Friday, June 26, 2009


As we have established, lying and misleading clients is something that DALC does with zealous ease. Always keeping in mind that it is the money they are after. Your money. Have a look at DALC's website and read DALC's about page where they purport to do many things they have never ever done.
I will analyse the content of that page in red and hopefully stop one more Kenyan from making the wrong decision. We don't care much for those who study there and think its cool. They are perhaps wishing to work there and propagate this con to the best of their  ability.

About DALC and Policy Statement on Cambridge / Oxford link and other Universities (this statement implies that this is about Cambridge University, Oxford University and other Universities. It does not state what is Cambridge/Oxford link clearly. CAveat)

Digital Advisory & Learning Centre (DALC) is an overseas "teaching centre" (why does a teaching centre need quotation marks? is it something other than a teaching centre?cavEaT)for Cambridge Association of Managers (CAM) and Oxford Association of Management (OXIM). (Are these rightfully accredited in their home country, the UK? CAVEAT) We are also teaching centres for ABE, ICM, LCCI, ACCA. (This is just to fool you and make is seem like DALC is a regular college, how many students are taking these other courses?)

DALC teaches locally some levels (Standard, Advanced, Graduate, Post-Graduate Level Professional diplomas) before linking with the universities for Bachelors or Masters Degree upgrade of these courses. (Why are these universities not named? CAVEAT)

It is essential to understand that DALC is NOT a university and as such does not assess nor issue Certificates, especially bachelors and Masters Degree level certificates.(However, DALC has been collecting money from Kenyans on behalf of the fake Irish International University. CAVEAT)

Assessments and issuance of Certificates are done by the upgrading University, at their discretion. All Cambridge or Oxford Association of Management courses are assessed by Cambridge or Oxford of Management and certificates are issued from UK.(Does it matter where the certificates come from? Really or is this a mind game invoking the UK well known academic superiority?CAVEAT)
Upgrade to Bachelors or Masters degree would usually require candidates to travel abroad to those universities for completion unless a "distance learning arrangement exists" OR if the upgrading university is local. (Local universities shun DALC students so it is a lie, Nobody has ever travelled abroad to study to a legitimate university and the distance learning arrangement mentioned in this case is a con game involving DALC and Dubious entities such as Irish International University and European Business School Cambridge. CAVEAT!!)

The good value is that a significant portion of the course will have been done  locally and this reduces costs of tuition and living expenses in the overseas country. You would also be spending not more than a year to complete your degree or masters in this regard. ( There is no good value as the qualifications cannot lead to an accredited UK university. Also be very very wary of people who tell you that it is possible to complete a degree in a very short time. i.e 1 year CAVEAT)

oH DONT FORGET to see how they trow in cosmopolitan picture to complete the mindfuck and get you thinking that DALC is part of an international university. The only foreigners in DALC are Congolese, Sudanese and Somalis. Why doesn't the picture show that?

Its a mind game!!


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