Saturday, April 10, 2010

Standard Group Now turns on the fake colleges it has been promoting

This seems to have gone a full cycle with the Standard Group now training its guns on fake educational institutions like DALC. Standard Group has been DALC's mouthpiece since Business DAily exposed DALC backnin FEb 2008. As you are aware, DALC still advertises on the front page of the standard like it did recently when Oborah launched his gifted and talented congame.

KTN has continued broadcasting the CLASS,  a DALC infomercial that is short on fact and long on falsehoods. In one of the shows, Oborah's 19 year old son poses  as a career expert who can deduce your 5 year old son's career 20 years into the future. KTN air that crappy show every Tuesday after news. Now Standard Group seems to have had enough...or are they just flapping gums? and has asked the government to "protect Students". And what do they do? They (Standard Group) have totally ignored emails and calls asking them to investigate DALC.

We take it that maybe something has changed in the way DALC and Standard Group used to relate but are certain that the authorities at Standard Group knew that DALC was a shady institution all along. Read the article below where they throw the blame on the government- despite their role in promoting KEnya's Biggest Education Scam. Hypocritical but the screws are not turning in DALC's favour anyway.

Here goes Standard Groups apparent awakening to the con they have been breeding for 2 years. (click on the text for the full article)

The marketing points of many of the dubious colleges is that they offer in collaboration with top international universities like Oxford, Cambridge and University of London and other reputable examination bodies.

Others claim to offer international diplomas from leading institutions without identifying the institutions. They promise to teach technical courses such as computer engineering, software development and programming to students with average grades of D.

While it takes two to threeyears to obtain diplomas from reputable institutions such colleges offer the same within three-six months, thereby appealing mostly to parents and guardians who are financially constrained.
So have they finally seen the light or is it just another falling out and Standard Group is now telling us what they have always known. I am not convinced one bit because not so long ago they published this story.

Oborah: Brains behind Dalc education 

Try and comment on the bogus nature of the man in that article. Standard Group's website will not allow any comments that are pointing to the fact that the man is a fake. In effect, they have given DALC genuineness that it would not have gotten anywhere else and must be blamed for all our wasted futures.