Monday, April 6, 2009


While it has been proven beyond doubt that IIU is a fraud. CAM is still alive and kicking. Thriving in the third world where all questions end when CAMBRIDGE is mentioned. CAM offers Diplomas whose regulation and accreditation is much looser. I bet if Irish International University offered Diplomas. It would still be kicking today.

So if you check the internet for who recognises CAM. You will find that CAM is recognised by :

Cambridge Association Of Managers (CAM) Obviously

Cambridge International Diplomas Recognition Handbook

IIU – irish International University

Well thats a bit odd that your CAM diploma is not recognised by any credible authority besides itself, a diplomas handbook and the bogus Irish International University. The IIU is the same University that has Hans J. Kempe as it President.

 Hans Joachim Kempe the president of IIU presented Oborah with his cavalier of hope medal alongside that funny professorship. Hans Kempe was also the distinguished guest at the 2008 DALC graduation. Hmmmmh...


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