Sunday, June 14, 2009

Yet another DALC Victim

I am a student at the DALC Education doing an Advanced Diploma in Business Management. After reading the articles on the Educon website, I am left to wonder how human beings can be so selfish to play with people's future. Here in Kenya, one cannot get a job minus a certificate but in his meetings with the students and parents, the so-called Prof. Oborah has been claiming that at DALC you can get a job by just using the projects one has written. He has been giving us the examples of Peter Marangi and others as former DALC students who have made it by just using their projects. What I just wanted to know is the issue concerning the certificates, Is it true that they are printed here in Kenya? In addition, are the transcripts also printed in Kenya? Most students who did their Advanced Diploma in 2008 are still complaining of their transcripts that they have not received to date. Those who have received theirs complain that not all the modules have been represented in the transcripts. I was supposed to start a Graduate Diploma at the same institution but after reading your articles, I feel wasted by the so-called Oborah. I would just like you to send this articles to the TVs &radios so that no other victims can join this con institution. Keep my details anonymous and I promise to give more information whenever they appear. Also, keep me updated on everything that goes on because I'm still at the institution waiting for my period to end coz I had already paid for it.


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