Thursday, April 16, 2009


You burst out laughing loud when you read HANS JOACHIM's Kempes innovation the genopuls hence the title of this post. This Genopuls was going to be offered in special clinics in Africa that were going to be run by DALC EDICATION.

You all remember the announcement by Oborah and the subsequent presentation by Kempe at the Nairobi Safari CLUB. It didn't make sense and the guest of honour  DALMAS OTIENO too did not get the whole sound+frequency=healing equation. He made fun of the whole thing by saying that if you don't understand....then just believe!!

Kempes Contraption should work like an IPOD. A healing IPOD that HEALS AIDS, SLEEPING DISORDER , MENTAL ILLNESSES ETC. Me thinks Kempe came to Kenya and saw on of those adverts by Wagangas who cure everything and decided to copy the idea. His device should give ipod competition when it comes to the market. HEHEHEHEHEHe, Bio-Energy-Sound-Therapy is KEMPEs gift to the world. THE Geno62+BEST.

KEMPE H. J was the guest of honour in the last DALC graduation.

Geno62+BEST (Bio-Energy-Sound-Therapy)

How It Works

Besides other issues, the Maine reason for the development of illnesses is the self-made discharge of body energy, causing energy blockages and ultimately, depolarization of the cell!

The Geno62+BEST is a high-tech biophysical device and not a medical instrument; even it may be used to improve certain health conditions!

Using the GENO62+BEST, we analyze true biofeedback certain indicators of disease stress and illness. Regardless of what illness we may encounter, the pr GENO62+BEST provides specific frequencies to resonate and support the bodies own healing power. Our frequency programs stimulate certain Gen-Program Stimuli, switching gene programs controlled on and off! We have seen incredible results with this form of Energy Medicine. Our client's ailments include diabetes, cancer, Parkinson's, MS, ALS, AIDS, ADHD, heart disease; sleep disorders, depression, and mental health.

How To Use The GENO62+Best:

  1. First Time, 3 Sessions of 5 minutes each in 12 hours;
  2. Second Time, 3 Sessions of 5 minutes each in 24 hour distance
  3. 1 Session of 5 minutes after the last session 1 week later
  4. Repeat step 1-3 once a month

Important:  the above Start-up timeframe suggestion strickly performing.
This will give the cell water the necessary re-set information to stimulate the self-healing force.

After the first month, please use the System regarding the needs and you own feelings such as: when having a cold, discomfort, muscle pain or pain generally etc.

The GENO62+BEST will become an important part of yourself;
The GENO62+BEST prevents the creation of energy blockages - but only if you use it!




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