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Who the hell signs these diplomas and certificates that DALC awards?

Why aren't we told who these people are instead of their positions at the dubious institutions?

Do these signatures mean anything really?

Can these people's identities be revealed?

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Unhappy Cambridge association of managers???

Anyone know whether this is linked to cambridge university? or is this a mill posing to be linked to cambridge? they claim to graduate students in like terms to Cambridge international examinations??? These guys are really expanding in Kenya please advise before a whole nation of parents is conned??
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Re: Cambridge association of managers???

Originally posted by Worried
Anyone know whether this is linked to cambridge university? or is this a mill posing to be linked to cambridge? they claim to graduate students in like terms to Cambridge international examinations??? These guys are really expanding in Kenya please advise before a whole nation of parents is conned??
Website is here. No apparent connection to Cambridge University, except that both have addresses in Cambridge.

They do not issue "degrees"; instead they issue "professional qualifications," specifically "diplomas." However, "Candidates are able to transfer credits to Bachelor and Master Degrees from the consortium of European Open Universities."

The consortium of European Open Universities is listed here. Neither Cambridge, nor any other obviously legitimate university, is listed among them. Some of the member insitutions are unknown to Google.
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Cambridge association of managers

Dear Caldog

They claim to be one of the examining bodies of cambridge university i.e. european business school, cambridge international examinations and themselves, cambridge association of management?

I have posed this to cambridge university
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Cambridge Association of Managers

This place is definately not connected to Cambridge University. I am alomost certain that they are (ab)using a good name for their own benefit and promotion.

After doing a bit of research I found some interesting pieces of information:
The „Cambridge Association of Managers“ (according to their website) is affiliated to an accreditation agency called QAC-UK ( There is nothing wrong with that other than I question this organization’s creditbility – no references, no real contact details, vague information, etc.)

But then I found something very interesting: Irish International University is accredited by QAC-UK.

Since I am also new to this forum, I was extensively reading through past threads. Some of the discussions were talking about a bogus school called “Irish International University” ( This place is neither Irish (in fact it is established in Malaysia – please have a look at some of the pictures, amazing), nor of any serious nature. According to the threads and referenced media articles, they are involved in a number of lawsuits and diploma mill classification.

Now this circle may be a pure coincidence, but it draws a perfect picture for me....


Paper degrees and diplomas Flood the labour market PDF Print E-mail
Written by Denis Kwena
Friday, 12 June 2009 14:56

Which cambridge and oxford is DALC fronting for? Neither DALC nor universities and colleges offering half-baked certificates are an issue here. Our problem is bigger – just how many teachers have been employed on strength of fake degrees? How many of them have secured promotions by using fake certificates? It shudders to imagine some of the teachers holding high positions in our schools or the education sector for that matter have climbed up the ladder by use of phoney degrees and diplomas. How much damage have these people done to the quality of education in Africa?

Read more... [Paper degrees and diplomas Flood the labour market]

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DALC EDUCATION has come a full circle and now former students are tutors and administrators at the college. One Stephen Waithaka is imparting his DALC EDUCATION knowledge on DALC EDUCATION students at the 20th Century campus with abandon. Stephen graduated only last year with a diploma from the non-existent Cambridge Association of Managers and is now teaching DAL C students at the POSTGRADUATE level with such a short time of finishing his course. We have seen copies of the projects he submitted for assessment last year and honestly speaking, Stephen would not get a Diploma from any institution of repute with that quality of work. DALC EDUCATION has however found him to be fit and given him fake powers to TEACH! This is the case with the administrators who are diploma holders some of whom have been in college for less than 2 years.

As usual, Oborah glosses over the issue of unqualified staff with another one of those “Talent is everything TALKS.” He will ridicule the civil service, big companies etc for hiring people with experience and claim that he is helping Kenyans by hiring dim witted green horns. His excuse will be that these people are talented! He has found that out from his old crap known as the GIFT and TALENT test! Unfortunately, even these green horns do eventually see through the DALC EDUCATION scam and come to a point where they cannot work at DALC. Ask one Elvis Muloki who recently left DALC EDUCATION after studying and working at the head office for close to 3 years.

Oborah’s outlandishly claims that he is out to hire talented young people who understand DALC EDUCATION but this is just another way of saying that he is seeking young, naïve people who will not ask questions. Most of the people working at DALC EDUCATION are former students because:

  • Majority are exactly sharp having scored lowly grades
  • Most of them cannot find work anywhere else
  • People are generally desperate for a job. Any job.
  • They are reluctant to spoil DALC’s name as they hold diploma’s from the same institution.

The qualities that DALC EDUCATION requires of it s staff are:

1. Belief:

To work at DALC EDUCATION, you must be like the men Jesus called. You have to become Oborah’s disciple. You must believe in him 100%. Believe in his vision, scam, professorship, intelligence, house, wife, professorships, imagination, promiscuity, lunch and whatever else that he needs you to believe in.

You must believe when he says the bloggers and journalists questioning him are madmen. You must also believe when he says that you are immensely talented despite the fact that you hear echo noises in your head and have trouble calculating your change after a shopping. You must be ready to show your belief by dismissing those who question Oborah as misguided idiots who are not worth a fart. Infact, you should take any criticism of DALC EDUCATION roughly and threaten to spill blood for Oborah. Patrick Makanga is particularly gifted at this.

If you do not believe fully, then he will have to chuck you as soon as you realize that your deductions go into his pocket and not to the taxman. You must also believe that he has a right to call you names such as jinga, idiot, moron, thief etc whenever he wishes and fire you faster than you can swat a fly.


In some jobs, thickness is preffered but only if the job involves hauling heavy cargo and therefofe needs a thick set of muscles. At DALC EDUCATION, thickness of the mind is a preferred quality and is bound to get you a job in a flash. Why do you think Patrick Makanga works at DALC EDUCATION. Oborah has on a few occasions said that he trusts the guy because he kinda daft but loyal (see above) hence he is the right person for DALC EDUCATION. That should sum things up for all those bright, motivated and career focused people intending to join DALC EDUCATION. It is not for you. Leave it for the thick ones that DALC EDUCATION loves so much. A majority of the DALC staff will not strike you for being:

  • The sharpest tools in the box
  • Quick brown Foxes
  • The fastest cars on the road
  • The tallest tree in the forest

In as much as Oborah says that he appreciates the talents of people who got low grades because they were late for exams, had no clue or were never in class. He really loves their inability to logically question his Fraud factory and the immense gratitude they owe him for allowing their dumb D- grades to go to 2nd year in 6 months. These employees also hampered by their academic pasts and cannot change jobs like Oborah does cars. They are not the kind of people most companies will hire. The staff must follow the example set by long serving Patrick and sit on their brains all day whilst sporadically calling upon their wit reserves to update their facebook status.

Patrick for example updates his status 15 times a day brainless things such as ;

  • Who is your daddy?
  • Where do babies come from?
  • When you go fishing and you catch something, that's good. If you're making love and you catch something, that's bad.
  • My dick is so big; I run three-legged races by graduated a year before I did & it has it’s own time zone

If you are thick enough then your stay at DALC EDUCATION will be smooth as you will honestly believe that:

· Oborah is a professor

· Faith Kinyae is a PhD

· Your deductions go the government

· DALC and CAMBRIDGE together is supposed to mean something

· You are talented in human resources or healthcare management because Oborah said so.

· DALC students get Diplomas from the UK

· You have a career at DALC EDUCATION

· You are competent

Humphrey Oborah will pay extra if you are not only slow witted but narrow minded as well. He loves narrow minded people who have no capacity to thick outside what they have been told. NICK KOYIET is living proof.

Friday, June 26, 2009


As we have established, lying and misleading clients is something that DALC does with zealous ease. Always keeping in mind that it is the money they are after. Your money. Have a look at DALC's website and read DALC's about page where they purport to do many things they have never ever done.
I will analyse the content of that page in red and hopefully stop one more Kenyan from making the wrong decision. We don't care much for those who study there and think its cool. They are perhaps wishing to work there and propagate this con to the best of their  ability.

About DALC and Policy Statement on Cambridge / Oxford link and other Universities (this statement implies that this is about Cambridge University, Oxford University and other Universities. It does not state what is Cambridge/Oxford link clearly. CAveat)

Digital Advisory & Learning Centre (DALC) is an overseas "teaching centre" (why does a teaching centre need quotation marks? is it something other than a teaching centre?cavEaT)for Cambridge Association of Managers (CAM) and Oxford Association of Management (OXIM). (Are these rightfully accredited in their home country, the UK? CAVEAT) We are also teaching centres for ABE, ICM, LCCI, ACCA. (This is just to fool you and make is seem like DALC is a regular college, how many students are taking these other courses?)

DALC teaches locally some levels (Standard, Advanced, Graduate, Post-Graduate Level Professional diplomas) before linking with the universities for Bachelors or Masters Degree upgrade of these courses. (Why are these universities not named? CAVEAT)

It is essential to understand that DALC is NOT a university and as such does not assess nor issue Certificates, especially bachelors and Masters Degree level certificates.(However, DALC has been collecting money from Kenyans on behalf of the fake Irish International University. CAVEAT)

Assessments and issuance of Certificates are done by the upgrading University, at their discretion. All Cambridge or Oxford Association of Management courses are assessed by Cambridge or Oxford of Management and certificates are issued from UK.(Does it matter where the certificates come from? Really or is this a mind game invoking the UK well known academic superiority?CAVEAT)
Upgrade to Bachelors or Masters degree would usually require candidates to travel abroad to those universities for completion unless a "distance learning arrangement exists" OR if the upgrading university is local. (Local universities shun DALC students so it is a lie, Nobody has ever travelled abroad to study to a legitimate university and the distance learning arrangement mentioned in this case is a con game involving DALC and Dubious entities such as Irish International University and European Business School Cambridge. CAVEAT!!)

The good value is that a significant portion of the course will have been done  locally and this reduces costs of tuition and living expenses in the overseas country. You would also be spending not more than a year to complete your degree or masters in this regard. ( There is no good value as the qualifications cannot lead to an accredited UK university. Also be very very wary of people who tell you that it is possible to complete a degree in a very short time. i.e 1 year CAVEAT)

oH DONT FORGET to see how they trow in cosmopolitan picture to complete the mindfuck and get you thinking that DALC is part of an international university. The only foreigners in DALC are Congolese, Sudanese and Somalis. Why doesn't the picture show that?

Its a mind game!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


We have an invoice where DALC EDUCATION charged a student for a diploma and degree course in the same invoice. This is in total contrast with Oborah's recent claims that DALC does not offer degrees. Why would DALC invoice for a degree when it is not registered to be offering degrees? It beats me but then what is the Commission of Higher Education doing about it?
 Lets see how Oborah "jumps" this one or explains this fishy invoice to those who care to question.
 The  breakdown in this invoice is:
Local Admission                             5000
CAMBRIDGE ADMISSION FEE         GBP 42 payable in pounds
Tuition fee                                      10000
Computer lab Access fee                12000
Library fee                                      12000
Exam moderation/assesment          GBP 37for 19 modules payable in pounds
Final Project Assesment Fee           GBP 2800 payable in pounds
Total in Ksh. 155000
Total in GBP 3,545
Strangely, the signature on this invoice also appears on the QAC exemption letter we posted earlier which simply means that someone is having fun copying and pasting one signatures on different documents. Who is fooling who?
Just how long will this conman keep cheating people of their hard earned money?? For your information, this paarticular prank was played on a brigadier of the Kenya Army.



Some people have been wondering aloud why the bad professor is no longer as visible as he used to be. You remember those days when he energetically crisscrossed Kenya to "visit" his campuses and ensure that nobody was stealing from him or "telling students the wrong things". Sometime he was accompanied by his best friend and sidekick, Patrick Makanga and a couple of young eager girls whose sole purpose was to keep Oborah's loins well lined.


Everybody then knew all his phone numbers and no matter how many times he changed his handsets, he always maintained his numbers. The many numbers were also necessary to keep communication with his many girlfriends open and avoid his wife nosing in his affairs. There were at least 3 handsets and a blackberry on him at anytime on Humphrey Oborah.


Things have drastically changed from those days when the Prof. was a phone call away. These days, Oborah cannot be reached and unless he calls you, do not bother to dial his number. Some of the persistent students who ask the hard questions have had their numbers blocked and can no longer get through to him. The queries must be wearing him down. Strangely, for a man who claims to be 10 times more intelligent than the bloggers, he has not figured that addressing the real concerns in a transparent manner is the easiest way to bury the bloggers. Now they will bury him.


He cannot be seen and he cannot be reached. He has lost his zeal for travel and his roar that sent staff scampering, is now a whimper. Do not try to email him because he does not reply to those. You might after all be out to get him!


Some of the common tactics that the professor is using to evade your calls include:


  • Number Barring- If you are a persistent one who regularly asks him hard questions such as "which university can I join with this diploma?" or "where did you study? The professor does not appreciate these kinds of questions which he often regards to as nonsense so he blocks your number. Usually, he asks to wait for him to call you back in a minute as he is driving, in a meeting etc and blocks your number immediately. Next time you try to call, he cannot be reached!
  • Lying- He picks up and says "I am in a meeting, call me later". " I am driving", "I am about to board a plane." "I am chasing the cat out of my office" or whatever hare brained lie he chooses to insult your intelligence with.
  • Red Button- He knows your number. He presses disconnect every time you call until you give up. His phones' disconnect buttons must be worn!
  • Ignore- You call, he ignores and ignores. He looks the other way, fishes his nose, adjust his glasses, practices his sheng, fires another hapless staff but still wont pick up the phone if he suspects that YOU are calling him. Cowardly!


Keep calling, you might get through and if you don't then you might give him a little something to worry about. Perhaps you can dial his number until he picks up and when he bars your number or disconnects you, pick another phone or buy another line and get the answers you need.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Ever since we bust the bubble at DALC, Humphreys balls have shrank to nothingness as his lies have been laid bare. He has nowhere to hide his face and something about him reminds people of a cornered thief. Sure, he has attempted to talk his way out of tough situations with claims that competitors have paid people to maintain this blog and ruin his name. These days, his once famous roar is alot more like a whimper. We suspect that he feels bad about the current situation. How can you call staff stupid when you have all this shady papers and professorships? How can you tell students not to be dishonest when the whole college is one big fat lie?

As a result, there has been a balls transfer. Where Oborah is currently without balls and Faith is now the balled one. Oborah no longer roars when targets are not met. He no longer threatens when the staff fail to con enough people to join DALC. He reaches down and tries to grab his phantom balls and gives up. FAITH KINYAE is the new enforcer. We hear she is asking staff to con more Kenyans or see fire. Apparently, she is not happy that Kenyans are no longer convinced by DALC'S BOGUS UK promises and illusions.

FAITH KINYAE is now calling staff with all sorts of chilly threats after deballing Humphrey Oborah. Perhaps she has finished doctoring DALC income returns and the Kenya Revenue Authority people are off her back or perhaps they simply had their share of DALC's unpaid taxes and decided to let kenya's legitimate con go on.



The mass exodus of staff that started late last year has left Oborah going back to his usual lie "i fired them because they were thieves/incompetent. DALC students deserve the best and these guys were not delivering what I expected." It becomes a little crazy when you have to tell people that you fired everyone including those who quit and left DALC in a tight a timetable quandry.
So Oborah got creative, he now uses a different "set of lies" depending on the person he is speaking to.

One of the staff who left previouslywas also a DALC student and knowing the damage it causes to DALC EDUCATION when students who are employees leave, Oborah pulled another lie from his trap. The said student is totally disgusted that Oborah is using his name to lure more students into his con game and convince the already jittery DALC populace. He tells people that the lad went to a UK university (true) as a result of his Cambridge Association of Managers qualifications (lie) on a DALC EDUCATION scholarship!

This is a big lie and the said student has confirmed that CAM qualifications are worthless in the UK and cannot be used to gain entry into any legitimate university . Therefore, people should stop believing Oborah's nonsense about credit transfers. If there was such a thing, DALC would be publishing a list of proud student who are admitted into prestigious universities in the UK as Oborah promises DALC students whenever they join the college. It is a carrot that is cleverly used to persuade you to join DALC EDUCATION and you realise soon after that nobody in DALC has transfered credits to any reputable university.

The student left DALC and joined the UK university on the merit of his high school grades after he realised that DALC EDUCATION would not lead to a UK university as earlier promised by Humphrey Oborah. DALC EDUCATION is not in any way involved in paying his fees and the qualifications gotten from DALC EDUCATION are not worth a credit in the UK system.

Once again, you will be the fool if you believe what this liar says and you will be parted from your money and given a dubious "prestigious" diploma from an association of managers which is only known to DALC and its ilk.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Remember: It might be a diploma mill if:

  • You can't find a PROPER physical address
  • They offer credit for life experience
  • They charge by degree or program (not by semester hour)
  • You can't find the names of faculty members or staff
  • The web site is fancy, but there are no links to departments
  • There are words misspelled
  • They promise a degree in less than two years
  • The accrediting agency is not listed as valid by the DOE
  • They advertise via spam
  • They don't require official transcripts
Now, how many students were ever asked to produce their original certificates when joining DALC?
Who is incharge of examinations at CAM?
How quickly can you get a degree through DALC's fastrack programme?

DALC EDUCATION is a well choreographed education fraud. WAKE UP PEOPLE.


it's important to know that your degree is valid: if it's not, it won't count when you're looking for a job. Not all degrees you might see advertised are recognised by UK employers and the government, but it's easy to find out which are genuine.

Finding a genuine degree course provider

check that your course leads to a degree from a recognised degree-awarding body

If you want a genuine UK degree you must ensure that your course leads to a degree awarded by a recognised degree-awarding body.

Universities and some colleges in the UK are given the power to award degrees under an Act of Parliament or by Royal Charter.

They are then recognised as degree-awarding bodies by the UK government and other official organisations, and known as 'Recognised Bodies'. The degrees that they award are referred to as 'recognised UK degrees'.

Some colleges do not grant degrees but run courses on behalf of Recognised Bodies, thereby contributing to a degree. These are known as 'Listed Bodies'.

Only Recognised Bodies can award genuine UK degrees, and only courses provided by them or by Listed Bodies can lead to a recognised UK degree.

Use the links below to check that the institution where you wish to study appears on either the official record of Recognised Bodies or of Listed Bodies.

Register of Education and Training Providers

Universities and colleges who recruit students from overseas should also be recorded on the Register of Education and Training Providers. But It's important to remember that this register exists only to help the government tackle immigration abuse.

Just because an institution features on the register, this doesn't mean it can award recognised UK degrees - and it doesn't guarantee the quality of education at that institution.

There are over 14,000 organisations on the register, most of which don't offer any degree-level qualifications.

If you are applying for a higher education course, you should still check that the institution is a Recognised Body or Listed Body.

Spotting bogus degrees

There are organisations which offer bogus degrees or degree courses. Often publicising themselves through the internet, these:

  • offer qualifications that are not recognised by the authorities in any country
  • use English-sounding names and addresses without actually being located in the UK
  • take your money but give nothing in return, and do not give a refund

If you suspect that an organisation which appears to be in the UK is awarding bogus degrees, contact the local Trading Standards office. The Trading Standards website allows you to locate the nearest office by entering the organisation's postcode.

Degree checklist

Before paying any money or registering for your chosen course, make sure that:

  • you know which university or awarding body will award the degree at the end of the course
  • if you want to study for a UK degree, you have checked the list of Recognised Bodies to make sure that the awarding body is acknowledged by the UK authorities as having UK degree-awarding powers

If the awarding body is not based in the UK, check that the degree is recognised or accredited by the government of the country that it operates from - see 'Studying at an overseas university: doing your research' to find out how.


Here are some clues for those DALC loyalists that POINT OUT DALC'S DIPLOMA MILL TRAITS.

  • Degrees that can be earned in less time than it would take by going to regular university. It takes time and a tremendous amount of studying to obtain a degree. DALC EDUCATION can fastrack you to a degree in 18 months. This is a sure sign that one is not dealing with an accredited learning institution.
  • Referring to accreditation by organizations that are not recognized by the any  Department of Education. If the diploma is not from an accredited institution, be careful. Are CAM/OXIM accredited in the UK?
  • Promises that no one is turned down. At DALC EDUCATION, all you have to do is blame your poor grades on peer pressure, laziness, lack of seriousness, poverty, the bearded man or anything else that crosses your mind and Oborah will declare you a gifted individual. Obtaining a diploma requires some unique method of testing (projects) to ensure that the student understands his or her material. A promise that no one can fail is a good sign that one is not dealing with a legitimate organization.  Have you ever seen someone fail at DALC EDUCATION?
  • Diplomas that can be obtained for present knowledge or life experience. Colleges are generally thought of as higher learning centres. If one can obtained a diploma simply by virtue of what one already knows, the reason for having a COLLEGE would disappear.
  • Advertisements that allow one to call at any time of the day of the week including holidays. I am not aware of any institute that is open on weekends or holidays.
  • Tuition is charged on a per-diploma basis and not based on the number of hours, semesters or courses. Be wary of organizations such asDALC EDUCATION that offer discounts for multiple course enrollments or lumpsum payments.
  • No designated professor with whom you can speak.


Romania Probes Fake Diploma Scam
31 March 2009

Romanian police have started an investigation in seven universities across the country, seizing graduation files that are suspected to have been forged, local press report.
According to police officers, the graduation documents were compiled in several weeks, covering subjects such as economy, oil and gas engineering. Some universities now under investigation have been undergoing liquidation since 2001.

The daily newspaper Romania Libera recently reported that around 15,000 fake diplomas were allegedly issued at the Military and Police academies in Bucharest. The average price for a fake diploma was 3,500 euro.

Last week, the anti-fraud department within Ministry of Defence said that it investigated 52 cases of fraud in 2008, including ones of high-ranking generals who got faked PhD diplomas in order to become university professors.


Can you spot the same old lies and misleading information that DALC gives to young Kenyans on facebook? Never mind that the group's administrator is Andrew Ouko. Oborah's first son. When does DALC ever tell the truth? Can someone tell me?

DALC Education - East & Central Africa Region


Basic Info

Digital Advisory & Learning Centre (DALC) is an overseas “teaching centre” for Cambridge Association of Managers (CAM) and Oxford Association of Management (OXIM). We are also teaching centres for ABE, ICM, LCCI, ACCA, CIPS and City & Guilds.

DALC teaches locally some levels (Standard, Advanced, Graduate, Post-Graduate Level Professional diplomas) before linking with the universities for Bachelors or Masters Degree upgrade of these courses.

It is essential to understand that DALC is NOT a university and as such does not assess nor issue Certificates, especially bachelors and Masters Degree level certificates.

Assessments and issuance of Certificates are done by the upgrading University, at their discretion. All Cambridge or Oxford courses are assessed by Cambridge or Oxford and certificates are issued from UK.

Upgrade to Bachelors or Masters degree would usually require candidates to travel abroad to those universities for completion unless a “distance learning arrangement exists” OR if the upgrading university is local.

The good value is that a significant portion of the course will have been done locally and this reduces costs of tuition and living expenses in the overseas country. You would also be spending not more than a year to complete your degree or masters in this regard.

The Cambridge and Oxford courses have very good recognition and upgrades to bachelors or masters degrees are guaranteed as long as the student meets the performance criteria alongside other requirements of the accepting university.

Contact Info

Nairobi Campuses (Westlands,Buru Buru,Nairobi West,Hurlingham,Nairobi City Centre,Kisumu,Mombasa,Eldoret,Nakuru,Kericho,Kitale,Da-es-Salaam,Arusha

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Below is a story about the commission of higher education approving linkages with  foreing institutions as long as the link is beneficial. Take note of how quickly the story moves from CHE to DALC with Oborah adding one of his famous lie that exams are marked abroad. Clearly, the standard group is in DALC's corer and this leaves the most sour taste in your mouth. Ask those tutors who mark the projects if the marks given from the "UK" are not identical to what they give.

The CHE and Standard group have a duty to protect Kenyans from scammers, or you can read the crappy article below nd wish you sucked on a lemon instead. Did the author of this article Harold Ayodo get something in return for his efforts at shameless DALC promotion. Why did he not quote another institution that has proper collaborations with genuine universities and zero contraversy? Ponder!!

By Harold Ayodo

Collaboration between institutions of higher learning boost research and learning as long as standards are observed, says the Commission for Higher Education Chairman Kihumbu Thairu.

But the Secretary Prof Everett Standa is concerned about the explosion of online degree courses and colleges that claim to offer programmes in collaboration with foreign universities and professional organisations. "Face-to-face tutorials are not mandatory but students need support services such as instructional materials and libraries," he says. Linkages with universities abroad include staff and student exchange programmes, research, marking of examinations and awarding of certificates, diplomas and degrees.

Awarding certificates

Digital Advisory in Learning Centre (DALC) Education is among colleges that have linkages with institutions abroad.

DALC Education Head of Missions Humphrey Oborah says the centre's examinations are marked locally but moderated in the UK.

"We award certificates and diplomas, which can be used to seek admissions in universities abroad," he says. He says the centre has linkages with Cambridge Association of Managers and Oxford Association of Management which is approved by CHE. "We have no legal relationship with the University of Oxford and Cambridge University …we also do not offer degrees but certificates and diplomas," Prof Oborah says.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


We highlighted Oborah's upgrade scam a couple of months ago where the damn trickster was giving people worthless certificates from EBS and Irish International university. In addition we did a deep analysis of the crap that is printed on those certificates including phony numbers and fishy logos. You can read about the upgrade scam here.

DALC Education knows that you are hungry for an academic degree and know very well that their fake ass diplomas will not hold in the education system. So they created a bypass where they organise for your "upgrade" with a UK university. The problem is that the university is always fake and unaccredited. Sometimes, the said university does not exist anywhere and has no faculty or physical location.

When we burst this bubble, Oborah was caught in a catch 22 situation where he could take your money and get you another useless paper from Irish International University or the European Business School LTD. The latter states clearly that it is not a University yet DALC students get BBA and MBA degrees from the same but Oborah doesn't really care because he gets to keep the money as we illustrated here.

So we have Oborah with his hands on the cookie jar no doubt. What to do for the naughty professor?

As we type or is it speak, there is a growing crisis of people who are held in Oborahs suspense "upgrading" account. Meaning that they are waiting to upgrade but the dutty professor has nowhere to take them. Really. He is caught between a grenade and a landmine. Both have the same outcome so he has decided to keep all in suspense. Students from all walks of life cannot get a degree despite Oborah's claims and I suspect that a certain Major in the Kenya army has grown weary of Oborahs lies and might want to take action on the sucker. Among other people waiting for their upgrades include a senior civil servant, a tutor at a local college, several policemen, several NGO workers and some desperate youth.

In the meantime, Oborah is waxing lies about introducing newer and better universities (read undiscovered fake universities) that the students can upgrade with. For effect, he mentioned a German university recently to one of the impatient students before quickly ducking for another imaginary meeting. We reckon he is having too many voices in his head!!!

In sum, there will no upgrades because we proved that those are a sham and for those young things, who think that DALC is cool because the floors are shiny and they got sofas at the reception, think again. You will not get a convectional degree through DALC no matter what. You are wasting time and money. However, you can get an unusual degree through DALC from one of the many dubious universities owned Oborah's associates. This degree is most likely to be recognised by dubious accreditation agencies such as the QAC and holds no academic value.

Just like some people choose not to go to the doctor and trust that dirty herbalist who can cure 450 diseases, so are some people entitled to Oborah's devious education system at DALC.

Monday, June 15, 2009


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Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2009 06:59:21 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Dalc Victim

Two tutors have been fired from one of the campuses in Rift Valley
because they were believed to be telling the students the truth about
what is going on at DALC Education. The two tutors are also believed
to have started their own private institution where they were coaching
the students they have "fished" from DALC. It is said that the two
tutors were coaching the students on an abe, (UK) course. The campus
which I will not mention for security reasons(since I am still at the
campus) is now having only one tutor teaching management courses from
standard diploma to post graduate diploma and no tutor for the
computing class since the one who was there is one of those fired. I
don't know who will come to our aid because other people are still
joining the institution due to lack of information. Can someone out
their who has a voice talk to people like Mohammed Ali so that he can
look into this issue of DALC just like he did to the Track it and


At DALC EDUCATION, people do not pay taxes. I still cannot understand how KRA has failed to nab a company with 100+ employees who do not file tax returns. How is it possible if not some high-level corruption and collusion? We also know for a fact that DALC will most certainly declare a loss so as to avoid the 30% corporate tax. They will give cite the high expansion costs as the reason for that and will probably get away with it.

The man should already be behind bars for fraud but then this is Kenya. Any DALC staff filling tax returns let us know and in the meantime, why doesn’t you employer allow you to fill those forms??



Do KRA investigators read blogs?