they printed? We all know where money, KNEC papers, and ballot papers. These are documents on a higher secrecy level than DALC's certificates. Can he reveal and show evidence?


Date Posted: 2008-09-23
Dear all,
The QAC only deals with validation of exemptions or credit transfers based on Accreditation for Prior Experiential Learning(APEL) so that those with work experience can get their years of relevant work converted into academic credit points (validated by QAC) This is the only service QAC does for us with CAM and OXIM.
There are people who are confusing that QAC is a UK accrediting body yet all information about QAC is about APEL.Please have your facts right!
Why is it a lie?Despite the haughty and patronising tone of this memo, QAC is a self acclaimed accreditation body that is registered as a private company . It's name is a lot similar to the QCA which is a legitimate body that deals with curriculum and examination issues . The QAC accredits CAM/OXIM/IIU/EBS qualifications and says on its website that its job is to accredit UK qualifications. They may have removed the logos from the websites but hey! all those sample certificates in Oborah's websites and TV documentaries have the QAC seal. Look at the bottom of any prospectus.

Dear all,
It is another gain for DALC EDUCATION , Kenya and Africa at large, as Dr. Humphrey Oborah (DALC Head of Missions) becomes a full professor of The Prestigious European Academy of Intellectuals. The European Academy of Intellectuals was started by Royal Decree in Belgium to recognise top PhD research and in this regard would award successful candidates full professorship or Grand professorship depending on how the research has been used to uplift human dignity. Outstanding personalities would also be recommended for Nobel Peace Prize.
Why is it a lie? The European Academy of Informatisation is unaccredited and listed in the Oregon state of Education Department says as much. There is nothing prestigious here.Maybe prestige among unrecognised universities.

Dr Oborah, (now Prof. Dr. Edu. Humphrey Oborah), has been researching after attaining his PhD on Gift and Talent Testing with a bias to Career Forecasting and has published 21 Research Documents in this regard. His research has produced Bio-medical Education to be used in the next century and focuses on Early Establishment of Brain Intelligence. In other words he can determine your career at age 5 and forecast your ability 20 years later.
Why is it a lie? The 21 research documents are like the Yeti, other people claim to have seen them but you cannot find them no matter how hard you try. And bio-medical education has nothing to do with what Oborah is fronting here, look it up for yourself.
He submitted his research materials for consideration in September 2007 and it was all joy for him to learn that he has become a full professor and will be listed as the first Kenyan (and 2nd African , after Nigeria's , His Royal Majesty King (OBA) Ibrahim Sanni Arolagbade Ashade IV – The Ologba of Ogba Kingdom) in the book of TheEuropean Academy of Intellectuals for the 21st century. He is also expected to take the position of Vice President of The Academy in Africa and also set to get DALC recognised by the International body hence allowing professors of this calibre to exchange intellectual materials with DALC including direct lectures and setting up strong research centres in DALC.
Why is it a lie? Get DALC recognised by the WIDU? Thats stretching it. Is WIDU in any position to recognise ANYTHING ? Some naïve people are also waiting for the exchange of intellectual materials to take place.
Oborah is set to travel to Belgium to receive this award from His Royal Majesty King Albert II , followed by a possible high powered delegation from Europe bringing his Royal Medal of Honour here in Kenya later this year.
Hahahahahahahaha. Can we say liar X15 and laugh again at the man. We have pictures of your award ceremony that was attended by 3 people including yourself and there was no King Albert there. Some one point him out to me.




In the first episode, The CLASS was a lot like an anti JAB (Joint Admissions Board) rally. It faulted the KAB for the ever increasing cutoff point and leading to students missing university spaces. The "specialist" sounded like he really despised JAB but failed to enlighten people that JAB has nothing to do with University spaces. That is the governments role. It was absolutely mediocre how the DALC expert was throwing veiled barbs at JAB.




In the first episode, we see different students telling their exceptional stories. One of the students was pregnant, another lacked fee and the last one was unwell. I think there was another student who panicked and failed as a result. All these missed places at the local varsities as JAB was not kind enough to listen to their pleas and understand that lack of fees or illness causes people to perform poorly. So the students have gotten a second chance at the professors den to redeem themselves. They shouldn't feel too special though, anyone can get into DALC because it doesn't matter as long a you pay.



The second installment of the class featured a dizzying juxtaposition of DALC students, hungry Africans and burning houses. The good Prof. Proclaimed that Africans lag back for lack of Gift and Talent Testing. He let us on in a big secret, the western world tests babies and determines who will be president and therefore gets the leaders they deserve. Africans do not carry out these tests and as a result gets woeful leaders.

Zimbabweans should find their leader now through the profs. System. It sounded like a sore joke but according to the class, gift and talent testing will solve Africa s Economic, Political and Social problems. Can I see Obama's results?



I watched the third episode hoping for an educated view on creativity. The truth of the matter is that the presenter sounded more informed than the professor of the WIDU. He gave examples of people whoo were stopped from making planes by DC's as his example of inhibitors to creativity. For a man who wants to solve Africa's problems, this was shallow. He made this reference to these well known stories and broke it down the absolutely ridiculous with a prophesy that in future babies will be regulated under CAP X. I doubt anybody was enlightened by that show.



The CLASS specialist claims to solve all problems with his research. He creates a big picture in every show and one almost thinks that he is really an authority. He solves Kenya's problems, solves the world  problems and Africa s terrible tragedies and mismanagement with his career forecasting. Question is, Oborah has been at this thing for 6 years now still we haven't an engineer, doctor, chemist whose career was successfully foretold by Humphrey Ouko Oborah. Where is your track record?You should sole the small problem first by showing clips of students who got into the right careeer through your tests. Usiwe kama Obel na dawa yake that has never healed an AIDS patient!!



The class is one forum where that mans wild imagination scofmes to the fore. Some of this is borrowed imagination , case in point episode 3. He tells the story of a Hospitals ICU wing where patients lie helpless because their body cells are too weak for them to stand. That coming from a man who claims to have dropped from medical school leaves a lot to be desired but he takes this further and tells us to imagine a flashlight that would heal these people!! I think ICU cases are diverse but there is a possibility according to this professor who simply repeats the kind of nonsense Genopuls claims. He acknowledges that this is creativity and therefore lesser mortals like us will question his thinking. If you are in the ICU for broken bones and shattered spine, poisoned blood, advanced cancer or recuperating from a heart by pass- a flashlight could cure you in a er er FLASH.



Monday, February 23, 2009

Proof that DALC's qualification are validated by the fake QAC

Before Humphrey and his band of liars changes this, download your advanced business management prospectus from the DALC website and find out what it says about the Quality Assurance Commision. Apparently, the QAC has accredits the CAM diplomas. The prospectus says..

All qualifications that are recognized by Cambridge, CAM (UK) are also accredited by Qualifications Assurance Commission (QAC - UK) through APEL credit transfer system. QAC is UK's qualifications accrediting body. DALC is registered by Cambridge, CAM, as an overseas teaching centre and has chosen the credit transfer system.


So who is fooling who? We say CAM is accredited by QAC which the BBC says is fraudulent and is owned by the same people who run CAM/OXIM/IIU/EBS. Oborah tells you its not yet it is on a CAM prospectus downloaded from his website. So why is it on this prospectus?? Why does it talk of accreditation when it is not a legitimate accreditation body?
As he works oertime to figure out another dishonest explanation we come across the ICT prospectus on DALC's website where they say..
Examinations for this course are from Cambridge and are practical. The marking is usually done in Cambridge and candidates receive certificates from Cambridge (CAM).
Your certificate can only be valid if it is from Cambridge (CAM) and bears the Quality Assurance Commission of UK (QAC-UK) seal which validates it and is on Cambridge CAM letterhead.
So QAC validates certificates and those CERTIFICATES without the QAC seal are not valid? This is the same QAC that is a fake accreditation agency by the way as the BBC found out. That is one dishonest statement from DALC!!!
We downloaded these prospectus from DALC's website so there is not malice here:-), we just brought it to your attention if you missed It.

Iranian interior minister sacked over fake Oxford degree


Click to see the fake degree

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran suffered a humiliating and politically damaging setback yesterday when his Interior Minister, Ali Kordan, was impeached by parliament for deception after he confessed to holding a forged law degree from the University of Oxford.

The President has portrayed himself as a champion against corruption but stood by Mr Kordan as the scandal intensified, insisting that his minister was a "victim" who had devoted 30 years of service to the Islamic Republic and should not be judged on one "piece of torn paper".

Mr Ahmadinejad sulkily refused to attend the parliamentary session, declaring that the move to impeach was illegal because Mr Kordan had committed no wrongdoing during his turbulent three months in office.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Many ask, How can DALC be a fraud? How can it be a scam yet they have offices everywhere? They hold graduations ? They have a CHE certificate validating their courses?We go to class and write projects.

DALC is a cleverly arranged composition that covers the bases that an ordinary person would question and that is one of the reasons why it is going to be a hard nut to crack. There are loopholes in law that make it hard to nailthem as easily as you would a pyramid scheme.The governments incompetence at stopping scams that fleece Kenyans is also a big contributing factor.Up to this day, we have pyramid schemes that run openly , have offices, bank accounts but actionis always taken when peoples money has beenlost.There was DECI and AKIBA, 2 countrywide PonziSchemes that were questioned by economics experts in theirinfancy yet were allowed to thrive and con Kenyans off billions of shillings by authorities. DALCis no different.


Theinstitution has the necessary papers from the Commission for Higher Education and the Ministry of Education though one of the letters from the Minister of Education is in doubt. The accreditation is on the basis that offers its own diploma programmes in Computing and Business studies. The CHE validated DALC on the understanding that students are awarded a DIPLOMA by DALC on a DALCletterhead.Justlike Graffins, Augustuna, NairobiInstitute of Business Studies do by awarding Diplomas in their name. The CHE has not and has never accredited CAM/OXIM courses. You can ask them.

(CHE commissioners inspecting DALC)
(CHE commissioner at a DALC graduation)

DALC is abusing this accreditation of just two Diplomas in Business Studies and Computing to offer a myriad of courses in Public Relations, Accounting, Project Management, Health care Management, Pre Medicals/Engineering, Environmental Studies, Actuarial Science etc. In fact., DALC has about 160 courses on offer. They present the argument that courseslike PR, Accounting, Project Management and 90 other courses are Business related courses and therefore the single accreditation for Business Studies covers all of them. They also say that course like Graphics and Multimedia, Robotic Technology,Software Engineering, Network architecture are computing courses thus covered by the COMPUTING DIPLOMA accreditation CHE accreditation.Thatis one biglie.In fact, every course has to be accreditedindependently and DALC says soin one of the MEMOSit posts to students. Bottomline, the CHE did not accredited courses by CAM/OXIM.

The first fraud they are committing is using the CHE accreditation to hoodwink you into joining their courses thinking you are getting an accredited course. In fact DALC says on its website that its courses are so recognised that students will get credit transfers to any public university. You might need to ask yourself the courses they are speaking about it because as of today, there is not one single university that accepts DALC qualifications. Not one.They also are teaching graduate courses before they even have an accredited Bachelors programme.Simply put, DALCis running whileit should be crawling by teaching postgraduate diploma's. Those can only be taught by a University and not a collegelike DALC.Find out at the commission's office.

In sum, DALCislegitimate fraud becauseitis accredited by the Commission of Higher Education andis registered by the Ministry of Education.Itis using the registrations to make you believe that CAM/OXIM courses are accredited as welland that they willlead to academic qualifications that are valid.DALCis like a supermarket that touts its licenses, VAT no.,it history etc but sells expired food products to the same customers. The expired goods in this case are the dubious CAM/OXIM qualifications that are not accredited anywherein the world.


If DALC was a shady downtown college, they'd not teach you a thing.So they maintain a rigorous system thatis taxing to students, tutors and parents in addition to being uniqueinits mode of testing through case studies. To understand why a fraudulent institution would actually have a system that taxes students, we must first go to the History of DALC.

When DALC started,it was was teaching courses from genuine Cambridge University known as the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). CIE is the body that awards all non degree courses by Cambridge University to InternationalStudents allover the world.CIE courses examinations werein the case study format and were sent from the UKin addition to being publishedin the CIE website.Unfortunately, the CIE courses administration is locally done by the British Council who were not impressed with Oborah's misleading advertising where DALC created animpression thatit was almostlike a branch of the Cambridge University.


The British Councilyanked the rights it had given to DALC as a teaching center for the courses and severed all links with DALCin a newspaper advertisement.DALC was going to be shut then because without the CIE courses, there would be no reason to study there.Soin a swift rejoinder, DALC told students thatit had willingly opted out of the British Council and had not been kicked out as alleged.

Oborah then went to the UK and came back with news. The CIE was winding up and the people at CAMBRIDGE had decided to create a new body known as Cambridge Association of Managers CAM. Students were told that some people at the British Councilwerejealous of DALC's success and had spokenillof DALC to CIE thus the sour relations. As a result of the sour relations, DALC management claimed that the CIE was failing DALC students maliciously.That was the beginning of the universaljealousy against DALC that seems to go on to this day and Oborah's incesstant claims of malice at everybody(and everything)who questions DALC'slegitimacy.


As CAM wasintroduced, nobody told the students thatit was not connected to Cambridge University.The impression created was that CAM was to replace the CIE as an examination body but would stillbe under Cambridge University.The CAM was supposed to be better than CIEin allaspects including:

  • More Courses e.g (Youth Entrepreneurship, Women Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation Management, etc.
  • Cheaper-The CAM examination fees were about half of the amount charged by CIE
  • Quicker-The CAM would release examinations in a month, shorter than CiE's 3 months
  • Case Study Format-The CAM would examinein the case study format but the students would not be limited on the area of research.Students would henceforth decide on the topic of their case study.
  • Pass Rate-The CAM would not failstudents unlike the CIE
  • Accelerated-The CAM courses would take a much shorter time(fast track) than CIE.
  • University-The CAM courses wouldlead to admissioninto UK universities justlike the CIE.
  • Continuity-CIE students would be able to continue their courses with CAM seamlessly.
  • Graduation-For the first timein Kenyans willstudy in Kenya and Graduatein the UK.


What followed next was the glamorous launch of the CAM/OXIM courses where two vice presidents of the two associations gave DALC the exclusive rights to run their courses in Kenya and 12 other countries in this region. Itis also at this event that prominent Kenyans were awarded FCAM(Cambridge Fellow)and franchisees named. During this event at the Hilton hotel, over a hundred courses were introduced and DALC officially switched to CAM/OXIM.

The dubious nature of the two(CAM&OXIM)was lost to most of those attending the event but I remember vividly that Sandhu wasin attendance though I did not know who he was. I also remember wondering why Oxford and Cambridge were collaborating with DALC and unveiling their collaboration on the same day.I mean these are differentinstitutions with different plans, strategies, faculty , decision makers etc. Why did both of them decide to collaborate with DALC? Why were both Associations of Managers? Why did both of them send their vice presidents for the occasion? Did they have to share the same day and stage?Why didn't one send a secretary and the other a President?

Summarily, why 2 prestigious institutions acted as if they had one decision maker was baffling.Can youimagine both Harvard and MIT sending vice presidents tolaunch a collaboration with a Nairobicollege?

(CAM/OXIM lauch in 2006)


But despite your the unrecognized CAM/OXIM courses, DALC went on a marketing offensive and published glossy prospectus, TVinfomercials, front page newspaper adverts , branded their premises with Cambridge/Oxford signage and banners. In no time CIE was forgotten and we allbelieved Oborah when he said the CIE was going to be scrapped and Cambridge Universtiy would be working exclusively with CAM.DALC was clever to maintain the same system rigorous system that CIE required of students.

The difference was that with CAM, the entry requirements were much freer, distinctions aplenty and practically nobody failed. The certificate was more bling bling with a big star shiny seal. The results were out within a month and there were more examination sessions (4 in a year)so that you could take examinations allyear round.The fees were also reduced by up to to 40% and everybody was happy.

The rigorous CIE system carried overis what has created this illusion that CAM courses have academic merit and willlead to a proper University Degree(and ajob).DALC does not award Diploma for nothing,its trickis to make you study hard and pay a premium for a worthless Diploma thatis not recognised andis definitely worthless in UK.That way they can charge UK admission fees, UK examination fees, UK graduation fees, UK (insert your fee here)etc.They wouldn't be able to charge all that money if they offered DALC DIPLOMA's.