Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Below is a story about the commission of higher education approving linkages with  foreing institutions as long as the link is beneficial. Take note of how quickly the story moves from CHE to DALC with Oborah adding one of his famous lie that exams are marked abroad. Clearly, the standard group is in DALC's corer and this leaves the most sour taste in your mouth. Ask those tutors who mark the projects if the marks given from the "UK" are not identical to what they give.

The CHE and Standard group have a duty to protect Kenyans from scammers, or you can read the crappy article below nd wish you sucked on a lemon instead. Did the author of this article Harold Ayodo get something in return for his efforts at shameless DALC promotion. Why did he not quote another institution that has proper collaborations with genuine universities and zero contraversy? Ponder!!

By Harold Ayodo

Collaboration between institutions of higher learning boost research and learning as long as standards are observed, says the Commission for Higher Education Chairman Kihumbu Thairu.

But the Secretary Prof Everett Standa is concerned about the explosion of online degree courses and colleges that claim to offer programmes in collaboration with foreign universities and professional organisations. "Face-to-face tutorials are not mandatory but students need support services such as instructional materials and libraries," he says. Linkages with universities abroad include staff and student exchange programmes, research, marking of examinations and awarding of certificates, diplomas and degrees.

Awarding certificates

Digital Advisory in Learning Centre (DALC) Education is among colleges that have linkages with institutions abroad.

DALC Education Head of Missions Humphrey Oborah says the centre's examinations are marked locally but moderated in the UK.

"We award certificates and diplomas, which can be used to seek admissions in universities abroad," he says. He says the centre has linkages with Cambridge Association of Managers and Oxford Association of Management which is approved by CHE. "We have no legal relationship with the University of Oxford and Cambridge University …we also do not offer degrees but certificates and diplomas," Prof Oborah says.


  • What happens to those students who had been assured that they will get exemptions locally? what happens if one cannot afford fees charged abroad by universities? is it even true you can you can get these exemptions abroad or is it just another lie? THINK!!! Read the standard, tuesdays 16th edition.

    June 19, 2009 at 8:04 AM

  • This is sad.this standard guy should also be arrested when dalc goes down and charged with aiding thieves exploit money from kenyans.the guy has been bribed by Oborah.kwani dalc is the only institution that collaborates with other.clearly oborah saw what was coming and this was his reaction.this article was all about dalc and not about other institutions.they think we are stupid how?

    June 20, 2009 at 9:37 AM

  • Mash, I totally agree with you. What Harold Ayodo is doing here is simply promoting DALC while pretending to be writing an article for the standard. Totally shameless, but then, you can understand why many people only use the standard for wrapping stuff!!

    June 22, 2009 at 5:40 PM

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