Saturday, February 14, 2009

THE DALC CERTIFICATE CIRCUS. A Certificate is just paper...

The invoice from DALC EDUCATION you saw previously resulted in this certificate from the fake Irish International University for a poor student. This is the university that shows Humphrey Oborah posing as a Cambridge City councilor on its website, is headed by Hans Kempe of the genopuls fame and owned by Hardeep Sandhu who also owns CAM/OXIM/QAC/EBS. The three men: Kempe, Oborah and Sandhu are also Professors of the WIDU. The sham university registered as an NGO in Belgium that awards the biggest and baddest bogus degree of all, THE GRAND PROFFESSOR.

This certificate you see was collected from DALC offices (alongside hundreds of others) along Chiromo Lane between 2004-2008. We know that because we were there.

Take a closer look at the 15 logos on this certificate and see that your beloved CAM/OXIM is appearing on the Irish University Certificate. Also present on the Certificate is QAC-Quality Assurance Commission logo. I don't know what its doing there but it looks a lot like the QAC logo on your CAM/ OXIM certificate. Why is your legitimate diploma (if you are foolish to believe in CAM/OXIM) bearing 2 logos that are found on a bogus degree? Can you find a proper answer to such a question?

Look at the sample certificates on the wall if you have not already graduated from CAM/OXIM and gotten yours. Isn't that the QAC logo? ...or did Oborah have the sample certificates removed like he did the online bulletins, plagiarised prospectus and creativeafrica yahoo email link.

We are a step ahead of you fake prof. dr edu.

Where are Oborah's projects by the way? Its way past the set deadline to be a Prof with no proof.

Download your fake certificate here.


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