Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Going to University and getting a degree has been abused and oversimplified by the European Business School. These people can compress time and get you a degree in a couple of days after a session like the one below. They call it the residential programme which is usually held in a hired CAMBRIDGE/OXFORD UNI hall.

These are not the words that were spoken and are completely made up. You could also come up with your own captions and have a laugh about it.

1. Hello Gentlemen, Welcome to EBS Cambridge? Which 3rd World country are you from?

2. TOday, we will cover...The man seated next to me is Prof. Sandhu, a honourary Professor of letters. He will assist me teach and guide you through the one day DBA programme. After today, you will be a Doctor of Business Admistration. That is bigger and badder that an MBA.

4.So are we going to delve into the nitty gritty of my Finance thesis? I want to be head of the economic planning unit at the central bank back home.

5.Well, Finance is er.. You have money don't you.. So what is finance? Finance is you, and you are finance. Finance could be all of us. You are financed, I am financed all of us are financed by money. So what is money?

6.In my country , there is money, my thesis sir was not on money markets!! I analysed the economic performance and measurement tools as applied by the Central Bank.
7.Well then you three are full DBA. Why should I fail you while you deserve this degree. YOu are gifted and talented.How was the flight?

8.Ok. Lets take photos so that others can see how easy it to get a prestigious award. SMILE!


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