Thursday, February 12, 2009

CAMBRIDGE and OXFORD. The lies that part you from your Money.

These days Oborah tells some truth that Cambridge and Oxford does not mean the universities. There are a few of us from a long time ago who remember the lies he told and through those lies DALC is now on KTN every Monday. I remember how Oborah used to openly tell naive parents that they would get a degree from Cambriddge and even named a few students (imaginary) to prove that the student would go to Cambridge University. I dug up one of those articles in the Standard's school and career magazine from 2006 where he openly makes reference to Cambridge and Oxford University. It seems the standard group has a rich history with DALC.

From parallel studies to colleges with foreign links
Thursday May 11,2006 School&Careers
By School&Careers Team

In the beginning of the decade, the in-thing in higher education was enrolment in the then novel parallel degree programmes at public universities. Five years later, the craze has shifted to colleges that offer post-secondary studies in collaboration with foreign institutions.

Many high school leavers who do not qualify for regular studies in public universities have enrolled in the foreign-linked colleges in droves. That the Commission for Higher Education (CHE) raises the red flag once in a while over the colleges does not bother many much.

Digital Advisory and Learning Centre (DALC) Education, for example, offers diplomas and degree courses in business, management, computing, logistics, law, project management, actuarial science, public relations and education.

Local students have a chance to pursue professional careers in UK’s universities of Cambridge and Oxford without travelling to Britain. The prestigious UK universities offer admissions to Kenyans depending on their career potential and how best they have performed in subjects rather than in overall KCSE performance, says Dr Humphrey Oborah, the head of Missions and curriculum manager at DALC.

Dr Oborah says DALC is not a university and upgrading diplomas, through credit transfers, to undergraduate or postgraduate levels are the discretion of the awarding universities abroad.

As usual, we give you the evidence
so click here to see the whole story as told by the Standard.


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