Thursday, June 25, 2009


We have an invoice where DALC EDUCATION charged a student for a diploma and degree course in the same invoice. This is in total contrast with Oborah's recent claims that DALC does not offer degrees. Why would DALC invoice for a degree when it is not registered to be offering degrees? It beats me but then what is the Commission of Higher Education doing about it?
 Lets see how Oborah "jumps" this one or explains this fishy invoice to those who care to question.
 The  breakdown in this invoice is:
Local Admission                             5000
CAMBRIDGE ADMISSION FEE         GBP 42 payable in pounds
Tuition fee                                      10000
Computer lab Access fee                12000
Library fee                                      12000
Exam moderation/assesment          GBP 37for 19 modules payable in pounds
Final Project Assesment Fee           GBP 2800 payable in pounds
Total in Ksh. 155000
Total in GBP 3,545
Strangely, the signature on this invoice also appears on the QAC exemption letter we posted earlier which simply means that someone is having fun copying and pasting one signatures on different documents. Who is fooling who?
Just how long will this conman keep cheating people of their hard earned money?? For your information, this paarticular prank was played on a brigadier of the Kenya Army.


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