Wednesday, February 25, 2009


The message was sent to admin STAFF recently. Thanks for forwarding this info. This is Oborah's counter strategy that will backfire because people would like the list to be published but not many will want to be listed as having gotten promotions from dubious institutions!
Centre Managers,

I hope all of you are well.

Prof. Dr. Oborah needs profile literature of students from DALC who have either gotten jobs or promotion or received credit transfers to other universities e.g. Nazarene, USIU, KEMU, CUEA, UON, JKUAT, Kabarak, Oxford Brookes, Liverpool e.t.c.
Please ask the students to give their achievement background, the course done in DALC and how the course helped them achieve. Ask them to email to:

Yours sincerely,
A certificate is just paper ... Its content is the value !
None of the above Universities will take you with DALC-CAM qualifications. We have enquired at all the local institutions and nobody, not even Methodist,Daystar and Nazarene that the DALC staff told you would accept really accept. Any achievers?


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