Sunday, April 19, 2009


The years of lying seem to have caught up with our adored professor who seems beleaguered by the wave of departures hitting his camp and the drying up of the cash cow. This was instantly recognizable when he came for the meeting at Nakuru. He was already tipsy when he parked his car outside MERICA HOTEL on Friday. He looked haggard too. My presumption is that he has a canteen of vodka he carries around everywhere he goes to steady his nerves.

As surveys point out, the DALC fraud factory has been hard hit by the eye-openers made by bloggers and the lack of a concrete response by the Professor has further dented the confidence of the students. The outcome has been substantial departures by students, low enrollment rates and a cash flow crunch all over the campuses. His trip down to the rift valley was to stem this tide and to pacify the nerves of students who do not know what the future holds for them.

Well, it seems that the professor needed to calm down before the he calmed you down. After arriving tipsy for the meeting, he went straight to the bar at Merica and downed a few more cold beers. The DALC student who spotted him says, “I was deeply troubled when I saw the Head of Missions drinking just before our meeting. I just did not know what to think anymore”.

Perhaps the counterfeit professor probably needed to haze his vision before he lied and stoning himself on a few frothy ones seemed to be a quick way of doing that. This coming from a man who once blamed the moral decay in our society to lack of proper career testing is enormously ironic. In one of the THE CLASS episodes, Oborah argues that all of Africa problems including immorality could be solved Gift and Talent testing, which of course would be performed by him at DALC.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this man can tell your child’s career from as early as 5 years. He can tell that by examining at the electrochemical balance in the brain’s four quadrants of thinking. (Oborah’s words)

So, why does he need to come to students and parents meeting drunk?


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