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  • Institutions that appear on the wikpedia list are those that grant post-secondary academic degrees but are listed as unaccredited by a reliable source. Some of these institutions are no longer in operation. Several unaccredited universities have names that are similar to those of accredited institutions or that falsely imply that it is a public university.

Among them :

This is the university that awarded Oborah his professorship in a biomedical education. Refer to your memory if you attended this event at the Nairobi safari club.

It has that familiar Cambridge name to it, doesn’t it . Take note it is in the USA. Maybe you could see why the need for another similar sounding Cambridge Association of Managers in Kenya. The point is to use the Cambridge name and make you think it has a lot to do with the prestigious Cambridge. Right? Write Cambridge University an email and find out.

This is another diploma mill operating in Kenya with bogus accreditation following DALCs expansion to the upcountry. You have been warned. This is another one of those foreign sounding institution that is out to give you a degree in exchange for your money.

You can recall a long long time ago in 2005-2006, DALC students were offered this very English sounding university for upgrade. I don’t know of anyone who followed this route, probably because the cost was way higher than Irish University.

This one is DALC’s favourite outlets for its students until BBC bust their balls back in January and the Malaysian government made it hard to operate. Do you wonder why there was no graduation this year 2008 like has been done in the past?? CAMBRIDGE and OXFORD refused their facilities to be used to hold Irish’ graduation but the con Oborah might have something different to say about that.

This one is run by super conman Hardeep Sandhu. Usually seen wearing a bright gown scowling at the camera during graduations kindly refer to DALC website, DALC album and the prospectus. This Irish University changes its website and now claims to be accredited in the Caribbean and Singapore and may claim to be accredited in Australia as Oborah posted in the DALC system recently but it is not. This is the fakest fake university and we’ll dedicate several posts to unraveling the lie.

Oborah is the vice president of the African branch of this International mill that awards crap like GRAND PHD. This is in his 4 page, self flattering paper thingy dished out to all students and parents during his “cavalier of hope “presentation at the Nairobi Safari Club.

The Grand PHD is supposed to be the best, biggest and baddest PHD. Unfortunately the World Information Distributed University site is absolute crap and they are yet to find someone to design a decent site for them.


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