Friday, April 10, 2009


As we have said before, the DALC online system is part of a SCAM where Oborah avoids paying taxes and getting messed up in case some of the DALC students decide to sue his ass. His is the perfect way of getting of the hook as it is an uphill task to prove anything with an email.

To pacify your fears, Oborah used to say that you can print you email, take it to the centre manager for signing and you would be ok. That of course means nothing but DALC knows that to many simpletons, it will be enough. Not anymore. DALC will not be incriminating itself further by verifying the emails you get.

In sum, you get the email, keep it because that is all you will get from your college eeer.. besides your fake DIPLOMA. That should bring into focus DALC's touchy ways with money. Why does DALC give scanty proof of its transactions with you? Even the bank gives you an annual statement and receipts on which you sign whenever you withdraw from you account. What does DALC give you when you pay money into their account? An email.

The happenings at the institution should be looked at keenly by all who are paying money into this institution in the hope of getting a recognised diploma. DALC exists for the sole reason of making Oborah enough money to help him launch his political career. Period. Why he won't give you proper receipts is obviously to shield himself. He knows that the DALC house of cards could come tumbling down in a flash!


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