Friday, April 24, 2009


Do not be fooled.

Cambridge Association of Managers FAX CIRCUS

Well this is where the CAM circus brings out the clowns, balloons and loony on you. We hope you can laugh at yourself if you attempted to send CAM a fax like we did after all attempts to buzz them failed. CAM gives its address as:
The Cambridge Association of Managers
Wellington House, East Road, Cambridge,
CB1 1BH. Tel: +44 1223 451071
Fax: +44 1223 451100

So we googled the phone number and it turns out thats theirs, how about the fax no +44 1223 451100 ? Lets just say its quoted by the following:

Wellington House, East Road
Cambridge, CB1 1BH United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1223 451046
Fax: +44 (0)1223 451100

Aro Webdesign
Phone +44 (0)1223 451008
Fax Fax: +44 (0)1223 451100

TriCipher EMEA sales:
Phone: +44 (0) 1223 451075
Fax: +44 (0) 1223 451100

Arcus Foundation / Cambridge, UK Office
Wellington House
East Road
Cambridge CB1 1BH
United Kingdom
+44 (0)1223-451050 / phone
+44 (0)1223-451100 / fax

Techbooks UK Office
Wellington House
East Road
Tel. +44 (0) 1223 451052
Fax: +44 (0) 1223 451100

Pointsec Mobile Technologies
Wellington House, E Rd., Cambridge,
CB1 1BM, United Kingdom
()44 1223 451023,
44 1223 451100 fax,

Interactive Objects Software
UK Office
Wellington House
East Road, Cambridge
Tel: +44 (0)1223 451003
Fax: +44 (0)1223 451100

I was as surprised as you are on finding out that the fax number given on your CAM transcript is claimed by 7 other companies who also quote the Wellington House as their physical address. Kindly refer to the certificate on the wall.

Is this some shared office where all the people get desks and there is a fax machine at the corner? CAM could afford a fax with all the money Oborah collects on their behalf and more. Next time you walk into those shared offices where for a monthly fee you get a Desk, a computer and a phone. Remember thats CAM for you. The fax is usually shared by all.

Anybody wanna check up OXIMs numbers as the Prof.Dr.Edu Oborah scratches his head on how to explain this?


Oborah should start a comedy show in which people will be laughing AT how a self proclaimed professor with a fake British accent can be really stupid ( YES I SAID IT STUPID), I wonder what goes on in this man's oval head....lets analyze the below lies
  • All those guys who left were a band of thieves, the police are tracking them - Here Oborah says that all the staff who left are thieves? Well I wont and cant blame him here because he too is a THIEF  and thieves have this bad tendency of blaming other people so that they look like they are the good one. Oborah himself is the biggest thieve of all, first you don't pay taxes, you refuse to pay staff who are resign even with notice, you steal from innocent kenyans. Hello?
  • The people who left feared the online system because it had made them powerless the online system made no one powerless it made Oborah do everything and play with peoples mind
  • I told them to quit or get fired! WE resigned you fool, who do you think you are, Donald Trump?
  • I sent them to get more education. They were not meeting DALC's standards of Education ..... where did you send them to?
  • I have sponsored them for further education overseas, give us names please
Over and over the years DALC always has problems about whether it is genuine or not, but Oborah thinks he is bright because he knows very well that students come and go and he will always pull a Donald TRUMP stunt to his employees, but shock on him and his semi- illiterate wife Faith Kinyae this time.

We got all his moves on Check and are well informed.

Three weeks ago the Professor from WIDU told students that 'if the certificates are printed in his Parklands  house how come we ( the bloggers have never exposed it) well time will tell. Well, why did he have to transfer his loyal messenger Dominic who is the only person who knew about the printing SCAM?

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Persuasion and influence techniques

Social psychology demonstrates that there are at least six factors of persuasion that are highly likely to persuade or influence others. For scammers it is important that they close the deal by convincing you to join their swindle. How do they do this?

  • Authority. People are highly likely, in the right situation, to be highly responsive to assertions of authority, even when the person who purports to be in a position of authority is questionable. How does DALC employ this technique? The Head Missions claims to be able to foretell the career of your 5 year old son. He is also the educationist who will save the local education from the doldrums. What makes the DALC HEAD of Missions an authority? Well, he has studied at the CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY (even though he was not physically present) and is a Professor of the WIDU (a fake varsity according to the US government). He is like a quack in a white lab coat, stethoscope and horn-rimmed glasses who speak with an aura of authority.

  • Scarcity. Kenyans are highly responsive to things foreign particularly when it comes to Education. Good education is scarce and foreign education by the well known institutions is next to impossible. So on this scarcity, DALC has built a name by providing CAMBRIDGE and OXFORD courses to bridge this scarcity. Of course these courses are exclusive. So you miss it and your shot at UK education is gone because DALC is the exclusive teaching centre for Cambridge and Oxford. The only catch is that the institutions awarding the exclusive Diplomas do not exist and have never been accredited in the UK.
  • Similarity. It is a truly human tendency to connect things based on names. DALC EDUCATION knows that very well and for this reason they flaunt the CAMBRIDGE and OXFORD in their marketing. They also add Cambridge University and Oxford pictures in their prospectus incase you don’t see the similarity. There is nothing Cambridge and Oxford at DALC, absolutely nothing but you see the pictures of the two universities buildings. The strange white people in the DALC website will help you see the similarities clearly. DALC EDUCATION is a totally Kenyan entity, why all these pictures of foreigners and UK universities?

  • Social proof. One of the mental shortcuts on which we rely, in determining what course of action is most appropriate, is to look to see what other people in the vicinity are doing or saying. This phenomenon, known as social proof. This is best observed by looking at DALC students who when faced with evidence that they are getting Diploma, look at others and ask. How comes the government has done nothing about it? How comes others are still studying at DALC and are getting jobs? How comes Oborah is on TV? Remember DECI? They went to churches and in the end, stole peoples money in Kenyas biggest PONZI scheme!

Check the facts ladies and gentlemen, do not be scammed!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009



One of the distinctive facts about DALC EDUCATION is the practical education system. Oborah likes to challenge people to avoid the traditional system where all you do is cram. DALC EDUCATION is the new alternative to this rot. DALC is here to stop the habit of cramming 3 chapters and getting straight A-s.


On DALCs website, he says

“ I do not believe in collections of papers “called certificates” but in knowledge that innovates and solves modern complex business, social and scientific problems in “real world” mode.

Never should someone condemn those who never made it to public universities through high school. How about if he/she was sick just before exams or lacked school fees and was in and out school periodically? How about if he/she was not serious at that time because of age or bad peer groups? Is this person a fool? Can he/she have an alternative chance to prove him/herself?”

 During the many meetings he has held, he has told parents that his system works because students go straight to the workplace and write their exams there. Recently, he said that DALC students are taken to an organization on day one where they start solving problems in a real organization in real time.


That is music to the ears of any student and parent. It sounds like DALC EDUCATION will give its students an opportunity to intern at a high-flying institution. In the DALC staff manual and meetings he enlightens on his system by saying, “…student goes to an organization for example KCB”. From his example, do you see the impression it creates?


He doesn’t say you can go to any enterprise or your local mom and pop store. His example is best understood by looking at KCB where DALC students are supposed to go and work in a department for a couple of months, identify problems and recommend solutions in the form of high powered projects that are so good, Oborah DHL’s them to the UK where the educational experts will mark them to UK standards. He doesn’t want you to have anything that’s local; he wants to bear the UK mark of standards. CAMBRIDGE AND OXFORD quality.


DALC students will however testify that enrolling at DALC is basically one long trick. Before you enroll, you might ask Oborah about the companies where you will be sent for the “internship” and his tongue will go into overdrive with all the blue chip companies, big multinationals and companies that every greenhorn dreams off.


He might answer your question with something like, “…. Of course, that is no problem. In fact we can link you with Kenya Airways, DHL,CocaCola, KTN, EABL, KCB , BARCLAYS,(OTHER BANKS except equity), PriceWaterhouse, Chandaria Industries. I also know the MD of, he is my neighbour ….” etc etc


If you are not easily convinced, he will remove his phone and tell you that he is scrolling through to find the number of one of the prominent HRM’s that he personally knows, he might mention that the KQ HRM is a personal friend and former student. However, the topic will change to something else and the number will not be dialed. At this point, the sale is closed after Oborah’s quick name dropping. The student is asked to enroll and book an appointment to see him for the hookup to the Kenya Airways Human Resource Manager. 


Once you are enrolled as a student you realize in the first week that you have been tricked when:

  • None of your classmates is writing a case study at any prominent company
  • Nobody has been sent to any company by DALC or by Oborah
  • The students were also guaranteed internships that never materialised
  • You now need an appointment to see Humphrey Oborah
  • Fellow students tell you that you can just write the case from your head i.e imagine the whole thing
  • You hear that a tutor at DALC can write it for you at a fee
  • You see original copies of other students projects in your library


To this day, despite all of Oborah’s bragging about DALC being special, he has not unveiled any collaboration or agreement of sorts with local or foreign organizations. In spite of his chest thumps, years DALC has still not developed any formal linkages with any company of repute in the last 7 despite teaching 100+ courses. What do you make of this strange fact?


How can an institution that ridicules others on their old fashioned ways not have a partner in its quest for practical education? Has DALC ever held a recruitment fair where employers from different companies came over to recruit its highly trained students? Why is that link to the sector that DALC claims to train its student for missing? How impractical is it for an institution that claims to be spearheading practical education lack totally any partnerships with any company/organization?


The truth of the matter is that the practical education, case studies thing is rhetoric. You can get a credit without doing an ounce of research at DALC or going to any company. There are ways such as:


  • You can download a case study, modify it and submit it to your overworked lecturer who will mark it in a hurry to avoid trouble.


  • DALC has no way of verifying the content to see if it is plagiarized. Actually, DALC has plagiarized most of its syllabi from other institutions so plagiarism at DALC is not an issue really.


  • You can also hire your tutor to write it for you, ask the Westlands, Kisumu and Mombasa students.


  • Or you can borrow a friend’s case study, change the cover page and names of the companies and submit.


HUMPHREY Peter Oborah can spend millions on TV talking about saving africa’s education but the dirty facts of his “English Institution and Education” will come out. The practical thing makes you feel good if you really go into a company and research but the majority of the students realize that there is an easy way of coasting through a course without breaking a sweat.



P.S. You can also google through your practical education!




As a follow up to the hugely successful season one of THE KLASS, KNT will be airing a new programme that has been developed by DALC's celebrated professor and jack of anything H. Oborat. The show will be known as:


HOborat: Who to blame?


 As you will remember, the super imaginative professor appeared in all episodes of THE KLASS where he lectured Kenyans on their problems and the solutions using the now useless career forecasting gift within talent system. KNT has been overwhelmed by his capacity, public speaking skills, multi talents and the fact that he never ever bats an eyelid.


The new program will be a game show sponsored by DACL. In this game show, Oborat tells white lies and the viewers choose who is to blame for the lies. It has been established that he is not to be held responsible for his lies. A scientist from KEMRI recently intimated that deceit is wired into his genes. As a result, the viewers will have to choose a scapegoat for every lie the professor tells.


Speaking to the bloggers, the KNT programmes manager said that the HOborat: Who to blame? Set-up will be similar to the deal or no deal show with the only difference being that in the boxes will be pictures of scapegoats.  "For example when OBORAT says that he is a professor which is obviously a lie, the participant will choose a box that has a picture of the scapegoat", he said. The scapegoat in such a case could be Oborat's jealous neighbour, the bearded man, Al Pacino, Mickey Mouse, the Graffins college watchman, the fly on the wall or even Saddam.


"The important thing is that people choose the proper scapegoat to every lie the phony professor tells", he added. "When says UK marking of examinations", the participant must point out the right scape goat as quickly as possible. The winners will get courses at the DACL College at different levels depending on how many points they score. Those with high scores will get a free postgraduate course with the highest exemptions from the QAC a fake accreditation agency while the lowly scores will get a DACL Gift and Talent package.


Those who excel at the game will also get "upgrades" to some mysterious UK universities such as Hertfordshire, Greenwich and the Ireland International University of Malaysia. The viewers at home will not be left behind as they stand to win a Professorship from the WIDU (where Oborah is a Professor) without studying and get a cavalier of TV medal in the grand draw. This is billed as Kenyas next big thing. More thrilling than the OMO PICK A BOX and CHURCHILL LIVE combined!!


KNT anticipates that the new TV SHOW will give it some mileage in the skirmish for the local programmes crown where it is lagging behind all other stations.


It will be presented by the critically disclaimed and well known KNT star Mahai Mutau who also starred in THE KLASS last season.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


What is exclusive about DALC really? Why do they us the OXFORD & CAMBRIDGE names so liberally in their advertising yet they are not anywhere close to those standards.

The intention is to mislead you to think you are getting into something exclusive. Something most people believe till their last day at DALC. Why would an DALc brag about its exclusiveness in job adverts? SEE BELOW.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

DALC Education is the exclusive Cambridge and Oxford Association of Management Teaching Centres in East and Central Africa.

We teach the said Cambridge and Oxford Curriculum/Syllabus locally but marking/ assessments take place in UK hence certificates, Student Ids, Admission Letters come directly from UK.

Since our inception in 2003, our education innovation through high impact practical programmes which are embedded in Gift and Talent Testing have attracted many candidates within the region. Our outreach for these programmes covers 11 campuses in Kenya, and 6 outside Kenya.

The programmes are dully registered by Ministry of Education and approved by The Commission for Higher Education.

It is for this expansion and increased desire to exceed expectations, in quality education, that we are seeking qualified lecturers in areas related to Management, Special/Applied Management, Accounting & Finance, Project Management, Education, Actuarial Science, Legal Studies, Computing, Psychology, Environmental Studies, Economics, ICT Admin/ Support and Healthcare.



Someone the other day wrote a lengthy email about how they had gone for clarification from the DALC center manager at Westlands and were told that IIU is legitimate and people are only spoiling its name. I wanted to laugh because the centre  manager is not an expert of any sort and should not be consulted because he has been trained to lie by Humphrey Oborah.

That is like asking for Pattni to confirm that Goldenberg was not a fraud. Funny.

We have the DALC staff training manual where staff are taught to lie from day one. The new staff probably believe the stuff but the old ones are seasoned liars. Just like Oborah. Download the staff training manuals below in PDF and marvel at the number of lies DALC teaches its new staff to tell and enrich one Prof.Dr.Oborah.

The manuals says that DALC is recognised by USIU, Daystar, Methodist etc. Have you been hoodwinked?

Download here.
Download  here


This list is according to the USA Council on Higher Education Accreditation. The official accreditation body in the USA. Why do we publish this list?

3 institutions that are strongly linked to DALC are listed here. The European Academy of informatisation, The Irish International University(IIU) and the World Information Distributed University (WIDU). Those are 3 institutions that are linked to DALC. That should raise flags.

  • European Academy of informatisation- Awarded Oborah his professorship in Belgium and a cavalier of hope medal.
  • World Information Distributed University (WIDU)- Signed an agreement with DALC Education and also made Oborah its Vice President and in charge for Africa.
  • Irish International University- The fake degree pen where many DALC students were shepherded to upgrade their CAM/OXIM qualifications. Many got their fake degrees from there and Oborah as usual collected the money on behalf of the Irish International University.
Those are three fake universities too many to be linked with in any way.
See the list below, highlighted in red.


This is a partial listing of colleges and universities from which degrees will not be accepted by the Michigan Civil Service Commission to satisfy educational requirements indicated on job specifications.

Please note that this list is not all-inclusive; schools will be added as we become aware of them.
Degrees issued by institutions that are accredited by an accrediting body recognized in the database maintained by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation ( are typically accepted.
(Please note that individual degree programs that have not been accredited by the recognized,
programmatic accrediting body may not be accepted.) Degrees issued by foreign colleges and
universities may be accepted if an applicant or employee can present evidence to demonstrate that the
degree represents education equivalent to similar studies at an accredited university.

Abba Institute – Texas
Abacus Academy
Academie Europeene d’Informationsation – Belgium
Academy for Contemporary Research
Academy of Healing Arts
Academy of Health Sciences and Nutrition
Academy of Natural Therapies – Hawaii, California, Wyoming, Montana
Academy of Religious and Spiritual Studies
Accelerated Degree Programs
Adam Smith University – Hawaii, Liberia, Saipan
Adams and Washington University – England, South Carolina
Adams Institute of Technology
Addison State University – Ottawa Canada
Adjunct College – Texas
Advanced Education Trust
Advanced Learning Network – Vermont
Akamai University – Hawaii
Al Qasim University – Pakistan
Alabama Christian College – Montgomery, Alabama
Alberdeen University – New Mexico
Albert University – Delaware
Alexandria University – Nevada - US online, not Egyptian
Almeda College and University – Florida, Idaho
Al Qasim University
All Saints American University – Liberia
Almeda College (University) – Florida, Idaho
Alston University – Stockton, California
Ambai University – Massachusetts
Ambassador University Corporation
American Austin University
American Capital University – Wyoming, Liberia
American Central University – Wyoming
American City University – Wyoming
American Coastline University – Hawaii, Louisiana, New York, California, Russia
American College of Health Science – Texas
American College of Metaphysical Theology
American Columbus University – California
American Extension School of Law – Chicago, Illinois
Revised 2/9/2009
American Global Universities – Wyoming, Iowa, California
American Independent International University
American Institute of Management Studies – Hawaii, Indonesia
American Institute of Science – Indianapolis, Indiana
American International Academy – New York and Washington
American International University – Canoga Park, California
American International University of Management and Technology – Hawaii,
American Legion University
American Management Institute
American Medical College - Idaho
American National University – Phoenix, Arizona, Hawaii, California
American Open University
American PacWest International University – Hawaii
American School of Metaphysics
American States University – Honolulu, Hawaii
American University – San Diego, California (the one in Washington, D.C. is
American University for Humanities – Mississippi
American University of Asturias – Spain
American University of Hawaii – Hawaii, Mississippi, India, Republic of Georgia,
Armenia, Lebanon and others
American University of London – St. Kitts/Nevis, United Kingdom, Sri Lanka
American West University
American Western University – Arizona
American World University – California, Hawaii, Iowa, Mississippi
Americana University – Liberia
Americus University – Washington, D.C.
Ameritech University – Liberia
Ames Christian University – Florida
Amity University – India
Amstead University – New Mexico
Anacrusis Institute – Greece, United Kingdom
Anderson University – California
Anglo-American College of Medicine
Anglo-American Institute of Drugless Medicine
Anglo American University – Hawaii, California
Apache University
Apostolic/Prophetic Bible College & Theological Seminary – Rochester Hills,
Aquinas University of Scholastic Philosophy – New York
Argus University – Fairplay, Colorado
Aristotle University – California
Arizona Midland University
Ashbourne – Great Britain
Ashford University – Great Britain (not to be confused with Ashford University in
Iowa-formerly Franciscan University)
Ashington University – Louisiana, British Virgin Islands
Ashwood University
Revised 2/9/2009
Athenaeum U – Panama, United Kingdom
Athens Clark University
Atlanta Southern University – Atlanta, Georgia
Atlantic International University – Florida, Hawaii
Atlantic National University – California
Atlantic Northeastern University
Atlantic Southern University – Georgia Washington
Atlantic University – New York (the one in Virginia is accredited)
Atworth University
Auberdeen University – Idaho
Azaliah – New Mexico (lost accreditation in 2002), South Africa, Asia
Baltimore State University (not to be confused with the University of Baltimore)
Bangalore Institute of Science, Technology, and Management – India
Bangladesh University
Barrington University – Alabama, New York (not to be confused with Barrington
College in Rhode Island)
Barron University
Beacon Learning Center – Grand Rapids, Michigan and St. Joseph, Michigan
Belford University – Texas, Nevada, Arizona
Beloved Community Seminary – Oregon, Hawaii
Ben Franklin Academy and Institute For Advanced Studies – Washington, D. C.
Benchley State University
Benjamin Franklin Institute of Global Education
Bennington University – United States (not to be confused with Bennington College
– Vermont)
Benson University
Berean Community College
Berkeley International University of Southern California
Bernadean University – Van Nuys, California
Berne University – New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Virginia, St. Kitts-Nevis
Bernelli University – Virginia
Bettis Christian University – Arkansas
Beulah College – Nigeria and Texas
Bienville University – Louisiana, Mississippi
Bircham International University – United Kingdom, Spain, Bahamas
Blackstone University
Bonavista University – Wyoming
Bosdon Academy of Music
Boston City College (not to be confused with Boston College)
Bradford University (not be confused with Bradford College)
Brainwells University – United States, Canada
Brantridge Forest School
Brantridge University – Hawaii
Brentwick University
Bretton Woods University – New Hampshire
Breyer State University –Alabama, Idaho, Liberia
Bridgewater University – United Kingdom, Seychelles (not to be confused with
Bridgewater State College in Massachusetts or Bridgewater College in Virginia)
Brighton University – Hawaii, Missouri
Revised 2/9/2009
Bright Way Technical University
Britain College of Management and Science – United Kingdom
British American Business Institute
Broadway Institute of Technology
Bronte International – Louisiana, Caribbean
Brownell University
Buckner University – Texas
Buktronix University
Burnell College – Great Britain
Business and Computer University College – Lebanon
Buxton University – United Kingdom
C & E American University Institute – Lebanon
Cal Southern University – Texas
Calamus International University – British West Indies
Calgary Providence University
California Christian College
California Institute of Behavior Sciences – California
California Institute of Higher Learning
California Miramar University – California
California Pacifica University – California
California Pacific University – California
California University of Management and Sciences – California
California Valley State University
Calvary University – Virginia, Oregon, United Kingdom, Netherlands, and others
Cambridge International University – South Africa
Cambridge State University – Shreveport, Louisiana and Honolulu, Hawaii
Campile University – United Kingdom, Belize
Canadian School of Management – Canada
Canbourne University – United Kingdom
Canterbury University – United Kingdom
Canyon College – Idaho
Capital American University – Liberia
Capital City Religious Institute – Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Capitol University (not to be confused with Capital University in Ohio)
Caribbean Medical University – Curacao
Carlton University (not to be confused with Carleton College in Minnesota)
Carnegie Institute of Engineering
Carolina Institute of Human Relations – South Carolina
Carolina University of Theology
Carrington University
Center College of Executive and Professional Development – India
Center of University Studies Graduate College
Center State University of Executive and Professional Development – Liberia
Central Pacific University – Hawaii, Delaware, Dubai
Central State University – California, Canada (CSU in Wilberforce, Ohio is
Central State Consortium of Colleges and Schools
Central States Research Center – Ontario, Canada
Central University
Revised 2/9/2009
Century University – Albuquerque, New Mexico (not to be confused with Century
CETEC University – Santo Domingo
Chadwick University – Alabama
Chancery International University
Charis School of Divinity – Florida
Charitable University of Delaware
Chase University
Chelsea University – United Kingdom
Chicago Medical College – Florida
Chillicothe Business College – Ohio
Chirological College of California
Christian College
Christian Leadership University – New York
CIFAS University – Santo Domingo
City University Los Angeles – California
Clayton College of Natural Health – Alabama
Clayton Theological Institute – California
Clayton University – Hong Kong (not to be confused with Clayton College and
State University in Georgia)
Clemson College (not to be confused with Clemson University in South Carolina)
Clermont College (not to be confused with University of Cincinnati – Clermont
Clermont College of Business – Montana
Cleveland University (not to be confused with Cleveland State University)
Clinton University – Livonia, Michigan
Coast University
Colgate College (not to be confused with Colgate University)
College of Franklin and Marshall (not to be confused with Franklin and Marshall
College of Lancaster, PA)
College of Hilton Head
College of Homeopathy – Missouri
College of Journalism – West Virginia
College of Life – Florida
College of Life Science – Texas
College of Medical and Health Science – St. Lucia
College of Natural Therapeutics
College of Naturatrics – Missouri
College of Nonsense – Nevada
College of Universal Truth – Chicago, Illinois
Colony University – Liberia
Colorado University of Naturopathic Medicine – Spain, British Virgin Islands
Columbia Commonwealth University – Montana, Wyoming, Malawi, Africa
Columbia Pacific University – California
Columbia School
Columbia State University – Louisiana (not to be confused with Columbia
University in New York or Columbus State University in Georgia)
Columbus University – Louisiana, Mississippi (not to be confused with Columbus
State University in Georgia)
Revised 2/9/2009
Commonwealth Open University – Virgin Islands
Commonwealth School of Law – Washington
Commonwealth University – California
Communion of Saints Seminary – Oregon
Concordia College and University – Spain, St. Johns, Virgin Islands, Dominican
Republic, Indonesia (“registered by the government” of Liberia)
Concordia Ivy College – Hawaii, Taiwan
Continental University – Liberia, Phillipines
Continuing Career Institute – Texas
Cook’s Institute of Electronics Engineering – Jackson, Mississippi
Cornerstone University – Louisiana (not to be confused with Cornerstone
University in Michigan which is accredited)
Cosmopolitan University – Missouri?
Cranston University – Nevada, Singapore
Cromwell College of IT and Management – Great Britain
Cromwell University
Crossworld Institute of Professional Studies – Kenya
Crown Church College and University
Crown College of the Bible – Tennessee
Culture University –Hawaii
Dallas State College – Dallas, Texas
Darthmouth College (not to be confused with Dartmouth College in NH)
Dartmouth University (not to be confused with Dartmouth College in NH)
Darton University – Texas, Florida, Mexico
Delaware Law School
Del Sur Christian College – Texas
Denmark College of Management and IT – Denmark
Denver State University
Devonshire University
Diamond Head University
Diplomatic State University
Diplomatic University
DiUlus Institute and University – New Mexico, Italy
Donsbach University – California
Dorcas University
Drake College (not to be confused with Drake University in Iowa or Drake College
of Business in New Jersey)
Dream Institute, The
Dublin Metropolitan University – Ireland
Earlscroft University – Great Britain, Seychelles
Earthnet Institute – Hawaii
Eastern Caribbean University – Texas, St. Kitts
Eastern Missouri Business College – St. Louis, Missouri
Eastern State University
Eastern University – Albuquerque, New Mexico
East Point University
Ecole Superieure Internationale de Bruxelles – Belgium
Eden University – Hawaii?
Revised 2/9/2009
Edenvale University – Texas, New York, Great Britain
Edison University –Hawaii (not to be confused with Thomas Edison University in
New Jersey)
Ellington University
Elysion College – California
Emerson University – California (not to be confused with Emerson College in
Esoteric Theological Seminary – Texas
Euclid University – Belgium, Chad, Central African Republic, Pakistan
Eula Wesley University – Ruston, Louisiana
European Carolus Magnus University – Belgium
European College of Medicine – United Kingdom
European Graduate School – New York, Switzerland
European University of Ireland – Ireland
Eurotechnical Research University – Hilo, Hawaii
Expressive Psychology Association
Evergreen University – Reston, Virginia
Excelsior University (not to be confused with Excelsior College in Albany, NY)
Fairfax University – Louisiana, Montana, South Dakota, United Kingdom
Fairmont International University (formerly Preston University)
Farington University
Felix Adler Memorial University – North Carolina
Felton University
Firelake University – Finland
Florida Atlantic Southeastern University – (not to be confused with Florida Atlantic
University in Boca Raton, Florida)
Florida State Christian College – Florida
Forest Park University – Chicago, Illinois
Fort Young University – Liberia
Foundation for Economic Education – Irvington-on-Hudson, New York
Foundation University – Netherlands
Four States Cooperative University – Texas
Frederick Taylor International University – Hawaii, California
Frederick Taylor University – Moraga, California
Friends International Christian University – Hawaii, California
Full Gospel Christian College – Pontiac, Michigan
Garfield Technical College
Geo-Metaphysical Institute – New York
George Washington State College
George Washington University – California (GWU in Washington, D.C. is
Georgia Christian University – Georgia
Georgia South Technical Institute
German-American Dental College – Chicago, Illinois
Gestalt Institute of New Orleans – New Orleans, Louisiana
Glencullen University – United Kingdom
Glendale University – United Kingdom
Glenford University – Louisiana
Glenndale University – United Kingdom
Revised 2/9/2009
Global Church Theological Seminary
Global Church University
Global Virtual University (not to be confused with Global University in Springfield,
Goa University
Gold Coast University – Hawaii
Golden Pacific University – Hawaii, California
Golden State University – Hawaii (not to be confused with Golden State College in
Graduate College
Graduate University
Grandview International University – Missouri
Great Lakes University – Michigan (not to be confused with Great Lakes Christian
Greenleaf University – Missouri
Greenwich University – California, Hawaii, Norfolk Island
Gulf Southern University – Louisiana
Halifax University – Wyoming
Hamilton State University – Arizona
Hamilton University – Wyoming, Hawaii, Bahamas (not to be confused with
Hamilton College in Clinton, NY)
Hamline State University (not to be confused with Hamline University in Minnesota)
Hampton Bay University – Liberia
Hampton College – Nevada (not to be confused with Hampton University in
Hancock University – Tennessee
Harmony College of Applied Science – Los Altos, California
Harrington University – United Kingdom
Hartford Technical Institute
Hartford University – Vanatu (Claims of Minnesota location are false)
Hartland University – Liberia
Hartley University – United Kingdom
Hawaii American University – Hawaii
Hawthorne University – Utah
Heed University – Florida, Wisconsin, Caribbean
His Majesty’s University of Polytechnics – Sacramento, California
Hollywood College – California
Hollywood Southern University
Holos University – Missouri, South Dakota, and Norfolk Island
Honolulu University – Honolulu, Hawaii
Honolulu University of the Arts, Sciences, and Humanities – Honolulu, Hawaii
Honolulu USA – Thailand, Pakistan
Horizons University
Humberman University College
Huntington Pacific University
Hyles Anderson College – Crown Point, Indiana
Idaho College of Commerce
Illawarra College – New Hampshire, Virginia, Australia
Illinois College of Physicians and Surgeons
Revised 2/9/2009
Independence University – Missouri
Information University of America – Hawaii
Institute for Creative Process
Institute for Human Dynamics
Institute for Science in Mind
Institute for the Management of Information Systems – Great Britain
Institute of Executive and Professional Development – Liberia
Institute of Excellence – Florida
Institute of Global Education – Oregon
Institute of New Media and Technology
Instituto Biblico Ebenezer – Michigan
InTech University – Liberia
InterAmerican University – California, New York (not to be confused with the
InterAmerican University of Puerto Rico)
Intermountain Institute of Natural Health – Idaho
International Academy for Planetary Planning
International Academy of Education University – New York, Japan
International Bible University
International Career Academy
International College of Associates in Medicine – Texas
International Earth Environment University – Delaware, Japan
International East-West University –Hawaii
International Further Studies Institute
International Graduate Center –Vermont, St. Croix
International MBS – Liberia
International Medical School of America –Texas
International Mid Pac College – Hawaii
International Open University – Baton Rouge, Louisiana
International Organization for Nontraditional Distance Education – Hawaii, Japan,
International Seminary – Plymouth, Florida
International Theological University – California
International University – Austria,
International University – Missouri, Louisiana
International University for Graduate Studies – St. Kitts and Nevis
International University of Fundamental Studies
International University of Nursing – St. Kitts
International Universities Consortium – Missouri
IOND University – Hawaii, Japan, Phillipines
Irish International University – Ireland, United Kingdom, Cambodia, Malaysia,
Kenya, Switzerland, Seborga
Irish University Business School – Ireland
Ivory Carlson University – Minnesota
Jackson State University –Los Angeles, Nashville, Reno, Chicago (JSU in
Mississippi is accredited)
James Cook Medical School – Texas, Cook Islands
James Monroe University – Liberia, Arizona, Idaho, Washington
Jenzabar University
Revised 2/9/2009
Johann Keppler School of Medicine
John Hancock University
John Quincy Adams College - Portland, Oregon
John Thomas – Missouri
Johnson Daves University – Liberia
Johnson Davids University – Liberia
Kalinga University – India (not to be considered with Kalinga University in
Kennedy-Western University – California, Wyoming, Idaho
Kensington University – Hawaii, California (not to be confused with Kensington
College in California)
Kent College – Louisiana
Kentucky Christian University – Ashland, Kentucky (Kentucky Christian College in
Grayson, Kentucky is accredited)
Keystone University – Florida
Kincaid Academy of the Arts
Kingdom College of Natural Health – Louisiana, Wyoming, Guam, Russia
Kingsfield University – Great Britain
Kingsley University
Knightsbridge University – Denmark
Knoxville College – Knoxville, Tennessee (only degrees obtained prior to
December 1996 are accepted)
LA International University – New Orleans, Louisiana
Lacrosse University – Louisiana, Mississippi
Lamberhurst University – United Kingdom
Lambert University – Hawaii
LaJolla University
Lamp Beacon University
Landegg International University – Switzerland
Landford University
Landsfield University – Seychelles
Langley University
Lansbridge University – British Columbia, Canada
LaSalle University – Louisiana (not to be confused with LaSalle University in
Laureate University – Canada?, United Kingdom?
Laurence University – Hawaii
Lawford State University – Maryland
Leal University – Hazelwood, Missouri
Lee Community College – Singapore
Leibniz – New Mexico, Italy
Leiland College of Arts and Sciences – Hawaii
Leland Stanford University – Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Leugenia University – South Carolina
Lexington University – Online, Nevada (not to be confused with Lexington College
in Illinois)
Life Science College – California and Oklahoma
Lincoln International University, Inc. – Hawaii
Revised 2/9/2009
Lincoln University – New Mexico, Italy (not to be confused with Lincoln College in
Lincoln-Jefferson University – Iowa (?)
Lion Investigative Academy – Pennsylvania
Logos Bible College – Texas, Florida
London College of Technology – United Kingdom
London University Colleges
Los Angeles State University
Los Angeles University – North Hollywood, California
Louisiana Capital University – Kenner, Louisiana
Louisiana Christian University – Lake Charles, Louisiana
Loyola State University – Illinois and Louisiana (not to be confused with Loyola
Madison State University – New York
Madison University – Mississippi
Management Institute of Canada – Ontario, Quebec
Manhattan University – Hawaii, British Columbia
Manitoba University of Science and Arts
Marcus Tullius Cicero University San Francisco – California
Marlborough University – Hawaii
Marlowe University – New Jersey and Florida
Marmaduke University – California
Martin College – Florida
McPherson Institute of Technology
Medical College of London – St. Lucia, West Indies; United Kingdom, Montserrat
Medical University of the Americas – St.Kitts/Nevis, Belize
Mellen University – Lewiston, New York
Meridan University
Meta Collegiate Extension – Nevada
Metropolitan Collegiate Institute – Great Britain
Metropolitan University of Florida
Miami Christian University – Miami, Florida
Miami State University – (not to be confused with Miami University, Oxford, OH)
Middle Tennessee University (not to be confused with Middle Tennessee State
University in Murfreesboro, TN)
Midwest Missouri University – Missouri
Midwestern University –Missouri (not to be confused with Midwestern University in
Arizona or Illinois or Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Missouri)
Miller University – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Milton University – Maryland and New York
Miranda Internal University – Tennessee, Washington, Italy
Mole Ltd. University - River Ridge, Louisiana
Monterrey Institute for Graduate Studies – Texas, Florida
Monticello University – Hawaii, Kansas, South Dakota, West Indies
Montserrat University – California
More University – Lafayette, California
Morris Brown College – Atlanta, Georgia (only degrees obtained prior to December
2002 are accepted)
Myers College Online (not to be confused with Myers University, Cleveland, Ohio)
Revised 2/9/2009
Nassau State Teachers College
Nasson University
Nation State University
Nation University – Hawaii
National Christian University – Texas
National College – Kansas, Oklahoma
National College of Arts and Sciences
National Consortium Staff College – Missouri
National Graduate University
National Stevens University – California
National University of Colorado – Denver, Colorado
National University of Dakota – South Dakota
National University of Hawaii – Hawaii
Nebraska College of Physical Medicine
New Horizons University
New Manhattan University
New Tribes Bible Institute – Jackson, Michigan
New World College – Baton Rouge, Louisiana
New York City University (not to be confused with the City University of New York
New York State College
Newport Asia Pacific University – Hawaii
Newport University – California, Hawaii, Lebanon
Newton University – Hawaii; British Columbia, Canada
Nightingale University – Panama
Nobel University – South Korea
Nonprofit Management University
North American College of the Artsy
North American University – Scottsdale, Arizona
North Norway University – Norway, Panama, United Kingdom
North United University
Northern American College
Northern New England University
Northern Michigan State University (not to be confused with Northern Michigan
University in Marquette, MI)
Northern Utah University/Northern Utah Management Institute
Northern Washington University
Northfield University
Northland Open University - Yukon, Canada
Northridge State University
Northwest Florida University
Northwestern Californian University
Northwestern College of Allied Sciences – Oklahoma
Northwestern Graduate School – Montana
Northwestern International University, Ltd. – Cyprus, Denmark
Norway University – Norway, Panama, United Kingdom
Notre Dame de Lafayette University – Long Prairie, Minnesota
Notre Dame University (not to be confused with the University of Notre Dame in
South Bend, Indiana)
Revised 2/9/2009
Nova College – Calgary, Canada
Novus University – Mississippi
Oaklands University – United Kingdom (not to be confused with Oakland
University in Rochester, MI)
Oceania University of Medicine – Samoa
Ohio Central College
Ohio Christian College
Ohio Saint Mathew University - Ohio
Oklahoma A&M University
Open University of America – Maryland, Puerto Rico (not to be confused with the
United States Open University in Wilmington, Delaware)
Open University of Lincoln – Nebraska
Orienta University
Oriental University – Washington, D. C.
Orion University
Oxford International University – Great Britain (not to be confused with Oxford
University in Great Britain)
Oxford Trent University – Texas
Pacific Basin University – Texas, Mexico, Micronesia
Pacific Buddhist University – Hawaii, Japan
Pacific Coast University – California
Pacific International University – Springfield, Missouri
Pacific National University and Theological Institute – Los Angeles, California
Pacific Southern University – Hawaii
Pacific Western University – California, Hawaii, China, Hong Kong
Pacific Yale University – Hawaii, California, South Korea
Panama Canal University
PanAmerican University – Liberia
Paramount University of Technology – Wyoming
Parkhurst University
Parkwood University – U.S., Great Britain
Patriot University – Colorado
Pebble Hills University – Italy, Australia
Pensacola Christian College – Pensacola, Florida
Personal Therapy Institute
Pickering University – Hawaii
Port Rhode University
Prescott College of Business and Leadership Studies – Hawaii
Prescott University (not to be confused with Prescott College in Arizona)
Preston University – Alabama, Wyoming, Pakistan, Dubai, Netherlands
Prixio Southern University
Promis University of London – United Kingdom, Belize
Pylon University – Hawaii, California, South Korea
Queens University – California
Queens University of Brighton – Missouri
Queenston University – Utah, Australia, Vanuatu
Randford Uninversity – District of Columbia, Florida, Virginia
Ravenhurst University
Redding University – United States?
Revised 2/9/2009
Regent International University – Australia?
Regency College
Rhode Island School of Law
Rhode Island State University
Richardson University – Wyoming, Caribbean
Robert de Sorbon – Maine, Florida, France, Switzerland, Comoro Islands
Robertstown University – Liberia, Arizona, Idaho, Washington
Rochelle Univeristy
Rochfort College
Rochville University
Rockford Community College
Rocklands University – United Kingdom
Romano Byzantine – Minnesota, Virginia
Rosebud University
Royal Canadian Institute of Technology – British Columbia, Canada
Royal College of Science
Royal Open University
Rushmore University – South Dakota, Wyoming, Georgia, Cayman Islands, British
Virgin Islands
Rutherford University – Wyoming, British Columbia, Swaziland
Sacramento International University
Sacramento Regent University – California
Saint Andrews Correspondence College
Saint Augustin University – Florida
Saint John’s University – Springfield, Louisiana
Saint Joseph University – New York (not to be confused with St. Joseph’s College
in Brooklyn, NY)
Saint Martin’s College and Seminary – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Saint Marys Universities (not to be confused with Saint Mary’s College in Michigan,
Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, or St. Mary’s University in Texas)
Saint Renoir University
Saint Stephen’s Educational Bible College – Los Angeles, California
Saint Thomas University (not to be confused with St. Thomas University in Florida)
San Diego Pacific University
San Francisco College of Music and Theater Arts
San Francisco International University – California
Sands University – Yuma, Arizona
Scarsdale University – California, United Kingdom
Senior University – British Columbia, Canada
Shaftsbury University – Great Britain ?
Shelbourne University – Pennsylvania
Shepperton University
Sierra University – Costa Mesa, California (not to be confused with Sierra College
in Rocklin, California)
Solsbury University – Ontario, Canada
South Atlantic University
South Pacific University – Hawaii, California
South Pacific School of Medicine – Texas
Southern California University – California
Revised 2/9/2009
Southern California University for Professional Studies – Santa Ana, California
Southern Graduate Institute – Kentucky
Southern Indiana Baptist College – Dupont, Indiana
Southern Institute of Technology
Southern International University – New Orleans, Louisiana
Southern Pacific University – Hawaii, Malaysia
Southland University – California
Southwest International University – Bayside, New York, Hawaii, Nevada
Southwestern State University (not to be confused with Southwestern University in
Georgetown, Texas)
Southwestern University – Tucson, Arizona and St. George, Utah
Spartan Health Sciences University – Texas, New Mexico, Mexico, St. Lucia
Spartan University of Health Sciences – Texas, New Mexico, Mexico, St. Lucia
St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants – Georgia
St. Augustine University
St. Christopher’s College of Medicine – Senegal, United Kingdom, Belize
St. Clements University – Australia, Turks and Caicos, Niue, Botswana, Ghana,
Namibia, Uganda, Zambia
St. George University International – St. Kitts, Grenada
St. James University West
St. John’s University College of Medicine – Montserrat
St. Lourdes University
St. Lucia College of Medicine – St. Lucia
St. Luke School of Medicine – California, Kentucky, Ghana, Liberia
St. Mary’s College of Medicine – Hawaii
St. Mary’s School of Medicine – Hawaii, Texas, Cook Islands
St. Matthew’s University – Florida, Maine, New York, Grand Cayman
St. Michael University – California, New York, Florida, District of Columbia, British
St. Paul’s College & Seminary
St. Regis University – Dominica; Liberia; Washington, D.C., Washington
St. Renoir University
St. Theresa Medical School – St. Kitts
St. Theresa’s Medical School – St. Kitts
St. Thomas Institute – India
Stafford University
Standford University – Florida, Texas (not to be confused with Stanford University
in California)
Stanley State University
Stanton University – Texas, Hawaii, Louisiana, Missouri, South Dakota
Stefan International University, Inc. – Hawaii, California
Stensan International University, Inc. – California
Stetson College (not to be confused with Stetson University in DeLand, Florida)
Strassford University – Great Britain
Success Seminary – Oregon
Suffield College and University – Connecticut
Summerset University – United Kingdom
Summit University – Louisiana, Japan
Summit University of Louisiana – Louisiana, Texas
Revised 2/9/2009
Sunshine Community College
Sussex College of Technology aka Copen Labs
Sutherland University
Synergystics – Rochester, New York
Taiken Wilmington University – United States, Japan?
Taurus International University – California
Taylor University of Bio-Psycho-Dynamic Sciences – Chattanooga, Tennessee
Tecana International Universita – South America
Technopole University
Temple Bar College
Templeton University – Nevada, Singapore
Texas Christian Bible University – Texas (not to be confused with Texas Christian
Tennessee Christian University – Tennessee
Texas Theological University – Texas
Texas University (not to be confused with the University of Texas, Texas State
University, or Texas Tech University)
The Dream Institute
The Gemini College – Great Britain
The Thornwood University – Netherlands, U.K.
Thomas A. Edison College – Florida and Arkansas (not be confused with Thomas
Edison State College in New Jersey)
Thomas Jefferson University – Missouri (Thomas Jefferson University in
Philadelphia, PA is accredited)
Thomas University – Pennsylvania
Thornewood University – Great Britain
Thornhill University – London, UK and Brooklyn, NY
Toronto Metropolitan University (not to be confused with the University of Toronto)
Trident University of Technology – New Jersey, Wisconsin, Singapore
Trinity College and University – South Dakota, Pakistan, Venezuela, Netherlands,
Canada?, Caribbean?
Trinity College of Natural Health – Indiana
Trinity College of Science and Management of Southwest International University
Trinity International University College – Wyoming, Delaware, France ( not to be
confused with Trinity International University in Illinois)
Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary - Indiana
Trinity Southern University – Texas, Florida
Tuit University – Georgia
Tulsa College
Two Dragon University
Union University – Los Angeles, California (Union University of Tennessee is
United American Medical College
United Nations University
United Pacific University – Hawaii
United States Open University – Hawaii, California, South Dakota
United States University of America – Washington, Florida
Universal Bible Institute – Birmingham, Alabama
Universal Ecclesiastical University
Revised 2/9/2009
Universal Life – California
Universidad Eugenio Maria de Hostos (UNIREMHOS) – Dominican Republic
Universidad Federico Henriquez y Carvajal – Dominican Republic
Universidad Hispanica de America
Universitas Sancti Martin – Oklahoma
Universitas 21 – Channel Islands, United Kingdom
Universite de Wallis – Wallis and Fortuna Islands, South Pacific
Universite Libre Internationale – Belgium
Universiteit Russell Hobbes – Netherlands?
University College for Advanced Studies – India
University de la Romande – United Kingdom
University Degree Program (1) – United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Israel,
Cyprus, Romania
University Degree Program (2) – Washington?
University for Integrative Learning – California
University for Professional Studies
University of Advanced Research – California, Hawaii, Pakistan, Thailand
University of America - New Orleans, Louisiana
University of Beford
University of Berkeley – Pennsylvania (not to be confused with the
University of California, Berkeley)
University of Berkley – Michigan
University of Boston (not to be confused with Boston University, Boston College, or
University of Massachusetts - Boston)
University of Cape Cod
University of Central Europe – Mississippi
University of Central Kentucky
University of Corpus Christi - Reno, Nevada
University of Devonshire – United Kingdom
University of Doncaster - England
University of Dorchester
University of Dublin – California
University of Dunham
University of East Carolina
University of East Georgia – Georgia
University of East-West Alternative Medicine – Hawaii, South Korea
University of Eastern Florida - Chicago, Illinois
University of Ecoforum for Peace – Hawaii, Belgium, Switzerland
University of England at Oxford
University of Esoterica – Maryland and other locations
University of Esoterica and the Esoteric Theological Seminary –Texas
University of Health Science – Hawaii
University of Health Science Antigua – Antigua
University of Honiara – Solomon Islands, New Zealand?
University of Honolulu – Hawaii, China
University of Honolulu USA – Utah, Thailand, Pakistan
University of Independence
University of Metaphysical Studies – New Mexico
University of Metaphysics – California, Nevada?
Revised 2/9/2009
University of Middle Tennessee
University of Natural Medicine – New Mexico
University of New Castle – Oregon, Washington, D.C., Ireland, United Kingdom,
South Pacific islands
University of Newcastle – Oregon
University of Newlands
University of North America
University of Northern Washington – Hawaii; Washington, Vancouver, British
University of Northwest – Louisiana, New Jersey, Wyoming, India, Pakistan
University of Palmers Green – United Kingdom
University of Pittsburg (University of Pittsburgh is accredited)
University of Ravenhurst – Great Britain
University of San Gabriel Valley – California
University of San Moritz – United Kingdom, Cyprus
University of San Rafael
University of Santa Barbara – California (not to be confused with the University of
California, Santa Barbara)
University of Santa Monica – California
University of Science at Berkeley – Japan
University of Science, Arts, and Technology (USAT) – Montserrat
University of Sciences in America – Baton Rouge, Louisiana
University of Sealand
University of Sint Eustatius – Caribbean
University of Southern Minnesota
University of Sussex at Brantridge
University of Switzerland
University of Teesside
University of the Bahama Islands
University of the Eastern United States
University of the Holy Land – Oregon, Israel
University of the New World – Arizona
University of the President – Utah
University of the Rockies – Denver, Colorado
University of the United States
University of Walla Walla – California (Walla Walla College in Washington is
University of Wexford – United Kingdom
University of Wyoming – London England
USA International University – Hawaii
UTESA University – Santo Domingo
Valde University – Illinois
Vancouver University Worldwide – British Columbia, Singapore
Van Ives University
Vernell University
Verity Education – Illinois, Indiana, Michigan
Vernell University – Nevada ?
Wakefield International University – St. Kitts/Nevis
Revised 2/9/2009
Warnborough College – Texas, Washington, Washington, D.C., United Kingdom,
Warnborough University – Ireland, Great Britain
Warren National University (formerly Kennedy-Western University) – Wyoming
Washington American Open University – Hawaii
Washington Institute for Graduate Studies – Utah
Washington International Academy – New York
Washington International University – King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, Hawaii,
British Virgin Islands
Washington School of Law – Salt Lake, Utah
Washington School of Theology – Oregon
Weimar College – Weimar, California
Wellington University – New Jersey
Wesleyan International University
West American University
West Clayton University
West Coast University – Australia, Panama, United Kingdom
Westbourne University – Great Britain
Westbrook University – California, New Mexico, New York (not to be confused with
Westbrook College in Maine)
Western Cascade University – California
Western College
Western Michigan Bible Institute – Muskegon, Michigan
Western States University – Doniphan, Missouri, Texas
Western States University for Professional Studies – Missouri
Western University – California
Western Washington International University – Hawaii
Western Washington State University
Westgate University – Delaware?
Westhampton University – Great Britain
Westmore College – Singapore
Westmore University – Singapore
Weston Reserve University – Canada, Kuwait, Seychelles
Wexford University
William Bradford University
William Tucker University – District of Columbia, Italy
Williams College – Idaho (Williams College in Massachusetts is accredited
Williamsburg University – New York, Saudi Arabia
Wilson State University, Inc. – New Jersey, Hawaii
Wisconsin International University – Ghana, Ukraine, and other locations
Wittfield University – Hawaii
Worcester University – Panama
World Information Distributed University – Belgium, Switzerland, Russia
World Pacific University – Guam, Ascension Island
World University – Santo Domingo
Yorker International University – New York, South Dakota
Youngstown College (not to be confused with Youngstown State University in Ohio)
YUIN/American University – Hawaii, California
Zenith University – Hawaii
Revised 2/9/2009
Unapproved Accrediting Bodies
These bodies are not approved by the U.S. Department of Education and therefore
any so-called “accreditation” by these bodies is meaningless.
Accrediting Commission International (Beebe, Arkansas
Accrediting Commission International for Schools, Colleges, and Theological
Accrediting Council for Colleges and Schools
Accreditation Governing Commission of the United States of America
Alternative Institution Accrediting Association
American Accrediting Association of Theological Institutions (Rocky Mount, NC)
American Association of Bible Colleges
American Association of Drugless Practitioners Commission on Accreditation
American Association of Independent Collegiate Schools of Business
American Association of International Medical Graduates
American Association of Non-traditional Colleges and Universities
American Association of Schools
American Council on Private Colleges and Universities
American Federation of College and Schools
American Federation of Colleges and Seminaries (Lakeland, Florida)
American Naturopathic Certification Board
American Naturopathic Medical Certification and Accreditation Board
American Naturopathic Medicine Association
Arizona Commission of Non-traditional Private Postsecondary Education
Asia Theological Association
Association for Distance Learning
Association for Online Academic Excellence (Wales)
Association of Christian Colleges and Theological Schools (Louisiana or Virginia)
Association of Christian Schools International (Colorado Springs, Colorado)
Association of Distance Learning Programs
Association of Reformed Theological Seminaries
Board of Online Universities Accreditation
British Learning Association
Central State Consortium of Colleges and Schools
Central States Council on Distance Education - 4401 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite
205, Washington DC 20001
Centre of Academic Excellence
Christian Accrediting Association
Commission on Medical Denturitry Accreditation
Council for Distance Education Accreditation
Council for International Education Accreditation
Council on Medical Denturitry Accreditation
Revised 2/9/2009
Distance Education Council (connected to the operator of St Regis University; not to
be confused with the legitimate Distance Education Council recognized by the Indian
Department of Education)
Distance Graduation Accrediting Association
Distance Learning Accreditation Board
Distance Learning Council of Europe
European Committee for Home and Online Education
European Council for Distance and Open Learning
Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners
Global Accreditation Commission
Higher Education Accreditation Commission
Higher Education Services Association
Integra Accreditation Association
Inter-Collegiate Joint Committee on Academic Standards
Interfaith Education Ministries
International Academic Accrediting Commission
International Accreditation Agency for Online Universities
International Accreditation Association
International Accreditation for Universities, Colleges and Institutes
International Accreditation and Recognition Council
International Accrediting Association for Colleges and Universities
International Accrediting Commission
International Accrediting Commission for Postsecondary Institutions
International Association of Educators for World Peace
International Association of Universities and Schools
International Commission for Higher Education
International Commission of Open Post Secondary Education
International Council for Accrediting Alternate and Theological Studies (India)
International Council for Open and Distance Education
International Distance Education and Training Council (IDETC) (not to be confused
with the Distance Education and Training Council – DETC)
International Distance Learning Accrediting Association
International University Accrediting Association (California)
Kingdom Fellowship of Christian Schools and Colleges
Middle States Accrediting Board
Midwestern States Accreditation Agency
National Academy of Higher Learning
National Accreditation Association
National Association for Private Nontraditional Schools and Colleges
National Association for Private Post-secondary Education
National Association of Alternative Schools and Colleges
National Association of Open Campus Colleges
National Commission on Higher Education
National Council of Schools and Colleges
National Distance Learning Accreditation Council
National Learning Online Council
Naturopathic National Council
Non-traditional Course Accreditation Body
Online Christ Centered Ministries
Revised 2/9/2009
Pacific Association of Schools and Colleges
Regional Education Accreditation Commission
Southern Accrediting Association of Bible Institutes and Colleges
Tennessee Association of Christian Schools
The Association for Online Distance Learning
United Congress of Colleges (Ireland, UK)
US-DETC – Nevada (not to be confused with the legitimate DETC, based in
Washington DC.)
United States Distance Learning Association
Universal Council for Online Education Accreditation
Virtual University Accrediting Association (California)
West European Accrediting Society
Western Association of Private Alternative Schools
Western Council on Non-traditional Private Post Secondary Education
World Association of Universities and Colleges (Nevada)
World Online Education Accrediting Commission
World-wide Accreditation Commission of Christian Educational Institutions

Monday, April 20, 2009


DALC just loves to steal. Steal ideas, steal from students and steal other universities prospectus. If you know a DALC student who is studying for the  Post Graduate Diploma in Digital and Wireless Communication he may look at the syllabus and note that in the first paragraph it goes:

.......specialized knowledge and experience in digital signal processing techniques for wireless communications.  It emphasizes technical and management aspects of the network engineering process. A pragmatic approach to problem solving is the hallmark of a digital and Wireless communication engineering

If you google the same paragraph, you see it shows up here.  DALC actually plagirised it from George Mason University. Wow. Thats your prestigious CAMBRIDGE qualification.

As you might know DALC offers very deep impact and practical courses. Ofcourse it has no labs for courses that are practical and all one needs to pass is a case study. Take the example of the Post Graduate Diploma in Robotics Technology. Despite not having labs or a qualified tutor, you can study this course at DALC. The prospectus they give is convincing as they want the course will impart:

...a thorough grounding in the methodologies, technologies, mathematics and algorithms used in intelligent systems. This course will also expose candidates to some of the contemporary happenings in robotics, which includes current robot lab research, applications, robot contests and robots in the news.
Well thats impressive except that the DALC cons copied it from here.  The Carnegie Mellon University .

So is this all jealousy or an exposure of the lies at DALC?



  • DALC stands for Digital Advisory and Learning Centre. An odd combination of words that probably doesn't mean much when you look at it keenly.
  • Collaborations with exclusive uk organisations that are named simply as OXFORD and CAMBRIDGE in mass media advertising.
  • The examination bodies that are named in a similar manner and front as associations of managers CAM and OXIM.
  • The CAM (Cambridge Association of Managers) and OXIM (Oxford Association of MAnagement) do not exist. Search
  • DALC does not issue admission letters
  • DALC is led by a man who claims falsely to have gone to Cambridge University and recently was awarded a professorship by a diploma mill WIDU through the European Academy of Informatisation. These two are already blacklisted by the US government, see here.
  • Only Oborah answers questions at DALC. All communication should be channeled to him and other staff are not allowed to speak for DALC.
  • Offers Uk qualifications that bypass local moderation by the British Council or the Accreditation by the UK government.
  • DALC has plagiarised its syllabus from other institutions word for word. See here.
  • Is accredited to offer only two course but is currently teaching more that 150 courses.
  • Misleads students about its real identity with pictures of Cambridge University and prominent personalities.
  • Can admitt form four leavers straight to the 2nd year of a 3rd year non degree programme.
  • Offers practical education with for the same. Practical courses you can study at DALC with no facilities include Robotics Technology and Hospitality Management.
  • Has no partnership with the private sector despite claiming to be producing graduates who are ready for the market.
  • Responds to all questions of legitimacy with claims of competitors out to ruin its name.
  • Has been called bogus by the Oxford University,
  • Has no faculty or departments or head of departments.
  • Pays no taxes
  • Pretends to send projects to the UK and also pretends to receive certificates from the UK.
  • Has been acting as the agent for the bogus IIU. See this invoice.
  • Invites people to apply for scholarships it does not offer.
  • Hates questions about accreditation.
  • Thinks recognition is no longer important and claims that there will be no schools in 2 decades.
  • Is still not recognised by other institution of learning such as polytechnics and universities.
  • Does not refund money.
  • Insists on students signing contracts yet does not give admission letters.\
  • People do not fail.
  • Employes underqualified personnel TO TEACH including recent students.
  • Was struck of British council for irregularities.

There is a lot more that is odd with DALC.  You can add things that you will not find at other colleges such as..........

Sunday, April 19, 2009


The years of lying seem to have caught up with our adored professor who seems beleaguered by the wave of departures hitting his camp and the drying up of the cash cow. This was instantly recognizable when he came for the meeting at Nakuru. He was already tipsy when he parked his car outside MERICA HOTEL on Friday. He looked haggard too. My presumption is that he has a canteen of vodka he carries around everywhere he goes to steady his nerves.

As surveys point out, the DALC fraud factory has been hard hit by the eye-openers made by bloggers and the lack of a concrete response by the Professor has further dented the confidence of the students. The outcome has been substantial departures by students, low enrollment rates and a cash flow crunch all over the campuses. His trip down to the rift valley was to stem this tide and to pacify the nerves of students who do not know what the future holds for them.

Well, it seems that the professor needed to calm down before the he calmed you down. After arriving tipsy for the meeting, he went straight to the bar at Merica and downed a few more cold beers. The DALC student who spotted him says, “I was deeply troubled when I saw the Head of Missions drinking just before our meeting. I just did not know what to think anymore”.

Perhaps the counterfeit professor probably needed to haze his vision before he lied and stoning himself on a few frothy ones seemed to be a quick way of doing that. This coming from a man who once blamed the moral decay in our society to lack of proper career testing is enormously ironic. In one of the THE CLASS episodes, Oborah argues that all of Africa problems including immorality could be solved Gift and Talent testing, which of course would be performed by him at DALC.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this man can tell your child’s career from as early as 5 years. He can tell that by examining at the electrochemical balance in the brain’s four quadrants of thinking. (Oborah’s words)

So, why does he need to come to students and parents meeting drunk?