Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Ever since we bust the bubble at DALC, Humphreys balls have shrank to nothingness as his lies have been laid bare. He has nowhere to hide his face and something about him reminds people of a cornered thief. Sure, he has attempted to talk his way out of tough situations with claims that competitors have paid people to maintain this blog and ruin his name. These days, his once famous roar is alot more like a whimper. We suspect that he feels bad about the current situation. How can you call staff stupid when you have all this shady papers and professorships? How can you tell students not to be dishonest when the whole college is one big fat lie?

As a result, there has been a balls transfer. Where Oborah is currently without balls and Faith is now the balled one. Oborah no longer roars when targets are not met. He no longer threatens when the staff fail to con enough people to join DALC. He reaches down and tries to grab his phantom balls and gives up. FAITH KINYAE is the new enforcer. We hear she is asking staff to con more Kenyans or see fire. Apparently, she is not happy that Kenyans are no longer convinced by DALC'S BOGUS UK promises and illusions.

FAITH KINYAE is now calling staff with all sorts of chilly threats after deballing Humphrey Oborah. Perhaps she has finished doctoring DALC income returns and the Kenya Revenue Authority people are off her back or perhaps they simply had their share of DALC's unpaid taxes and decided to let kenya's legitimate con go on.



  • Please please kenyans keep out and away from DALC.I have been cone more that 750,00/= of which I took a loan believing I am getting recognized certificates.All is lost.Believe this blog and avoid Obora as much as possible, the way you avoid conmen on the streets of Nairobi.If you dont believe me, continue and you will know the truth in the hard way.Parents pull out your children out of DALC.

    June 26, 2009 at 9:33 AM

  • My name is Queen and I am fed up with all this funny stories about dalc conning Kenyans. I am intending to join dalc but I am worried. Can't someone do something about this Dr. Oborah if truly he is doing harm to our pockets as you people are claiming?
    I think one should just volunteer to do much more than paint bad picture of the guy.otherwise all this issue will seem like malicious efforts meant to taint his image.

    September 17, 2009 at 12:37 PM

  • This is Queen again. I think all the former students whose employers failed to recognize their certificates have all the reason to take legal action against the guy as the starting points.Then all the former employees who strongly feel that what dalc has been doing is wrong should come forward to give the information to the police so as the issue can be investigated. For example, someone was saying that CAM certificates are printed here in Kenya and not UK. Then why not volunteer the information on specific location in Nairobi or else where where this acts are done. policemen may be bribed and silenced but what of the journalists?I suggest someone with clear information talk to the Mohamed Ali- the Pekuzi-pekuzi guy who is daring enough to go into Somalia to expose the reality as they occur. please do something to save others.

    September 17, 2009 at 12:51 PM

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