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DALC’S (Digital Advisory and Learning Centre) LIES IN THEIR WORDS AND PICTURES

You will find the lies all over DALC’s (Digital Advisory and Learning Centre) literature. It doesn’t matter what to the people who print these lies that they have given all the evidence of their congame on prospectus. Let us look at the yellow prospectus BELOW.


This prospectus is printed on heavy glossy paper and is definitely quality in execution but falls flat face-in the mud when put under some scrutiny.


  • This page has a picture of Dr Michael Gagne who is the alleged Vice President of CAM even though he is a Malaysia based executive coach of Canadian extraction. So there is absolutely nothing English or Cambridge about him. Take note of this phrase, “Cambridge Association of Managers decided to offer diploma programmes especially to overseas students.” So the prestigious CAM is not interested in passing their expertise to the English but prefers to work with those outside UK especially Africa and Asia. Not the European Union or North America but 3rd world countries where laws are bent and it is not so easy to verify facts. Convenient.


  • The page introduces Oxford Association of Managers and goes on to say that the like legendary academic giant is teaching internationally accepted qualification overseas. This is stretching the truth by a mile as OXIM is a diploma mill established at around 2002 with absolutely zero facilities, no faculty and no real accreditation.


  • Oborah likes to pull this book out when asked about the recognition of the CAM/OXIM courses. So a book recognizes the courses or what? Let me ask you to put a little common sense into play here. If I published a directory of schools and listed some questionable institutions alongside the genuine ones, would that make the fake ones genuine? This is the most tired explanation as the same book advertises Irish International University courses on it inside cover.


  • According to the phony book that Oborah uses to vilify your perception of education, OXIM should offer Graduate Diploma in Management and Postgraduate Diploma in management. That’s a pretty brief profile considering there are Actuarial Science, Legal studies, environmental studies, international trade, pre medicals, pre engineering students in DALC (Digital Advisory and Learning Centre) holding OXIM admission letters. In a nutshell, Oborah uses the OXIM letterhead to start courses (whose content he copy/pastes from genuine universities websites) that even the fake OXIM doesn’t list.


  • Smile at the Camera and snap. CAM/OXIM through DALC (Digital Advisory and Learning Centre) have identified Kenyans of repute and awarded them sham awards such as “Chartered Fellow” and then use the photographs of the same to net more Kenyans. It creates an impression that DALC (Digital Advisory and Learning Centre) is associated with these people and is a reputable organization. Is there a West Bromwich Association of Managers (WBAM) that is willing to give an ignorant politician an award?


Laughable that the Institution’s Admission policy says clearly that it cares for those who were “rudely” kicked out of Public universities, lacked school fees or were sick during exams. How does DALC (Digital Advisory and Learning Centre) know that you performed poorly because of sickness? Isn’t this a foolish way of saying that DALC doesn’t care about your O level grades (you can claim illness, lack of fees or hurting your finger on the exam day anyway) and will admit anyone. Show me any institution with such an audacious admission policy and I’ll show you a diploma mill.


The lies in this page:

  • A centre is inspected by Cambridge to ensure mission and vision is adhered to. ( How do you measure that?)

  • Majority of teachers’ posses Masters and Doctorate Degree (How many genuine PhD holders would work at DALC?)

  • Teachers resumes are sent to UK for approval (How comes guys get hired on the spot?)

  • Curriculum is reviewed annually (Ok. Try and remember that.)

  • Cambridge and Oxford experts visit twice per year (Yeah?)

  • No plagiarism (This coming from a man who has copy/pasted dozens of prospectus from genuine universities is imaginative)

  • Final certificates come from CAM/OXIM (Word on the street is that they are printed in Nairobi’s Industrial area)


This is a picture of the International scammers plus a few innocent Kenyans of repute tricked to pose in this picture.

From left, Nick Redding (Australian who was introduced as Cambridge Director), Edwin Varo (Malysian trainer introduced as a Professor at Cambridge), H. Sandhu (OXIM,CAM, EBS, IIU diploma mills owner. Kingpin of the scam) and Jean Clutton Williams (In a pink dress, OXIM chairlady)

Nick Redding is an Australian who lives and works down under. As a matter of fact, there is no position of Director in the CAM structure. My bet is that the lies get you the scammers all mixed up and then they have a Director, Chairman, Chancellor, CEO and President in the same organization.


Is that QAC logo on the sample certificates?? Oh no!!! Is Oborah going to explain that with his usual yidi yada about working with QAC for exemption purposes yet it is in all the certificates he prints?

Above is all the evidence that you are getting a UK qualification if you are foolish to believe it. If you ever go into a college and they show you sample certificates and admission letters please turn back and walk away. Diploma mills tend to have a universal trait of displaying the sample Diploma/Degree certificates. Go to the UoN law school or the medical school or the KU or even KIM and see that they forgot to display sample certificates. DALC just goes further and boldly states that even the ID’s come from UK. These are printed locally at Industrial area so wake up and smell the coffee.


The victims who paid to go and graduate in UK at a hall that Oborah and cronies hired from the University of Cambridge. They love to pose for the pictures and later insert Cambridge University in every caption wherever the pictures are published. If a Nairobi Business College hired a hall at the University of Nairobi and held a graduation ceremony there, would be the Grandaunts’ be University of Nairobi alumni?


All the fake institutions that DALC brings to you on the back page alongside the fake accreditation body owned by Sandhu- Quality Assurance Commission (see logo on the right).

Monday, January 26, 2009


The story below was published in the East African Standard . The article has nothing newsworthy and is definitely a ploy by Oborah to gain some much needed legitimacy and not surprisingly fails mention anything of his Masters, PhD studies. A pen for hire? Anyone surprised? How could a professor fail to mention this?

The Standard group has aired many of DALC's documentaries and now publishes useless stories from an Institution that is busy defrauding Kenyans. Read the article below and see how the article is filled with DALC rhetoric (gift and talent testing,cramming, prescription, biomedically etc) and might as well have been written by Oborah.

Oborah: Brains behind Dalc education

Published on 30/10/2008

By David Ohito

Should his vision become part of the education system, it would be a huge departure from the past.

Dr Oborah has proposed radical changes in the education system.
It would revolutionalise the traditional system, which seems to put much emphasis on academic performance.

Dr Humphrey Oborah has dedicated extensive research in coming up with a suitable education system.

And for the past five years he has been implementing his findings in a way that radically breaks from the conservative system.

As the head of missions at the Digital Advisory and Learning Centre (Dalc), Oborah has embraced modern education practices.

Here, all students are assessed for ‘Gifts and Talents’ before admission.

In the conventional system, students are lumped together into a common system where they compete equally in all disciplines.

Predicting pupils’ abilities at a tender age and admitting them into school to maximise those talents is the key in Oborah’s system.

He says many children under-achieve or become stressed academically due to a mismatch between their abilities and what they are forced to study.

"This is often because teachers or parents have not known their real ability," he says.

He adds: "Most teachers and parents resort to traditional extra class tuitions to make the students cram and memorise facts to pass national examinations."

In colleges and universities, candidates wait until a few days before writing examinations, then get leave from their places of work to cram their notes.

"They can hardly remember anything three months later when a potential job finally beckons," he told The Standard.

But under the Dalc system, referred to as ‘Gift and Talent Testing or Assessment for Prior Learning’, things are done differently.

"Someone’s real career is determined at the onset before admission. This is done using computer technology assessment," he explains.

The test, he says, goes deep into finding out aspects like, ‘who is this learner?’, ‘what can he/she learn and what won’t he/she learn?’


"If well applied the tests can give accurate indicators to what an individual can or cannot achieve within the education or academic context," Oborah says.

"Refined abilities in one area could indicate the learner is talented in a specified field, hence a high likelihood of the individual excelling in a given academic field. Alternatively, the absence of such ‘refined’ abilities can be made up for with strengths (gifts and talents) in other areas," he adds.

Oborah says the main aim of the tests is to gather ‘symptoms’ (indicators of potential exhibited by a learner) for use by a career expert in giving a ‘prescription’.

This gives direction for placement in a learning environment with suitable aids and tools for the learner.

His current research is on Biomedically Approached Education, which proposes all learners be assessed professionally and an ‘Academic Prescription’ defined before any learning.

Oborah criticises admission processes based on entrance examinations and grades, arguing they ought to be eliminated.

Admission board

"In Kenya, for example, the research suggests elimination of the Joint Admission Board (which admits student to public universities). Its procedures fail to cater for ‘Academic Incidents’ that would make a very intelligent candidate fail national examinations," he says.

He asks: "What if a candidate was sick a month to examinations or was in and out of class due to lack of schools fees?

If the grade in the examinations results is, say a D+, is it a true reflection of the candidate’s potential?"

No schools

But his most radical prediction is that schools will be no more in the future.

He links the current wave of home-schooling to the exit of age-old traditional school.

In its place, he says, that towards the end of the 21st Century, no one will be required to go to school.

"There will be academic clinics to dispense the academic prescriptions," he predicts.

Oborah is also involved in several activities, nationally and internationally, to promote the concept, which he says would save governments and parents a lot of money in school resources while maximising on quality.

Dr Oborah was born in a village near Lake Victoria to peasant parents who could only manage a meal a day.

His father had to go fishing in Lake Victoria while his mother, younger siblings and himself tended to their small farm.

On completing his primary education, Oborah attended Matinyani Secondary School in Kitui District.

He proceeded to Dagoretti High School before joining the University of Nairobi to study medicine.

He later changed his course to study mathematics and computer science.

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Professor Baron Knowth, the Honourary Chancellor of the Irish International University

Professor Baron Knowth, the Honourary Chancellor of the Irish International University, made the sensational admission to the BBC in an undercover operation. ?I am white, they appreciate somebody from the UK giving them degrees?, the chancellor added. The University has a strange connection to Oxford and Cambridge, where it holds graduation ceremonies. But this association is strategic than academic. Chancellor Knowth was unequivocal: ?if you mention Oxford, Cambridge, the whole world thinks it must be a good university.? And because fake begets fake, it turns out that the honourary chancellor?s name is fake; he is Jeffrey Wooller, a chartered accountant who owns a ?1.2 Million mansion in Kensington, one of London?s expensive addresses, but prefers to live in Monaco on a self-imposed tax exile. He admits that he bought his Baron title. Of course, his professorship had been awarded him by the Irish International University. The University?s Vice-Chancellor and Executive President, Sir Professor Hardeep Singh Sandhu, is no academic; he is a Malaysian businessman whose doctorate had been thrust on him by another bogus university in the Caribbean. So, the supposedly accredited institution of higher learning works like a business enterprise rather than a university. Their students are commodities who are passed through a degree mill like sausages and awarded certificates after paying several thousands of Pounds. But Professor Knowth insists that ?the students are happy.?

When an entry clearance officer at the British Embassy in Ghana asked me to describe the geographical location of Keele University, one of Britain?s prestigious universities in the county of Staffordshire, I deemed the question the British version of the Spanish inquisition. How would I know what Staffordshire looks like when I was hearing it for the first time? ?I would ask the travel advisors at the Heathrow airport to direct me where to go? I submitted. ?The university has arranged to pick us up any way?, followed the rehearsed sequel. Then I thought quickly before he would ask: ?If they don?t turn up, I would get a train and follow the directions on the map they have given me.? It was one of the few times in my adult life that I thought I had done some intelligent thinking. But that intelligent answer spelt my visa doom. The officer quizzed: ?So you have a map already, then tell me how you would get to Keele.? If I couldn?t tell how to get to Yendi from Axim, I would be a gem to dignify that very British question with an answer cooked from the Graduate Hostel of University of Ghana, where I was still ?perching? after completing a postgraduate course at the School of Communication Studies.

The import of the British immigration officer?s question was that not every university has a location. And sometimes, those that claim to have a location turn out to be located nowhere on the globe. The Irish International University, which boasts of 40 campuses in the UK, and another 40 around the world, does not have a presence at its main campus. When the BBC traced an address in Dublin given on the university?s website, what they found was a mailbox. If that sounds like a university located in the air, then the body that gave it its accreditation, the Quality Assurance Commission QAC, is an entity in ?even space?, more laughable than Kwame Bampoe?s Interplast radio commercial. There is indeed no such accreditation body as the QAC in Britain; the institution that controls such issues in the UK is called the Quality Assurance Agency of Higher Learning. Even if the QAC was a one room company with skeletal staff, it would have fallen into a well-known pattern, but at least it would go a length or two in assuaging victims of the pain of the scam. The QAC, it was found, was non-existent; instead a private company owned by the Vice-Chancellor of the university works in its place. Indeed, an educational website that monitors bogus universities:, states that the Irish government has requested that Malaysia, where the Irish International University has a strong presence, should close it down on the grounds that it is neither Irish nor a university. The website also states that the university has obtained a license in a Swiss canton, but it is not a Swiss university. The site lists thousands of other unaccredited colleges that are trading in university degrees and diplomas.

When one of the operators of the many bogus colleges affiliated to the Irish International University was jailed in London last week, the plight of the international student in the western countries was highlighted. Almost all students at the Irish International University are Asians and Africans, who struggle to work to pay thousands in tuition fees to be rewarded with a piece of paper. Often they fall decidedly for the scams played by bogus colleges because they cannot afford the exorbitant fees charged by the accredited learning institutions. Other times, they are conned by learning institutions who exploit the desperation of unsuspecting immigrants who necessarily have to study their way through the hustle and bustle of life in the cold, to renew their student visas. The field of the degree often does not count very much; what matters is the business of learning, which bogus colleges specialize in. They are able to manufacture attendance sheets, backdate the starting date of a course or postpone it to address an essential immigration void. Even though very few of these colleges offer courses in printing, most of them produce certificates faster than the Oxford University Press. They are churned out from small office printers, but they come complete with an official seal and other copyright features. And unlike Legon where a degree once issued cannot be replaced when lost, these bogus universities are kind enough to institute a buy-one-get-one-free policy.

It is not always the case that dodgy universities attract dodgy people, but it is always the case that degree-hungry people are those who fall victim. There are probably many Masters degree holders cleaning toilets in the western world than there are first degree graduates working in offices as administrative managers, even though they manage nothing really. How to identify the former group is by their colour. Earlier this week, there was a report that African immigrants, not African-Americans, have higher educational attainments than any other immigrant group in US. In fact, 48.9% of African immigrants hold a recognised college diploma. They have a reasonable representation in George Bush?s Yale, Yaa Ofori-Atta?s Columbia, Kwesi Botchwey?s Harvard, Penn, Duke, Berkeley and Princeton, where this author was educated (I wish). African immigrants have better qualifications than their Asian counterparts; almost double the rate of white Americans, and four times the rate of African Americans-the descendants of slaves. In the UK and other parts of the West, the situation will not be any different.

The acquisition of a degree is not as important as what you do with it. There are very few Chinese and Indian cleaners in the West, because most of them return to their home countries to help in their development. These days, I don?t pause to read the letters after people?s names, because there are professors who profess nothing. A three year traditional university degree can be done online in a year. It is even possible to get admission onto a PhD course without submitting a proposal. You are a Masters degree holder if you can complete four modules and borrow the dissertation of a friend from the university next door. The only hard work you need to do is change his name and substitute the names in the acknowledgment. You can afford to change nothing because it will not be marked anyway. It is also possible to get a degree as a Minister of Religion by completing a 4-6 week course online. After a short rehearsed prayer for forgiveness, you are free to go preaching to win souls for the expansion of the Kingdom. Sometimes, you wonder if God is computer literate. Even if he was, he wouldn?t visit dodgy websites.

At what price have we attained these powerful academic laurels? If they haven?t mattered much in our development as a continent, then perhaps, we should do a lot more crying than studying. A white British charity worker described the African problem as a riddle clothed in mystery and wound up in a paradox. Well, she didn?t couch it in those exact words, but the situation in Kenya is nothing but a paradox. Election thief President Kikaki is a graduate of the prestigious London School of Economics. Curiously uncompromising Raila Odinga, holds an MSc from Otto von Guericke Technical University, a very good German university renowned for training most of Germany?s top mechanical engineers. Too many degrees haven?t helped at the top, but at least, degrees make sense than baptism certificates. Nigeria has many universities than nearly every country in West Africa, and in the UK, Nigerian immigrants have higher academic qualifications than any other African immigrant group. Yet, until last year when President Y?Adua, who holds a Masters in Chemistry was elected, the populous African country had not had the privilege, and in our case, the misfortune of being ruled by a degree holder. Well, the President of Iran, Mamoud Ahmedinejad, has a PhD in traffic management, but Iran?s roads are congested most of the time.

Of course, it is not degrees that have developed the countries of the West. These days, degrees don?t mean much. Any buffoon can buy a degree from a college. And because there are too many dodgy ones on the market, those with hard-earned genuine degrees are not altogether spared the shame and the ignominy that bogus qualifications bring. The Irish International University had awarded honourary doctorate degrees to the Prime Minister of Cambodia Hun Sen and Tan Sri Lamin Haji Mohd Yunus, a noble man who was recently voted to the UN Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. Fazley, a prominent Malaysian musician and Irfan Khairi, a millionaire who specializes in how to make money online, all have honourary degrees from the university. It is surprising that Khairi could not check the accreditation status of the university that awarded him his degree.

Well, perhaps Khairi would have been duped all the same if he had crosschecked every information about the Irish International University on the internet. Websites are proving to be only as reliable as pregnant prostitutes. Chancellor Knowth tells us: ?when you look at the website, it?s a figment of someone?s imagination. Someone?s dreamt up what a university should look like, and that?s what is on the website.? The university has adjusted its website after the BBC investigation, but it is still operational. Still, websites are useful. You can check the genuine accreditation of a university before you enroll. In the UK, go to

Canada: www.cicic/ca/en/page.asp?sortcode=2.20

USA: /

Australia: www.higheredconsulting.comau/links.html


H. Sandhu also known as Professor Dr. Sandhu is the alleged President that Oborah visits ever so often in the UK. He probably gives Oborah a commission for every student hoodwinked to join his prestigious institutions. He is the Kingpin of the mill and cleverly setup his own accreditation body QAC-UK that you now see in your transcripts and certificates.

Prestigious soundign institutions are his forte and he owns QAC-UK, Oxford Association of Management, Cambridge Association of Managers,London Centre of Marketing, Irish International University of which he is the Executive President & Pro-Chancellor. Whatever that means.

He holds a honorary degree from a Carribean University and is a Doctor of Philosophy, Grand Doctor of Philosophy (the highest in the world), and the Title of Full Professor of European Academy of Informatization and the World Information Distributed University in March, 2006.

Why he is a con


He runs all these unaccredited institutions from a mailbox and then accredits them with his quackish sounding QAC-UK. His scam has been exposed by the BBC but surprisingly, he attended DALC's graduation in 2008 Period.

According to the BBC "the organisation is unaccredited and hundreds of students have been given educational visas to enter Britain and take its exams at private colleges in London.

The IIU, which has 5,000 students worldwide and thousands of graduates, maintains the illusion of a valid education through its elaborate but highly misleading website. This illusion is enhanced by the university's continued use of Oxford and Cambridge facilities to stage its award ceremonies.After each event photographs appear on the IIU website showing happy students receiving awards at the UK's best seats of learning."

Does that sound familiar with what happens at DALC? The graduations in the UK followed by pictures in the albums, websites and a TV documentary to boot? Well its part of the con.

IIU further claims, " Irish International University of Europa, established in July 1995 as a private corporate professional and vocational institution, is an open institution offering programs via distance education. It is not officially recognized as a degree-granting institution in Ireland. It is accredited by the Association of Distance Learning Programs, a division of the National Academy of Higher Education in the United States". Neither of the accrediting bodies are officially recognized as accrediting organizations in the United States. Find more about Oborah's sidekick from the Links below.



Hans KEMPE (aka His Royal Highness Hans Ibn Sina Al Kempe Prof.Dr. Joachim AL-Kempe sa Iligan-Pilimpinas,>

Hans-Joachim Kempe has over 40 years experience in different technical and scientific field such as mechanical Engineering, Aerospace, Biophysics and Medicine as Managing Director, President of several companies and Chief of Staff of Hospitals and Medical Centre worldwide. His numerous inventions are used in the US-Aerospace Industry, medical industry, by environmental agencies and influenced the development of high-tech instruments and equipment used for medical treatments and Wellness. For the design of the Genopuls Philosophy, Prof. Kempe received highest academic and scientific honours and medals.

Is humanely possible that you can achieve this even in two lifetimes?? He started out as a tool maker, worked at cleaning ships, invented machines, became a mediacal doctor, developed high tech instruments for NASA, is a mechanical engineer etc. ship tanks. He is also the inventor of wellness products and Ciumology or Cium-frequency therapy, a pseudo-scientific - pseudo-medical procedures from the alternative medicine. None of these things can be verified anywhere apart from his Website.

Why is he a Con

Bogus Institutions

Prof. Dr. Hans J. Kempe, according to the WHOIS owns the domains (now offline) and, a bogus educational institution called the National Academy of Higher Education (NEAR). The NEAR has relations with a Saint Regis University (a well-known titles mill from the U.S. Whose founder is now imprisoned. The operators of St. Regis University among other diploma mills were closed by the US authorities alongside the American Coastline University (with a mailbox in Hawaii) and the International University of Fundamental Studies.

Kempe does not stop there he is also the Vice Chairman for Europe of the Committee of Foreign Relation at the blacklisted International University of Fundamental Studies, he is in addition course the first Vice President of the WIDU which as you can remember awarded Oborah his fake Professorship and a medal. He is also Chairman of the Board of Trusties of the Irish International University.

European Union Aid

The fake professor was also the bearer of Good News when he visited Kenya recently. Apparently he sits on a European Union committee in Brussels that awards AID to africa known as G8 aid for Africa and was proclaiming that DALC would get AID (2 million euros) to build a university. That was a moment of Oborahs genius, he knows how much Africans love aid from Europeans so he built grand castles of a university built by European Union AID in your air. You swallowed that along with the Genopuls clinic( there is no such thing as genopuls by the way) and laser medical treatment bla bla.


He claimed to be the Husband of the Queen of Philippines and personal doctor of the Philippines King during the DALC graduation 2008. Well, I'd like to burst you bubble and tell you there is no such thing as the queen of Philippines. He said that because he knew you will not verify it, he thinks you are stupid and you probably do not even know where the country is on the map. Like many others is just another one of his outlandish claims from the mechanic, doctor, inventor, professor , physicist, environmentalist and religious leader . He has posted some letters showing that he has taken some oath in the island of Mindanao which according to international law is a non-existent micro Country.



dateFri, Jan 23, 2009 at 12:48 PM

i agree with you regarding DALC exposure. i graduated with a post graduate diploma, but the certificate is lying on my room shelf almost worthless.

it turns out that C.H.E does not recognize the post graduate diploma(PGD) offered by DALC.The only qualification DALC has been given approval by CHE is a Diploma certificate. anything above that is not recognized by CHE.

Upon graduating i took my PGD certificate to my employer. as policy, my employer consulted CHE on the qualification. it is then that i received the shock of my life - CHE were very categorical that a post graduate diploma can only be offered by tertiary institution - say University of Nairobi for example. a college status institution like DALC is not mandated to offer a Post graduate diploma.With that my DALC PGD was dismissed as fake.hence my employer upto date has refused to recognize the certificate on the basis of CHE's recommendation.
angry and embarrassed, i visited CHE offices and actually clarified that DALC is swindling students their hard earned money in the pretext of offering a PGD.I confronted Obwora who seemed as shocked as i was about the status of DALC's PGD qualification.

Instead of wallowing in self pity and bitterness, i decided to enroll for Higher Diploma offered by K.N.E.C as a substitute for DALC's PGD.God willing i will sit for my final exams this July.At least i will qualify with a certificate i can be proud of which has no controversy and is guaranteed of accelerating my career.i only wish i took this direction earlier.Short cut is indeed expensive.
current and prospective students should take care to jump out of the ship before it's no worth to pursue a qualification, spent hard earned cash (above Ksh. 200,000.00) and time only later to be informed by the authorities that the paper is fake.

thanks to wisdom gained from my experience with DALC - If it's controversial leave it!


Friday, January 23, 2009


I have called Oborah a liar and a fake professor. That hasn't changed and I happened to come across the memos he posted before he received his fake professorship from the bogus World Information Distributed University. Would he please do the following to prove me a liar.

  • Shows his 18 research papers
  • Gets a degree from a properly accredited university
  • Owns up that the G8 thing was just a figment of his imagination
  • Posts pictures of his award ceremony by the king of Belgium
  • Show his certificates from the Masters level upwards
Read the series of bulletins and take note of the lines highlighted in red. You can ask Oborah to clarify these for you as he wrote them.

Date Posted: 2008-08-31

The above requires proper representation by all campuses as it is very significant towards making DALC a fully fledged university.

I have had very fruitful discussions in Germany and Belgium so far and hope to be back on Thursday next week with goodies.

When visitors come from overseas to support us, we must show by numbers that we are interested. Dont be the one who lines up for scholarships when you did support its launch!!!!

We will sit according to campuses and it will be nice to to see numbers for each campus in terms of students and parents.




Date Posted: 2008-08-28

This takes place at The Nairobi safari Club (Lillian Towers), University Way, Next to central Police Station, Nairobi.

It will be on Friday 5th September 2008 starting 8.30am and ending 10.30 am.

Only students and staff attending for campuses outside Nairobi will be allowed out of class. The rest continue with lessons as usual.

All Nairobi campuses must attend on behalf of campuses outside Nairobi please, and therefore no classess as indicated earlier.

There will be strong government and other diginitaries presence during this ceremony. Please make sure that you attend in large numbers.


Date Posted: 2008-08-28

Prof. Dr. Humphrey Oborah travels to Belgium Friday 29th Sept 2008 to receive his full professorhip award as announced earlier.

He will be escorted back home by an official of The European Academy of Intellectuals who will garland him with the "The Cavalier of Hope Medal" in Nairobi to signify "home escort", though the full ceremony will have taken place in Belgium.

Further, following the announcement at the last Graduation Ceremony, Prof. Hans J. Kempe, travels back to Nairobi to officially launch the faculty of Medical and Health Sciences in DALC. This is a special faculty that will not use the old-age and traditional pharmaceutical approach but uses energy cells blockage release technology known as GenoPuls.

If you have heard that in the 22nd century all treatment will be through laser technology then you know what I mean. Of course when people in our region fall sick they travel abroad for this "specialised" treatment. How about it being at home?

DALC will be the first institution in Africa under G8 Aid Africa to benefit from this grant and we need to really rally support in order to make Prof. Kempe feel at home. Further, it will result in 3 GenoPuls Bio-Physical Clinics in Kenya.

Please make sure that you attend in large numbers.



Dear all,

It is another gain for DALC EDUCATION , Kenya and Africa at large, as Dr. Humphrey Oborah (DALC Head of Missions) becomes a full professor of The Prestigious European Academy of Intellectuals.

The European Academy of Intellectuals was started by Royal Decree in Belgium to recognise top PhD research and in this regard would award successful candidates full professorship or Grand professorship depending on how the research has been used to uplift human dignity. Outstanding personalities would also be recommended for Nobel Peace Prize.

Dr Oborah, (now Prof. Dr. Edu. Humphrey Oborah), has been researching after attaining his PhD on Gift and Talent Testing with a bias to Career Forecasting and has published 21 Research Documents in this regard. His research has produced Bio-medical Education to be used in the next century and focuses on Early Establishment of Brain Intelligence. In other words he can determine your career at age 5 and forecast your ability 20 years later.

He submitted his research materials for consideration in September 2007 and it was all joy for him to learn that he has become a full professor and will be listed as the first Kenyan (and 2nd African , after Nigeria’s , His Royal Majesty King (OBA) Ibrahim Sanni Arolagbade Ashade IV – The Ologba of Ogba Kingdom) in the book of The European Academy of Intellectuals for the 21st century. He is also expected to take the position of Vice President of The Academy in Africa and also set to get DALC recognised by the International body hence allowing professors of this calibre to exchange intellectual materials with DALC including direct lectures and setting up strong research centres in DALC.

Oborah is set to travel to Belgium to receive this award from His Royal Majesty King Albert II , followed by a possible high powered delegation from Europe bringing his Royal Medal of Honour here in Kenya later this year.

On behalf of DALC Education, we wish to congratulate Dr. Oborah on this magnificent achievement and hope that all students and parents join the staff in supporting and praying for this great Kenyan.




So DALC was to get recognition from an international diploma mill WIDU that runs European Academy of Intellectuals and was the first institution to receive G8 aid from imaginary G8 aid africa in addition to 3 clinics that will treat people with an imaginary techniology and Oborah has published 21 non existent research documents that were so good that the diploma mill made him a professor and had the king of Belgium award him a medal? So what is he smoking because only Oborah can squeeze that many lies in such a small space.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


The unrelenting con Oborah is headed for the coast this Friday 24th and Saturday 25th to give a talk on how students who hold Graduate and PostGraduate Diplomas from unaccredited institutions can upgrade to full Bachelors degrees. He did not find it easier to post a list of universities with their websites and contacts for students to confirm for themselves. Instead, he will give a talk and name some foreign universities and hint that he is negotiating with local private universities (Daystar, USIU, METHODIST because the public ones are not good.

In addition, he will be carrying a heavy big book that will list several un accredited institutions and tell you that the book is an official listing of all UK qualification. You will find an advert of that fake Irish International University on the inside cover of the book if he lets you have a look (good luck with that) among other bogus entities such as QAC (page 905) , EUROPEAN BUSINESS SCHOOL (page 492) etc. If he shows up with the book, ask to have a look at it and open the pages I have listed.

It is upto you not to get conned by the man by asking him the hard questions and not taking fallacious expalanations. READ HIS LATEST BULLETIN BELOW.


· Upon completion of your Graduate and Postgraduate diploma, how can you achieve a bachelors or masters degree?
· Which university will provide you with this credit transfer so that you get the desired bachelors or masters degree?
· How can one get exemptions, and to what extent?
Please attend a talk from Prof. Humphrey Oborah (DALC Head of Missions)

You are free to attend with your parent/guardian /sponsor. Just let us know in advance if the said parent(s)/guardians/sponsors will attend.
All staff must attend at least one session, particularly part time teaching staff should not miss.


DALC(Digital Advisory and Learning Centre) STAFF TRAINING MANUAL


Most welcome, and indeed DALC is a Cambridge and Oxford teaching centres in East and Central Africa with exclusive rights.
We therefore offer East and central Africa residents with this rare opportunity to do Cambridge and Oxford courses locally without travelling overseas hence hugely reducing the costs and inconveniences of such overseas education.
Now, I would like to walk you through the Cambridge and oxford course structures and how you can access them.(show the course structure and how someone finally gets a degree or masters degree.


a) At the onset we had to decide to go the Commission for Higher Education (CHE) way or the Ministry of Education way.
b) CHE was expensive and complicated (50 ha of land, fully developed physical infrastructure like buildings, hostels etc), Cambridge or Oxford as investors did not approve.
c) Direct degrees can only be offered through CHE but Cambridge/Oxford could not approve such huge investment at this time.
d) As diplomas they are offered through the Ministry of Education, and we found a chance in this.
e) We chose the Ministry of Education route since it is easy to implement and affordable but course levels are named as Diplomas, yet they are exactly the same content as it at Cambridge 1st, 2nd , 3rd years or Masters degree content minus final thesis.
f) Students are assured of 80 – 90% Cambridge or Oxford Qualification without travelling overseas and we think this good for locals)
*********You apply directly to Cambridge or Oxford but if invited go for interview at your cost( Travel=76,400, accommodation pounds 153 per night x 3nights, non-refundable application fee =1,000 pounds; TOTAL approximately Ksh. 240,000. There is no guarantee that you will be taken hence you risk the nearly Ksh. 250,000 which is enough for doing the 80-90% locally and hence trying safely at home.

The courses are modular meaning that:
Related subject units like Accounting I, Finance II are grouped together so that they can be studied in 1 month.

This differs largely when compared with or local and traditional system of subject units being spread and done over many semesters and making people to register only at beginning of semesters, which could after 6 months or after one year for public universities

Suppose you were looking for a loan which comes forth 2 months after the intake, you will have to wait for the 6 or 12 months. Obviously, you will have used the money OR if admitted you will have to copy notes for the previous 2 months and do catch up.


For the DALC-Cambridge/Oxford modular system, the modules are independent and therefore:
-there are intakes at the beginning of every month
- there is no need to cover the work others had done since there is a rota i.e. what you did no do will come again later. The only difference is that you will complete later than the ones who started earlier and this is fair for all.
January 2007 (HRM), February (Financial Management), March (Marketing)….. January 2008 (HRM), Feb 2008 (Financial Management) ….


Admissions are based on Gift and Talent Testing by our career experts to determine your right potentials before admission. Mere grades might be confusing.

Whereas we prefer those with grades Cs or Bs or even As , we will not dismiss someone with an average grade of D+ . We will check for more facts about the candidate.
For example, someone might have D+ average but has Maths C-, English C, Commerce B+, and Accounts B- but was sick two months before examinations. Is this guy really a fool?

This is a perfect BBA candidate because he has talents in Accounts and Business studies, which he passed well without even much reading but failed the others because he did not have the talents in them.
Once admitted by DALC you are also admitted directly by Cambridge or Oxford. As a matter of fact, your admission letter and student ID will come directly form Cambridge or Oxford.(show sample admission letter, ID, transcripts, and final certificates).


Work experience and other qualifications are highly considered and earn direct exemptions making you ski[p course level hence making you achieve your degree much faster.

So if you have ABE, ACCA, KNEC, KIM, IMIS, etc you will have automatic exemptions.
Suppose you left school and got a job then rose over 15 years to become the assistant manager. You must have attended many short courses, seminars, and written many proposals. There is a lot of learning and knowledge in all this and you will get exemptions on this basis and start at higher levels.


Examinations are VERY PRACTICAL and the Classroom must connect with the working industry.

In our local system:
- Courses are arranged as units in a semester with written semester.
- People take leave 2-4 weeks before exams and put water in basin to cram whole night
- They then recall tutors notes exactly the way they wrote onto foolscaps and in the end get grade A or B.
- They forget everything after 1-2 months but job interview comes 6-12 months later. They fail interviews miserably because they have forgotten and the theory does not connect with the industry.


In Cambridge/Oxford programmes that we offer the examinations are not at end of semester. You will be provided with all notes, assignments in advance in readiness so that you take very short time.
One week after admission, we identify an organization e.g. KCB bank. Assuming you are doing HRM that month, we recommend you to liaise with HRM department of KCB. Check how they conduct their HRM routines and compare with expected standards as per your syllabus. Find weakness or problem. Define solutions for the weakness or problem based on HRM models learnt in class. Document all your finds as a project at end of the month. Demonstrate to KCB HRM staff how the solution would work. It is this project that is sent to Cambridge/Oxford form marking hence no exams on foolscaps.
You will have connected the classroom with the industry and for the fact that courses have put on expertise mode , you will selling as a hot cake with your practical skills rather than someone who is just cramming notes.


Now, as I told you before, my job is to give you an overview but the final decision about which course, will be made by our career experts.

However, based on my experience, I see you being approved for ……………….. course.

Now, let me know your academic qualifications and work experience if any so that I can email the Head Office for evaluation.

We will have the results in just 12-24 hours and they might call you for more information.

Come tomorrow at …………. Time so that you can get the outcome.

I will now give all the prospectus and fees structure for your further information.

I am also enclosing for you the Career Survey Form for further information. But the information that I have recorded is part of the data required for this evaluation. The ones I have captured are enough for this evaluation.

Please bring back to me this form tomorrow and if you have problems in completing some areas just leave them blank. I will help you tomorrow.

LET ME NOW SHOW YOU AROUND (show classes, computer labs, library resources,



Below is an explanation kit given to all DALC staff on what to tell clients. This is given to all staff during the induction process. The lies you will see below are straight from Oborah to unknowing Kenyans who are in turn joining DALC in their hundreds every month. Please note the areas I have highlighted in red.


(1) A Certificate is just a Paper… Its Recognition is the Value!
Imagine you have been looking for a job through the internet and finally finding an appropriate one but in Canada. You make a call and the “mzungu” asks you where you have done your course and you say a local college in Kenya. What answer would you expect?
“What is that?”
But if you said “Cambridge” or “Oxford” what answer would you be expecting?
Cambridge, in UK? Ticket on the way!
A certificate is just a paper… Its recognition is Value!
(2) Meaning of Practical Examinations
In most of our institutions today education is organized in terms or semesters with exams at the end of semester.
People take leave 2 – 4 weeks before exams and then they memorize facts which they later recall onto foolscaps in the examination hall.
A month after this, the candidate has forgotten what they memorized and cannot relate to real world industry. This creates the serious disconnection between the classroom and the industry.
In Cambridge or Oxford exams are not done on foolscaps. After being taught for one week, you will go to an organization:
Find problems/weaknesses
Define solutions based on what you’ve learnt in class;
Demonstrate solution to management;
Document outcomes as project.
At DALC, it is this project which is sent to Cambridge for assessment hence practical connection between classroom and industry.
(3) Modular System of study
January - Finance
February - HRM
March - Marketing
In modular structure, subject units are clustered into modules which are independent from each other, meaning that a module can be run for a month then the next the following month. So you can join at beginning of any month without going back to what others had done. You can also defer a challenging module.
In most of our local institutions academic programmes are arranged in units clustered over a long period, meaning that you can only join at certain time and do only what has been time-tabled even if it is challenging. This means if it is a difficult subject, you still have to do it and fail then repeat.

(4) Talent Testing & Career Formulation
Imagine you take up a course and when in the middle is when you discover that it is not the right one for you.
At that time, you will have wasted time, money and effort.
We take keen interest in talent and career testing using computer technology, before course placement.
Suppose a young man achieves grade D+ Average from KCSE or IGCSE, but on a keener look these are the grades:
Maths = C-
English = C
Accounts = B
Commerce = B+
And suppose this boy achieved these grades after being sick during the last 2 months to exams or was in and out of class due to fees problems or was not serious before and realized too late.
Is this a fool?
Is he not naturally talented in the above 4 subjects hence very capable of BBA degree admission?
He may have failed the rest of the subjects, but he passed these well since he is talented. The specialized career evaluation will let you know!

(5) Experience and Prior qualifications
In some of our local institutions, strong diplomas from KNEC or polytechnics are recognized towards degree but they start at very low levels.
Further experience is never accounted for yet this is the biggest academic gain.
Your experience counts with us!

(6) Why do Cambridge or Oxford courses at DALC?
To do Cambridge or Oxford programmes, usually you do not need to come to DALC to do them. You have another choice; you can write a letter to Cambridge or Oxford directly seeking admission. If they think that you may qualify, they will invite you for an interview to UK at your own cost without a guarantee that you will be taken. It is just an interview!
Buy your own ticket;
Pay non-refundable application fee.
A return ticket is about Kshs. 76,400
Accommodation per night £75 X 3 nights (Minimum)
Application fee (non-refundable) £1000
Total 76,400
*There is no guarantee that you will be admitted and you can use the same amount for tuition at DALC which is licenced by Cambridge and Oxford to do the courses locally

(7) Why is it cheap locally?
Developing Commonwealth countries are given cheaper (reduced) rates.
Eating your food from your house is cheaper than staying in Cambridge or Oxford hostel which are 15 – 20 times more expensive.
Our local lecturers who are accredited by Cambridge or Oxford are not as expensive as one in Cambridge or Oxford.
Traveling to DALC (by matatu) is cheaper compared to traveling in Cambridge/Oxford couches.

(8) Why not offer full/direct degrees
If Cambridge/Oxford were to offer direct bachelors or masters degrees, they would have to apply to C.H.E which will give them a long list of requirements e.g. buy 50 hectares of land. They renamed their courses to diplomas (Standard/Ordinary equal to Year 1, Advance = Year 2, Graduate = Year 3 and Postgraduate = 90% Master). Since the names are diplomas, it would now only need Ministry of Education which does not have such conditions like C.H.E.
The diplomas are to test your capability first within their standards before allowing you to complete the Bachelors or Masters Degree.
In other words, since the process of upgrade is taking place overseas, they have to have you at their own control at a certain point which is the FINAL YEAR.
It is also felt that an exposure in the UK and brushing shoulders with top and experienced organizations’ MDs can contribute to strong innovation and leadership skills.
When you now go to top-up you will be on a 99% chance of scholarship as long as you perform very well i.e. distinctions!

So when you reach Graduate Diploma or Postgraduate Diploma Cambridge/Oxford only look for how you have performed.
Full distinctions = Cambridge or Oxford + scholarship
(Grade A) Alliance or Starehe
Passes (Grade C, B) = Other universities
(or other secondary schools).
(9) So, after the diplomas, where can I get the final bachelors or Masters Degree? How long does it take?
UK = Several universities, & Institutes
Canada , Australia, = Send email to Creative Africa through our website, giving
your requirements: Budget ceiling, Do you wish to travel overseas to complete or not?
Are you comfortable doing additional subjects?

Recognition value (or international ranking) of the university/institute you are looking forward for the upgrade.

Local = Most private universities will accept although we do not
have a formal arrangement with them yet. All credit transfer arrangements will be through by December, 2006.

Some universities/institutes which are popular:
Liverpool GBP 14,900
Greenwhich GBP 8,000
Hertfordshire GBP 7,900
European Business School GBP 4,150
IIU = £1,245 Masters, £835 Bachelors

So are you still thiking that DALC is genuine?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

HOW DALC got ignorant Kenyans to sign with Irish University.

After completing your Graduate or PostGraduate Diploma, DALC offers you a chance to "upgrade" your diploma to a full Bachelors or Masters Degree. According to DALC's website,the upgrade is guaranteed with various UK universities. The funny thing is that to get further information, DALC requires you to enquire from a yahoo address ( This is rather strange as no legit education institution or agent of a genuine university would operate from yahoo but hey! DALC is creative.

I tried to send an email to the yahoo address displayed on DALC's website but it bounced back and then...I found a bitter graduate of Irish university who has the emails from 2006 when he signed up.So here goes the email from Irish University.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: creative africa2004
To: r****
Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2006 07:55:55 -0700 (PDT)
Dear Sir/Madam

Irish International University (IIU) was incorporated in Dublin Ireland but has strong connections with Malaysia since current top organs are Malaysians.

The University is a corporate Open University and has Associate Colleges in UK, Switzerland, Germany, Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Nigeria, East Africa and Sri Lanka.

We have established that you are doing a course with Cambridge Association of Managers (CAM) or Oxford Association of Management (OXIM).

IIU recognizes diplomas from the above two professional bodies and we would like to know if you wish to consider IIU as an upgrading university for your diploma.

We also recognize other qualifications like ABE, ICM, LCCI, ACCA, ABAC, IMIS, etc.

If you would like to know more about upgrades of these other qualifications, or any other qualifications that you might possess, please send to us an email to:

To know more about IIU, please visit our website .

To get testimonials visit IIU website and click on "comments".

We are currently establishing an office in Dar es Salaam within the next 2 months. During this time, all correspondences may be through your centre and payments made directly in favour of Irish International University but copies of details emailed to us for follow-up.

It is important that payment copies are emailed to us so that we can make follow-ups for the same on your behalf. Projects will also be sent directly to IIU by DHL during this time or through your current centre.

Yours sincerely,

Rahid Juma
East African Liase Officer

Do You Yahoo!?
Tired of spam? Yahoo! Mail has the best spam protection around

This email comes with an attachment explaining that Irish International University recognises CAM/OXIM qualifications. See Below.

Your browser may not support display of this image.IRISH INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY



This is to advise all concerned that this university recognizes the qualifications from the above institutions as below:

Qualification at CAM or OXIM Additional requirements Equivalence at IIU Award Remarks Fees
Ordinary Diploma NIL 1st Year Bachelors ( 30% Bachelors Degree) 1st Year transcripts if exam taken at IIU OR credit points awarded for 1st year Usually awarded by CAM or OXIM -
Advanced Diploma NIL 2ND Year Bachelors (50% Bachelors Degree) 2nd Year transcripts if exam taken at IIU OR credit points awarded for 2nd year Usually awarded by CAM or OXIM -
Graduate Diploma Bachelors Project 3RD Year Bachelors (90% Bachelors Degree) Bachelors Degree Attach Graduate Diploma Transcripts or Final Graduate Diploma Certificate PLUS Bachelors Project
GB Pounds 585 ( Research Project Assessment)
Postgraduate Diploma Masters Project (Thesis) 90% Masters Degree Masters Degree Attach Post Graduate Diploma Transcripts or Final Post Graduate Diploma Certificate PLUS Masters Project (i.e Thesis)
GB Pounds 995 ( Research Project Assessment)

For a student to upgrade, through credit transfers, CAM and OXIM qualifications with IIU, they must register will IIU directly and therefore must complete the normal admission forms for this university and submit to us directly or through an agreed centre.

IIU is a corporate private university fully accredited in Malaysia, though has origins in Ireland. It is also accredited to offer qualifications at bachelors, masters and doctoral levels in UK ( by Qualifications Assurance Commission, QAC, UK ) and National Academy of Higher Education (NAHE) of US. IIU is also listed in Official British Qualifications Book of 32nd to 36th Editions.

For more information, please visit IIU website at . You can click on “comments” on the homepage to see testimonials of prominent people who have qualified from IIU. You might also be interested in our past graduations in Malaysia and UK, whose photos are also included in the website.

International Office: Irish Internationale Universite (European Union), Limited

Suite 213, Block F, Phileo Damnsara 1 , Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

E-mail: , Telephone: +603 7960 2611, Facsimile: +603 7960 2613

Important information for those looking forward to PhD/DBA/Mphil

  1. Write an overview research proposal and attach your masters degree qualifications or other evidence of overwhelming research that would equate to masters Degree
  2. Send to your immediate centre which finally sends to IIU
  3. Once an external and internal supervisor(s) is/are established start your research which we expect you to complete in 16 months and achieve the award by Distance Learning. All details will be sent on request.
  4. Processing should take a maximum of 2 weeks
  5. Fees Guide: About GB Pounds 3,000 for whole period

Take note that all this is from the address as given on DALC's website. Surprisingly the link showing the yahoo address can still be seen on DALC's website but am sure not for long.

The Irish University representative sent another email when questioned on other Universities one could upgrade with. The response is below and take note of the Universities in that list and then try to find them on the internet by yourself.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: creative africa2004 <>
Date: Thu, Aug 10, 2006 at 7:22 AM
To: <********>

Dear Sir/ Madam,
Many thanks for your email and sorry for the delay in my return email.
I was still collecting and reviewing information related to universities that can best match your interest.
Attached please find information relating to your upgrade request. I will be sending additional universities and institutes soon.
As you know, I was only appointed for this task in May 2006 and as such have been working round the clock to set up a separate office, website and email addresses that are not yahoo or hotmail!
Please bear with me as I am determined to make all the information you need available from our website by 1st September 2006.
Yours faithfully,
Rashid Juma Omar
Regional Liase Officer
Creative Africa

<******> wrote:
please send the list of universities that i can use to send my degree project to. thank you.

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Then there is an attachment of alternative Universities that one can upgrade with. Read further.


Dear Student,

Please find below an additional list of universities for upgrade of your diplomas:

Course level University Additional requirements Approximate Additional duration Approximate Fees per annum
Graduate Diploma or equivalent Greenwich (UK) Additional subjects to be determined after results and other evidences submitted 1 Year GB Pounds 8,000
Hertfordshire (UK) Additional subjects to be determined after results and other evidences submitted 1 year GB Pounds 8,000
Liverpool (UK) Additional subjects to be determined after results and other evidences submitted 1 year GB Pounds 8,000
Post Graduate Diploma or equivalent Greenwich (UK) Additional subjects to be determined after results and other evidences submitted 6 months to 1 year depending on your other submitted evidences GB Pounds 14,000
Hertfordshire (UK) Additional subjects to be determined after results and other evidences submitted 6 months to 1 year depending on your other submitted evidences GB Pounds 13,000
Liverpool (UK) Additional subjects to be determined after results and other evidences submitted 6 months to 1 year depending on your other submitted evidences GB Pounds 16,000

Please note: The fees above do not include accommodation in UK. The universities would expect you to travel to UK for the courses but Liverpool has online / Distance Learning arrangement. Fees quoted for Liverpool are based on this online/distance learning arrangement.


Course level Institute Additional requirements Approximate Additional duration Approximate Fees per annum
Graduate Diploma or equivalent European Business School - Cambridge 1 week Presentation Seminar at Cambridge for EURO BBA award.

Bachelors Project

1 week presentation at Cambridge

As soon as you can complete the bachelors project and submit

GB Pounds 2,400
Post Graduate Diploma or equivalent European Business School - Cambridge 1 week Presentation Seminar at Cambridge for EURO MBA award.

Masters Thesis

1 week presentation at Cambridge

As soon as you can complete the bachelors project and submit

GB Pounds 3,200

Please note: Fees do not include travel and accommodation expenses to European Business School - Cambridge (UK) for the 1 week presentation seminar.

So, make a little effort to find the truth by going to google and looking up the universities mentioned here. You can also try and see how many of them are listed in Wikipedia's list of un accredited universities mentioned in my previous post.