Saturday, April 10, 2010

Standard Group Now turns on the fake colleges it has been promoting

This seems to have gone a full cycle with the Standard Group now training its guns on fake educational institutions like DALC. Standard Group has been DALC's mouthpiece since Business DAily exposed DALC backnin FEb 2008. As you are aware, DALC still advertises on the front page of the standard like it did recently when Oborah launched his gifted and talented congame.

KTN has continued broadcasting the CLASS,  a DALC infomercial that is short on fact and long on falsehoods. In one of the shows, Oborah's 19 year old son poses  as a career expert who can deduce your 5 year old son's career 20 years into the future. KTN air that crappy show every Tuesday after news. Now Standard Group seems to have had enough...or are they just flapping gums? and has asked the government to "protect Students". And what do they do? They (Standard Group) have totally ignored emails and calls asking them to investigate DALC.

We take it that maybe something has changed in the way DALC and Standard Group used to relate but are certain that the authorities at Standard Group knew that DALC was a shady institution all along. Read the article below where they throw the blame on the government- despite their role in promoting KEnya's Biggest Education Scam. Hypocritical but the screws are not turning in DALC's favour anyway.

Here goes Standard Groups apparent awakening to the con they have been breeding for 2 years. (click on the text for the full article)

The marketing points of many of the dubious colleges is that they offer in collaboration with top international universities like Oxford, Cambridge and University of London and other reputable examination bodies.

Others claim to offer international diplomas from leading institutions without identifying the institutions. They promise to teach technical courses such as computer engineering, software development and programming to students with average grades of D.

While it takes two to threeyears to obtain diplomas from reputable institutions such colleges offer the same within three-six months, thereby appealing mostly to parents and guardians who are financially constrained.
So have they finally seen the light or is it just another falling out and Standard Group is now telling us what they have always known. I am not convinced one bit because not so long ago they published this story.

Oborah: Brains behind Dalc education 

Try and comment on the bogus nature of the man in that article. Standard Group's website will not allow any comments that are pointing to the fact that the man is a fake. In effect, they have given DALC genuineness that it would not have gotten anywhere else and must be blamed for all our wasted futures.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Oborah now uses his daughter to market New Congame

The fake Proffessor who has sexually abused staff, preyed on teenage students to satisfy his desires and connned Kenyans millions of shillings is at it again. He wants to trick more Kenyans into joining the new outfit he has formed after we killed DALC. We want our money back and Oborah is going nowhere with this.. see the story below of how he is fronting his daughter to be some sort of child genius who skipped 5 classes!!!!

 This is typical Oborah, next will be an article about Andrew Ouko's genius then you have to wonder, how does this fake professor suddenly happen to have these bright kids that are gifted ...yet he is in the gifted and talented business? too many coincedences?

The writer of this article JOY WANJA did a shoddy job of writing this article, I don't see other experts or teachers views on thsis whole thing. Just her dad ( a conman) and herself. Is that a complete story? Just a clever way to get your child tested and shell a load of cash by DALC.

Gifted girl skipped five Classes

13-year-old Tracy Ouko, a Form Four student at Millenium Academy, wants to be a nutrition manager and help solve malnutrition cases. Photo/William Oeri
13-year-old Tracy Ouko, a Form Four student at Millenium Academy, wants to be a nutrition manager and help solve malnutrition cases. Photo/William Oeri  

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Meet Andrew Ouko, DALC's careers assesment expert

Andrew Ouko is Oborah's son. He is the heir to the congame and is the person who is going to be in the mix as DALC moves the con to another game. Sad because they should have stayed and fought us with facts. But they have changed the business model, now DALC is something else. A clear sign for all to see that this UK thing was a mirage. a quick way to make money.

Now that it isn't, Oborah will try to foretell careers with a machine that takes body measurements -usually for clothes. The same machine will be operated by his 18yr old son who has no training in the machine. None whatsoever. He will operate the said machine and give you a reading into your future. In the meantime, he is busy following his fathers steps..sleeping with hoes and knocking down beers.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are back and we dedicate our comeback to Andrew Ouko Oborah!

So there he is, young conman in the making just like daddy, watch the KTN and see him acting the role of the career assesment specialist...while as you can see. He is still trying to smoke weed and hold a few beers!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010


Soon there will be no DALC, but Oborah will still be around to laugh in our faces after stealing our futures. He is not a small god like some of his former, current staff and students think.

DALC  is being auctioned for non payment of rent and guess what, KDN is still owed 600,000 , Access Kenya is owed more than 330,000 and all the campuses owe some rent. The banks too want their money. If you wait for Oborah to be dealt with by the others, there will be nothing left. Time to take what is ours, time to take action and finish this fake Professor.

The cars, the expensive clothes, houses, lifestyle and even Patrick will be a thing of the past for Humphrey Oborah. Lets come together and finish this. Staff and students.

See the auction notice and passby if you want a cheap PC.

Monday, January 25, 2010

OPEN LETTER TO Digital Advisory Learning Centre (DALC) lectures and STUDENTS

Open letter to DALC lecturers:

Dear Honourable Sirs and Madams,
Greetings to you all. I stand erect like an electric post to salute you for the new year.I know that all of us had a very miserable christmas and new year celebrations as none of us had been paid. Today, I still report to work with no december pay. I know my caretaker has been laughing at me. He has been telling other tenants that employment is just a job, whether your employer pays you or not is the value.It is true Oborah wont pay any time soon and I will not be surprised if i find that I have been evicted. The pains we suffer in working for DALC.

I have seen a bulleting that the new head of missions will be moving around to collect views from parents and students. As a lecturer I have not been included anywhere to give my own pressing issues. One of the pressing issues definetly is my pay. I have not been paid for december and January is almost ending. The other pressing issue is the validity of the courses that we teach at DALC. At the bottom of my small ass, I know that there is no serious learning that takes here. While I have a diploma, I lecturer students who have sat in real graduate classes in real universities. That is an abuse to the students. I have no choice. It gives me momontary release for truly that is an achievement which is also truly kenyan.

I know that some of my colleagues have opted to do dirty jobs like selling projects and even acting pornography with miserable wives who have found solace in dalc( Okwanyi, can you deny this? I salute you for taking an opportunity in DALC to find pleasure and make money. It is truly Oborah. Okwanyi has all symptoms of Oboraliosis.)

To the real issues now.
My question to all of us is, you know too well that the certifictes taht students will get from DALC are not genuine, why dont you just tell the students that they are wasting their time, you doi not need to tell all of them, just tell a few of them, like the serious ones whjo can also help you get jobs elsewhere after you have saved them from the miseries.

We have all seen that the student numbers have reduced significantly, redution of studenmts means that Erick and Wacuka plus the newly appointed idiots of deputies reduce our pay. Since quiting without pay is hard, eat Oborah from within, I am embarking on a mission to tell all students taking management courses that dalc is fake, I will give them credible advice on the instituions they can go and register for genuine course. I know there are those who will listen, no matter the naba, I will have made and impact.
You see, Oborah only pays me 25, 000. A student pays 12, 000 per month, if i manage to see three students leave dalc every month, oborah will lose an income of 36,000 and remember he will still pay me!!!!

I am not hiding what I have been doing, I have been hovering around the reception waiting for people coming to inquire, after they have listened to the zealoous center manger, I am following them as they leave and I give them handouts on DALC and even refering them to this blog. This way i feel i will revenge.
It pains to see innocent Kenyans yearning for eduction from the wrong place.

My fellow lecturers, join me in this battle, lets fight from within, any time you get a new student dont hesistate to let him or her know that DALC is controversial and a certifictae is just a paper, its recognition is the value. Even if you will not join me in this battle, I will do it. I have a worriors spirit. I fight to the bitter end. I will not hestate to meet the new head of missions and ask her why I am never paid on time, why I am alloctaed to teach students who are more qualified than me and why dalc gives students cerifictes printed from Oborahs home.

Your sincerly
Oborah Employee.


DALC Education as you have come to discover, steals your future and lays it all to waste with useless Diplomas and dubious Degrees. Of the initial crop of DALC students who were academically serious, an estimated 60% have had to enroll elsewhere and get other credible qualifications. Forget what Humphrye Oborah says "papers are not important in the 22nd century" because he is taking your money know and leaving to look to a future alone.

How many DALC students have excelled as a result of the practical education? It is over 6 years since DALC started. Back then, Andrew Ouko (oborah's son) was in class 5 and now he is finished with his O-levels. Infact, he is know incharge of career testing using the machine that Oborah showed on TV the other day. 6 years and still nothing meaningful to show? Oborah must then be Kenya's biggest failure if for all his innovation and career testing nonsense there's nothing to be seen!

Our blog has greatly affected his operations and he knows that all his credibility is gone as all DALC students know of Oborah's :
Sexual immorality
Poor Human Resource Management
Tax evasion
Fake Profesorship
Low credibility
Unpaid Salaries
Lowly Qualified Staff
Unintelligent responses
Therefore the DALC HEAD of Missions is playing a new game. He is installing a puppet to run DALc in his place. He is bringing in a lady with (possibly) legit qualifications to run DALC and wait....she is white. You all know how much Madharau Oborah has for things African. He makes jokes about Africans backwardness and lack of innovation(thus he innovates new cons) as compared to the white people. He is hoping that once this new figure is installed, there will be a fresh drive at DALC. She can speak to people without having to fake an accent like he does.

Oborah will be the man incharge but you will see an American instead. An american puppet. Then the fools will rush in to the college because the head of missions is a white lady. Typical Oborah.


Title: Student and Parents Meetings with new Head of Missions/Executive Director- Chrsitina D Sullivan

Dear all students and staff,

I will be coming along with the incoming Head of DALC as above to introduce to you and you have a chance to interract with her and ask questions. This is very important because she is keen to know directly from students and parents things due so that she prepares to handle them immediately.

January 18 , 2010 = 6  p.m. Nairobi West
January 20 , 2010 =6 p.m. Buru Campus
January 25 , 2010 =6 p.m. 20th Century Town Campus
January 27 , 2010 =6 p.m. Westlands Campus
February 1 , 2010 =6 p.m. Hurlingam Campus
February 6 , 2010 =2 p.m. Mombasa Campus
February 13 , 2010 =2 p.m. Kisumu Campus
February 20 , 2010 =2 p.m. Eldoret Campus
February 27 , 2010 =2 p.m. Nakuru Campus

Students and parents of Kericho may join those in Kisumu, those in Kitale will join those Eldoret and those in Malindi and Diani can join those in Mombasa, for now.

CMs/Admin/Head of Academics: can you please urgently make sure that this information reaches all parents and students and that all attend the meetings without fail. In the past, we have called for meetings only for parents and students to wonder later why they were not informed.



The Board of Directors of DALC Education are pleased to announce to all the following other new appointments, in addition to the new Head of Missions:

1. Dr. Rose Bhujela Otieno - Director of Research

She holds a Bachelors, Masters and PhD Degrees from Machester University in UK and a lead (global) anthropometric researcher. She has been working the UK in this capacity for over 10 years and has worked with Prof. Oborah in relation to GnT machine particulalry in the areas related to sizing surveys, health and fitness as well as education applications of this machine.

Obviosuly, she brings valuable and robust breadth of academia and experience to the institution.

1. Mr. Benson O. Juma - Deputy Head of Academics.

Mr. Juma has been a long serving lecturer in Finance and Accounts since early 2004 and most students have appreciated his loyality to this career, his great class delivery notwithstanding. Juma is a certified accountant.

2. Mr. Hesbon O. Obor - Deputy Head of Administration and Finance.

Hesbon is the longest serving DALC staff having joined DALC at the onset in Year 2003. He struggled with the Founder (Prof. Humphrey Oborah) to bring DALC into a college and has been the ACCA boss from 2003. He is an accomplished ACCA lecturer and supporter of DALC initiatives.

They all occupy their offices, officially,  from 1st January 2010 but are already in office.



After 4 months of interviews and negotiations, the Board of Directors of DALC Education have mandated me to announce the appointment of Mrs. Christina Dianne sullivan (USA) as the new Head of Missions for DALC Education replacing myself from 1st March 2010.

Christina holds a Bachelors Degree in Sociology, Masters Degree and completing Phd. from Goerge Washington University (USA).

She has over 15 years experience as academics and social manager. She is definitely delivering the new DALC next year.

She will be meeting staff and students over December 2009 and Feb 2010 in all campuses within and outside Kenya.

Let us all welcome her massively, in the meatime, as we execute a smooth handover culminating in a formal introduction and thanksgiving ceremony.



Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy New Year

We would like to thank our faithful bloggers and commentors. This blog will soldier on in the path we started last year. We are here to bring Oborah's evil to an end. 11 months after this blog was started, more than 30,500 visitors have visited and close to 800 comments published by our readers.

DALC on the other hand , is steeped in its own fall: inevitably from a robust institution with thousands of students in the country, now all that is left is a few naive people who do not research seriously before joining . Majority of those who were studying at DALC have left and all you need to do to ascertain this is walk around the institution. Staff have all but left. Only those who are desperate enough to work without a salary have remained. Hoping perhaps that Oborah might pay then a quarter of their salary so they can get through January.

Oborah scoffed at the blog and called the bloggers foolish idlers, we had no issue with that. His ultimate downfall is his deceit. Diverting attention at the identity or intelligence of the bloggers works but for a short time, ultimately. People find out that foolish or not we had the facts nailed. DALC EDUCATION is a family run fraud. A business that has capitalised on weak laws, corrupt enforcers an inept Ministry of Education and an IDLE Commission for Higher Education.

DALC needs to be closed down and Oborah locked up and we are not relenting until that happens. Oborah you can take our word for that. Exactly a year ago, you were swimming in money and beating your chest that you will ruin the bloggers lives for good. You also promised to get us arrested. So where are you now? You cannot pay your staff, students are hounding you for their money that bank is on your case and the new branches are a total failure. More is to come.

In closing, we are looking at ways of getting our money (STUDENTS, STAFF) and I would urge you to get in touch with us.Old DALC staff have absolutely nothing to fear, Oborah has stolen people's money and worse OUR FUTURE. The 2-3 YEARS SPENT AT DALC ARE WASTE and you WILL HAVE TO ENROLL ELSEWHERE to recover that. If you have money left.


Thursday, December 31, 2009

DALC's Student Story

Dear Bloggers.

A liar and a fraudster

When I joined DALC, Oborah looked at my KCSE transcript and said I was a good manager and thus should join the management courses. Mark you, I was straight out of high school and this career expert claimed I was management material. My parents were naturally overjoyed by the news and Oborah played into their psyche by claiming , “infact, this suit I am wearing was bought by one of the students who was recently hired by the world bank from DALC”. At that point, we were all convinced by this smooth talking con. He threw in a couple of stories about his UK degrees and work experience + his research in Gift and Talent Testing.

We were quickly boxed and my parents paid the entire fees so that my learning would not be interrupted. That’s was the biggest mistake of my life and when I told my parents that DALC was fishy, Oborah told them I was lazy and had in fact failed to complete my assignments. And they believed him. I had to go to DALC no matter what and I decided to snoop around and in no time, I had enough evidence to convince my parents that DALC was fake. Especially his fake degree of the WIDU.

They were shocked that they had been tricked, scammed and defrauded. Then they were angry that this man was still appearing on TV with his DALC infomercials about 22nd century education. My dad took it up with the CHE and nothing came of it, absolutely nothing. Close to 250,000 was lost in addition to 8 months.

Needless to say that I have joined a proper University. One that does not conduct Gift and Talent Testing, one that is not run by a maverick and certainly does not promise some Cambridge & Oxford degrees. It does not have 100+ courses but with it. I am sure I can forge a future.

What about those Kenyans that are being conned by Oborah? What are we going to do as responsible citizens.