Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Watching Tejani defend himself against all the allegations leveled at CARTRACK and accusing the journalists of mischief was laughable. The Tejani act was straight out of Oborahs playbook. Infact Oborah might want to call on Tejani for doing him proud. You see , TRACKIT has been accused of cheating its customers and insurance companies and putting the customers cars at risk by pretending to install satellite tracking devices .


Just like DALC, there has been word in the under that TRACKIT is a con but as usual, people are usually fooled by the flashy adverts usually seen on the back page of the DAILY NATION. Knowing how much Kenyans trust the media, both companies have used advertising to create favourable and misleading impressions of their fraudulent businesses. 


When the bubble was burst and there was no more secrecy, TEJANI had to save face especially after we got to see how corrupt he is. It is his response to the allegations that  is totally OBORAH.






Whenever you are faced with questions about your credibility. Triviliase the others party's accusation to a ridiculous level and hope that people forget the issue at hand.


TEJANI: He talked about the color of the envelopes that he handed the money in and acclaimed to all who were listening that the difference in colours and thickness of the envelopes proves that the KTN were lying. THE MAIN ISSUE IN THIS CASE WAS THE ABOUT his company's dishonesty. How does he address that?


OBORAH: When asked about his fake professorship chose to trivialize the matter by saying that the bloggers are unknown. "Who are they? Use your common sense and don't talk about issues raised by people you don't even know." So OBORAH's defense to allegations that his dubious qualifications would be questioning the identity of those who point that out rather than illuminate the truth.


Deny Deny


Well say that you have done nothing wrong as you go on pocketing more money from people you have defrauded.


TEJANI: I have done nothing wrong.


OBORAH: We are recognized/validated/accredited/approved/allowed/certified/credited/endorsed.



Another thing a scammer does once the issues rear their ugly head, is isolate them. Talk about the majority not having problems and raising questions on why just a few people are doubting you. Isolate complains from the majority and proclaim that the few should not be listened to.


TEJANI: "How comes there are no customers lined up outside to complain?" We saw them on TV later but the absence of complaining customers at that moment was to Tejani proof that he had done nothing wrong.


OBORAH: When the nation contacted him, he said "We have students working in big offices who are happy. Why should a few students cause so much trouble?"


Blame Others

Sometimes, you can blame Mickey Mouse when the details of a scam are exposed or you can blame the jealous competitors. Blaming the competitors makes sense in this case though you can also point a finger at the media, your neighbour's cat, the bearded man, Al Pacino or the Loch Ness monster.


TEJANI: This is competition that is bringing all these things.


OBORAH:  Competitors are paying people to spoil our name. Graffins and Computer Pride are behind this.



Play as if you were in the heartstrings or phoenix cast. This time you play the victim. You get emotional and make it look as if you are the one who is under attack here. Some bad men are out to get you. As the scammer, you hope that people might actually give you a break and some sympathy.


TEJANI: (he cried a bit) This is people who just want to bring me down. KTN wants to finish poor Tejani.


OBORAH: "Running a college is very hard, I have sacrificed a lot to build DALC to where it is. It has even affected my health and as a result of that am in poor health and permanently on medication.


  • Couldnt have put it better anonymous.the two seem to be reading from the same script.the only difference is that one is yet to be exposed fully.but his time is coming.
    Oborah,talk to your twin tejani and ask him how it feels to be caught,or better yet,if he happens to go to kamiti,then you will have company.nice.

    April 15, 2009 at 11:08 PM

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