Sunday, June 7, 2009

KENYA is scammers PARADISE


The recent revelations in parliament go to show that if you intend to fleece , scam money of the poor or run a ponzi scheme. You are better off doing that in Kenya. That way, the banks will offer you the best service, politicians will cover your sorry ass and the police will noit have a clue.


When your scam becomes too big and the outcry becomes unbearable to the authorities, the central bank will freeze your accounts (even though you will have laundered it by then) and announce that their investigation team is on your case. It will take the authorities in Kenya several years to act on any scam even after the press, public and other organizations lodge complaints.


As a scammer, you will find that Kenyans love shortcuts and things that are way too easy to be genuine. That is why people will hail you as an Educational messiah when you send their children (with a C- average) straight to the 2nd year and claim that the child is gifted and will get a degree in 18 months. Kenyans love for freebies is legendary; you do not need to change your scam. Simply follow the methods the others have used and ask people to plant 1000 and get 10000. You will succeed beyond the wildest imaginations.


If you are a scammer, you can try and bring in a foreign concept because Kenyans become drooling idiots whenever a product comes from abroad. Chinese herbal medicine will be quit a hit, international forex trade will have people shoving money in your pockets, south African carvings will make you a fortune and you can run any scam as long as it invokes the name of a foreign country.


For example, one Kenyan has successfully ran a con where he pretends to be a Prof. Dr who can foretell the careers of children starting of 5 years. He further pretends to have studied in Cambridge University even though he did not go there. The icing on the cake is his college DALC where people get Cambridge and Oxford diplomas that he actually prints. He flaunts his Cambridge and Oxford college on TV and newspapers and he gets lots of time on KTN to drill his swindle into the minds of Kenyans.


He speaks in a fake English accent and fails to correctly pronounce simple words such as degree. Kenyans don't really care about the man because they get a diploma with strange logos of Cambridge, Oxford and the Quality Assurance Commission. He holds graduation ceremonies where he presents people with worthless papers he calls diplomas. He charges an average of Ksh. 150,000 for the worthless trick-diploma with another fee of Ksh.6000 for the sham graduation party.


Kenya is scammers paradise because politicians will readily endorse your scam. The famous DECI pyramid scheme was endorsed by several politicians, among them Andrew Ligale. Kenya leaders have a tendency to help scammers and this is what makes the Kenyan fraudsters so successful. Just remember to have a picture of you (the fraudster) shaking hands with a prominent politician which will then be displayed everywhere to prove that you are not a cheat.


In closing, Kenyans welcome scammers with open hands. This is just one of our many peculiar habits. They will not question your history, qualifications or motive as long as you make a grand promise. Just like those medicine men who promise to cure all diseases under the sun. This is scammers' paradise as you will find that the people have a very short memory and will quickly forget the wrongs committed and fall for the same trickery over and over again.


Welcome to Kenya, a land where fraudsters, conmen, swindlers, tricksters and other crooks thrive without much interference from the authority. 



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