Monday, June 22, 2009


Here are some clues for those DALC loyalists that POINT OUT DALC'S DIPLOMA MILL TRAITS.

  • Degrees that can be earned in less time than it would take by going to regular university. It takes time and a tremendous amount of studying to obtain a degree. DALC EDUCATION can fastrack you to a degree in 18 months. This is a sure sign that one is not dealing with an accredited learning institution.
  • Referring to accreditation by organizations that are not recognized by the any  Department of Education. If the diploma is not from an accredited institution, be careful. Are CAM/OXIM accredited in the UK?
  • Promises that no one is turned down. At DALC EDUCATION, all you have to do is blame your poor grades on peer pressure, laziness, lack of seriousness, poverty, the bearded man or anything else that crosses your mind and Oborah will declare you a gifted individual. Obtaining a diploma requires some unique method of testing (projects) to ensure that the student understands his or her material. A promise that no one can fail is a good sign that one is not dealing with a legitimate organization.  Have you ever seen someone fail at DALC EDUCATION?
  • Diplomas that can be obtained for present knowledge or life experience. Colleges are generally thought of as higher learning centres. If one can obtained a diploma simply by virtue of what one already knows, the reason for having a COLLEGE would disappear.
  • Advertisements that allow one to call at any time of the day of the week including holidays. I am not aware of any institute that is open on weekends or holidays.
  • Tuition is charged on a per-diploma basis and not based on the number of hours, semesters or courses. Be wary of organizations such asDALC EDUCATION that offer discounts for multiple course enrollments or lumpsum payments.
  • No designated professor with whom you can speak.


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