Friday, February 27, 2009

Expert Forensic Psychologist cons UK Court for 27 years

Read and see how one quack gave expert evidence in court for 3 decades.

This article should serve to dispense with the notion that since Oborah was on TV last night, he must be the real deal. Quacks have taken governments for a ride just like the DALC head of Missions did to Kilemi Mwiria and the Commission for Higher Education and like the fake doctor in the story, maybe DALC will fool people for 27 years. What makes these fraudsters successful is their audacity to do the unthinkable, so people rationalise it by thinking that if he does that (appears on TV, gives evidence in court, donates to the poor etc)...then there is no way he can be a fake.

Doing audacious things is a deliberate move the fraudster takes to hoodwink you as people judge things on face value without so much as a question. Tell me, when the DALC professor tells you that he studied at Cambridge and speaks in a STIFF English accent, you assume that its true Right?. Have you tried searching the Cambridge University library of research manuscripts to see if he shows up anywhere? Have you looked through the Cambridge Alumni lists for Humphrey Peter Ouko Oborah? Nope. The English accent and fancy career forecasting balderdash had you fooled. So ignore the accent and search through Cambridge University alumni list. You could even write them an email and find out the truth by yourself. READ ON.

· 'Expert witness' convicted of deception charges
· Miscarriage of justice fear in hundreds of cases

A man who appeared as an expert forensic psychologist in hundreds of court cases was yesterday revealed to be a conman who had duped judges, barristers and their clients for almost three decades.

With his lofty motto - Exposing Unrighteousness for the Sake of Righteousness - and a string of letters after his name, Gene Morrison was paid at least £250,000 in taxpayers' money over a 27-year period, giving evidence from the witness box and writing reports for the courts. In fact, his years of experience were entirely ficticious and his qualifications purchased online.

Yesterday Morrison, 48, of Hyde, Cheshire, was described as a complete charlatan and found guilty of a host of deception charges.

Police are now having to reassess around 700 cases in which Morrison gave evidence, looking for possible miscarriages of justice and potentially opening the floodgates for appeals against convictions.


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