Friday, April 10, 2009


Students at DALC are aware that many staff have left the dubious college since late last year. As we speak, the institution is staffed by many new tutors and administrators. To Humphrey Oborah, the new staff do not as many secrets about his DALC and have not grown tired of his idiotic ways.

Soon, the really sharp ones will note that bright people are not very welcome. If you are sharper than the DALC average staff, you are viewed with suspicion as H fears that you might burst his bubble. If you the creative type, then don't be so quick with the ideas as you might show H how many braincells you have.

When the best staff left, Oborah knew that it would raise questions but even before he could craft another explanation. Some more staff left. In a marked departure from the past where the only way to leave DALC was to be fired. Most of the recent exits have been via resignations. Something that has greatly irked Humphrey. He, like Trump loves to fire. It adds a little ooomph into his already FAT ego and when so many left within a short time, that must have deflated the H ego.

As a result, he has been telling students all sorts of lies including pig headed ones like:
  • All those guys who left were a band of thieves, the police are tracking them
  • The people who left feared the online system because it had made them powerless
  • I told them to quit or get fired
  • I sent them to get more education. They were not meeting DALC's standards of Education
  • I have sponsored them for further education overseas
How daft can a man be. The last one is the most outrageous one. Has Oborah sponsored anybody ever ever? And which UK universities has he sponsored people to? The fake IIU and European Business School that do not exist ? Bollocks if you ask any of the staff who left DALC.
Why does Oborah lie even over things that would be easier to deal with if he told the truth?

Gullible people out there who think anybody has been sponsored to the UK for education better wisen up and know that nobody is coming back to DALC with a degree from the UK as a result of Oborah's sponsorship. I guess thats the new line he is using to keep the new staff motivated and dedicated in the hope that one day, they will go to the UK.


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