Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obora's Professorship University (WorId Information Distributed University) is a fraud

Oborah invited hundreds of staff,students, parents,politicians and press to witness the man receiving his professorship. He had me fooled too but I decided to dig and find the truth about the World Information Distributed University (WIDU). It turned out to be the mother of all scams and a one stop shop where international education frauds meet and award themselves medals and dubious PHD's. He is Africa's Vice President of the WIDU, something a genuine Cambridge University alumni would never ever be.He is listed as President of the Department of the WIDU-DALC Education, and a Vice-President of the WIDU and his profile can be seen on the WIDU website.

The site contains alot of Gibberish. Read the site and see the awful grammar and senseless sentences from the University that awards the World's highest title "GRAND PHD". Read the paragraphs below and laugh at the writer as you try and make sense of it.

"The further development of society depends on fundamental decisions and in particular of Global Problems. Global problems have the important value in life of all mankind. Everyone, be he the scientist, the businessman, the politics, should reveal seriously above the further destiny of our joint residing on our planet. Global problems began to be solved the United Nations Organization in key directions of ability to live of the Person and the Society ."

The decision of any of them opens new ways for development of a society and results in statement of a lot of new fundamental problems which in turn generate applied with the important practical appendix;

Global problems are characterized by ultrahigh complexity and represent almost insuperable difficulties on a way of their decision.


On the Recognition part, this is where they pull the rabbit out of the hat and claim to be recognised in Tatarstan, Armenia, Chechnya and Penza area. If that doesn't ring a couple of loud bells, nothing will.

Agreements with 90 universities other organizations are signed. The World Information Distributed University - WIDU and the European Informatization Academy - A.E.I. in the status of the international organizations have the state accreditation in Armenia, in Mongolia, at a level of republics and areas in Russia: the Tatarstan Republic, the Chechen Republic and the Penza area, signed by Ministers of science and education and Governors.
Accreditation in the world


These people can lie and lie some more as you can read below. They claim to be awarding degrees on behalf of the United Nations!!

On behalf of the United Nations and International Telecommunication Union in 1995, the International Informatization Academy (IIA) in a General Consultative State with ECOSOC of the UN has started to award new degrees of PhD (International) and Grand PhD to experts for solving of global problems. This work has served as the beginning of recognition of four level (BS-MS-PhD - Grand PhD) education system.


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