Friday, April 17, 2009


Education is capacity to understand and foresee.
Opportunities are not guaranteed.Nobody is born with experience.

Marks and grades not important.Only intelligent people will succeed.

In 2001 decided to make impact in Africa. To change the education. You see, Education not about recycling old information.

We brought Oxford and Cambridge which offer a world class curriculum.

No exams sealed like local system at KNEC. No invigilators from say British council.

Day one in Dalc one is taken to an organization,learns to analyze problems and solutions then make a report which is then sent to UK for marking.

The contact hours system in the  university is nonsense and outdated.

Dalc offers new model,No cramming.No presenting certificates.

You Present project.No presentation of certificates, You  present skills.

Papers can be faked and exams leaked.

To be in DALC, you need to have knowledge and skills.

Si mambo ya kusema ati can my certificate do this or that,that is nonsense!!

Dalc is not like other colleges.

Ati kusoma,kufanya mtihani,kupewa marks then certificate,Nonsense!!!!I Obora wants to corrrerct that. Dont come to DALC wit a local idea,ati I want papers.

In 40 years there will be no schools.

Investment in overseas training is nonsense. There is no scientific proof that going overseas  to study pays.

Dont be lied to by learned guys or politicians.

You cannot be self employed without money.

We need to change the education system. Changing a system is difficult but we have to change to new model.

On the August 13, I will be in Vancouver to take the new model of education.

A Certificate is just paper..ITs  content is the value.

There also certain fool who has been spreading emails and created a blog saying that Dalc is fake. That I am fake He has eaten salary,how comes the salary is not fake?

The CHE has accredited DALC and it was after a long and thorough process.

I do not want to dwell on irrelevant issues, those with doubts  can go to our  centers. Other colleges can pay  journalists to bring DALC down.

Just like TRACKIT. People of the press want to bring me down cause I have a unique idea. If they have proof, let them publish it.

People spoil DALCs name yet they were employees here in Nakuru.

 One fool has created a blog saying that am fake and DALC is fake yet he studied here. hahaha

Shauri yenu.


  • Stupid idiot.this is what he had to say?i laughed about the part he said that you former staff,y didnt you say the salary is can it be fake when us paying students were paying to a fake institution.nway,
    if dalc is not fake can he explain why,
    after reading the blog he stopped his daily updates on the dalceducation site,why no one knows the exact physical location of cam/oxim,y he is the only 1 who stands up for dalc and the staff are in the darc,y he claimed that mike stole 300000 from dalc and ran(he said this in a meeting,can you get mike to comment),how many tuitors have masters as he claims,y no one seems to know where his research papers that he did are but he claims his research is doing wonders for the world.any one care to add more?

    April 18, 2009 at 9:57 AM

  • Laughable and sad too because peoples lives are being messed up by this man. I am the former staff who quit DALC's NAKURU campus when I realised that the whole Cambridge/Oxford thing is a joke.

    Oborah, I will be blogging about my experiences at DALC soon so keep checking because sure as hell, I will expose your rotten ways. You won't have to imagine me writing about your secrets any longer, I'll save you the agony.

    In the meantime, ruin a few more lives and keep calling us (staff who resigned from DALC) thieves while you still can. Someday, the real thief will be exposed to all in a humiliating fashion.

    You will have another blog to read and I will not hold anything back. Lets see you throw you silly counterarguments at me!!

    April 18, 2009 at 4:45 PM

  • Just do it sir.lets bring this example of a man can he mess around with guys life like we are just here for his existance sake.let us know when the blog is running.

    April 18, 2009 at 11:13 PM

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