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  • DALC stands for Digital Advisory and Learning Centre. An odd combination of words that probably doesn't mean much when you look at it keenly.
  • Collaborations with exclusive uk organisations that are named simply as OXFORD and CAMBRIDGE in mass media advertising.
  • The examination bodies that are named in a similar manner and front as associations of managers CAM and OXIM.
  • The CAM (Cambridge Association of Managers) and OXIM (Oxford Association of MAnagement) do not exist. Search
  • DALC does not issue admission letters
  • DALC is led by a man who claims falsely to have gone to Cambridge University and recently was awarded a professorship by a diploma mill WIDU through the European Academy of Informatisation. These two are already blacklisted by the US government, see here.
  • Only Oborah answers questions at DALC. All communication should be channeled to him and other staff are not allowed to speak for DALC.
  • Offers Uk qualifications that bypass local moderation by the British Council or the Accreditation by the UK government.
  • DALC has plagiarised its syllabus from other institutions word for word. See here.
  • Is accredited to offer only two course but is currently teaching more that 150 courses.
  • Misleads students about its real identity with pictures of Cambridge University and prominent personalities.
  • Can admitt form four leavers straight to the 2nd year of a 3rd year non degree programme.
  • Offers practical education with for the same. Practical courses you can study at DALC with no facilities include Robotics Technology and Hospitality Management.
  • Has no partnership with the private sector despite claiming to be producing graduates who are ready for the market.
  • Responds to all questions of legitimacy with claims of competitors out to ruin its name.
  • Has been called bogus by the Oxford University,
  • Has no faculty or departments or head of departments.
  • Pays no taxes
  • Pretends to send projects to the UK and also pretends to receive certificates from the UK.
  • Has been acting as the agent for the bogus IIU. See this invoice.
  • Invites people to apply for scholarships it does not offer.
  • Hates questions about accreditation.
  • Thinks recognition is no longer important and claims that there will be no schools in 2 decades.
  • Is still not recognised by other institution of learning such as polytechnics and universities.
  • Does not refund money.
  • Insists on students signing contracts yet does not give admission letters.\
  • People do not fail.
  • Employes underqualified personnel TO TEACH including recent students.
  • Was struck of British council for irregularities.

There is a lot more that is odd with DALC.  You can add things that you will not find at other colleges such as..........


  • They dont issue receipts,no one has seen oborahs signature,people learn for 2 hours a day and for 2 days a week,every time oborah calls for a meeting he always mentions that he is flying out to intimidate us that he is trulley doing wonders for dalc,where are his research paper that are doing wonders for the world,why dalc hasnt build a building/university with all the money it claimed to have been given instead the prefer to move house that has not been complete for lack of cash which was channeled into the CLASS but it seemed to have backfired due to this blog,why hasnt oborah provided enough evidence to prove that dalc aint fake.more please.

    April 20, 2009 at 8:33 PM

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  • DALC does not take questions
    DALC students take things personal when questioned
    Some employers avoid DALC student
    Oborah's Gift and Career TEsting has never produced any tangible results even after 7 years
    Oborah claimed to have worked near Old Trafford..
    Oborah is the vicepresident of WIDU ( a bogus institution) in Africa
    Oborah told the Rwandese that he was a representative of Cambridge University
    Oborah lies in his online profile and claims to work for both CAMBRIDGE and OXFORD universities

    April 21, 2009 at 5:21 PM

  • DALC is the only college that has to defend itself from allegations that it is fake
    DALC students study for very few hours
    DALC is the college with the most irregular graduations
    The first Kenyan College to holda a graduation in the UK

    April 22, 2009 at 6:34 PM

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