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The DALC Head of Missions is a man who could start a cult and manage to get followers in the thousands. Those who have worked one on one with him know that his charisma is unmatched and can talk his way out of a tight spot. We looked at previous research on psychology of cult leaders and found that Oborah has some of the traits that have been identified in Cult Leaders worldwide. These are:

Single authority - unlike distributed power of modern organization , Oborah totally overshadows all other leaders in his organization and exhibits a total lack of trust to members. Not even his wife who is his business partner at DALC is allowed to speak for DALC or make "proper" decisions. Oborah is the know it all in DALC and encourages students and parents not to listen to other sources of information on him or DALC

Questionable credentials -he claims to ha ve 2 masters degrees, scholarships, professorships etc which are non existent or from a fake university. No one in this world can prove that Oborah went to Cambridge University because he did not, neither did he get a DAAD scholarship usually given to first class students from local universities. As a result, he is no career specialist or a curriculum scientist as he claims. Interesting Oborah claims that he was the 2nd best student in KCSE in his year, that he willingly gave up med school for his BSc and that he was headed to Mangu high school but the fees was too high.

Requirement for unconditional trust - Oborah always demands extreme loyalty unquestioning faith and does not tolerate open criticism of his ideas. Staff at DALC are rewarded for their unquestioning loyalty and not performance. He needs this so that the dirty secrets of DALC and his personal life do not come out in the open.

Generate extreme wealth at expense of the poor.. Oborah lives lavishly and spends money like he was in Zimbabwe. He walks around with not less that 50,000 on him, a cheque book and a set of credit and debit cards. DALC are unwilling to submit to 3rd party disclosure and audits. Oborah demands that students pay their fee on the 5th yet goes on to pay his staff after 10th.

Of course, he takes the liberty to make deductions on the salaries as he pleases. He then tells the students that all this measures are to improve the service delivery by the staff. DALC is raising close to 500,000,000 annually from thousands of people who believe that the Cambridge/Oxford diplomas mean something. Many parents have been driven to near poverty by DALC's exorbitant exam fees that goes straight into Oborah's pockets.He is living large?



BMW 6 SERIES -VALUE kSH. 8,000,000,

TAG HEUeR WATCH- kSH.328,000

Sexual misconduct . Many female staff speak of the misconduct that goes on at DALC. Not many would like the matter discussed further but female employees at DALC are sexually harassed. One former librarian refused to give in to the demands and she was seriously abused verbally. One IT staff who joined last year quit within months of joining DALC after the man started demanding sexual favours. This man is simply disgusting.

Grandiose promises . DALC students are made to feel very significant in history.There are claims that DALC will start clinics treating people with Genopuls, that CAmbridge and Oxford will be building a university, that the European Union had donated millions of Euros to build a DALC university. This is bound to make all of you hold on to the promise and look forward to making history.

Demand major ongoing financial contributions . The lowest you could pay at DALC is 90,000. This is for the lowest Diploma, the cost goes higher and with upgrade fees, graduation fees, examination fees and admission fees. Some people spend as much as 500,000 at DALC.

A claim that evil sinister forces attempt to subvert him-The devil, the government, competitors, jealous people, retrogressive kenyans, Al pacino, the bearded man and Mickey Mouse etc. have been accused of trying to bring down DALC. A sense of paranoia helps keep faithful followers. The DALC students tend to say anyone not with us is against us. - Oborah seeks student sympathy with these outlandish claims . It seems everything and everybody is out to get him. He talks of a great conspiracy against DALC because Africans do not understand new things and fear creative institutions.e

Big event is just around the corner - Oborah has been pumping DALC's faithful with stories of the BIG EDUCATION BANG that will leave those unprepared for the future flailing in the wind. The BIG EVENT will leave DALC unscathed because OBorah has prepared for it by offering "PRACTICAL BIOMEDICALLY APPROACHED" education . According to this man Education Institutions will be rendered obsolete unless they follow DALC's formula. He says this will happen in 20 or so years. I'd run if i were you.

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 Have you ever wondered why a DALC student with CAM/OXIM Diploma that is being rejected right left and centre will still stand up and strongly defend DALC, its Head (who holds a fake professorship) and insist that the world is wrong to judge DALC.

Like destructive cult, DALC uses countless techniques to get its students to stay, commit themselves and take part in its activities. The sum of these techniques constitutes what some people call "mind control" also known as "thought reform. 
 Thought reform is an umbrella term for any number of manipulative techniques used to get people to do something they wouldn't otherwise do. Thought reform  does change a person's thought processes. These techniques include:
  • Deception - DALC trick new recruits into joining the group and committing themselves to a course and affiliations that don't fully understand.
    • DALC misleads new recruits the true nature of the Oxford/Cambridge affiliations. DALC ambigously states that it is an accredited centre for cambridge and oxford.
    • DALC hides any signs of illegal, dubious activities by displaying licences on the wall and advertising that it is fully accredited.
    • Oborah uses the UK OXFORD/CAMBRIDGE affiliation, speaking in an English accent, title of professor and claim to have studied at Cambridge England to increase vulnerability of students to suggestion.

  • Isolation - DALC has cut itself off  from the outside world to produce intense introspection, confusionand a distorted sense of reality. DALC staunchest students have other DALC students as their only social contact and feedback mechanism.
    • DALC has isolated itself by claiming that other education institutions are backward while it is modern. The other institutions fail to accept DALC's CAM/OXIM qualifications because they fear and do not understand DALC. Oborah claims that some emloyers do not understand DALC and therefore fail to hire its graduates. This leads to students living in a DALC bubble.  DALC has little interaction with other institutions, they do not take part in intercollege events with the "others."
    • DALC has instilled the belief that "outsiders"  are dangerous and wrong. Outsiders who do not accept DALC's practical projects format, outsiders who dare question the DALC affiliations and mode of learning should be avoided. These outsiders include, Education experts who take a different view, the media who publish articles that are not DALC friendly and bloggers who lay evidence of DALC's conmanship open for the world to see. All these people are labelled as evil according to Oborah.

  • Induced Dependency - DALC demands absolute, unquestioning devotion, loyalty and submission. A feeling of worthlessness and "evil" becomes associated with independence and critical thinking and inquisitiveness.
    • Oborah, the DALC leader typically controls all communication at DALC. He speaks on TV, he replies all the emails from an online system and staff are supposed to direct their queries to him. People are not supposed to think or analyze independently at DALC. Even his wife who is also his partner, refers all the queries to Oborah. 
    • DALC students are told what to believe in, what to say and why DALC is special. They are not supposed to seek information from other sources and are supposed to believe only what DALC tells them. Any person,newspaper,website that reports otherwise is a competitor and jealous of the institution.
    • Any special talents, bright people, inquisitive individuals are immediately devalued and criticized in order to confuse the member's sense of self-worth. These sharp people are dangerous as they will quickly put two and two together burst the bubble. For DALC, slow people are prefered as they are slow to raise trouble and quick to convince.
    • Any doubts or "questioning" of DALC are punished by other students through  criticism, guilt and alienation. Questions and doubts are systematically "turned around" so that the doubter feels wrong, worthless, "evil" for questioning. The student will of course be loved again when they renounce their doubts. The student council is DALCs tool to kill doubts that other student may have about DALC and effectively ostracises those who question the institutions legitimacy from the social circle.
    • Oborah randomly alternates praise and love with scorn and punishment to keep the staff and students off-balance and confused and instill immense self-doubt. The leader may offer occasional gifts and special privileges to encourage continued submission. These include night outs and trips to Naivasha crayfish camp.
    • DALC students are now the favoured source of employees for DALC education. These students strive at being model students who do not question DALC or Oborahs genius so that they can get a job at DALC. This has become a cycle of dependency where students need DALC to continue its warped existence so they can get jobs in the future.

    Dread - Once complete dependence is established, DALC students and staff must retain the Oborah's good favor or else their life falls apart.

  • Oborah punishes doubt or insubordination with emotional trauma by questioning the intelligence and mental aptitude of the peope who doubt him. Those who dare question DALC are danderheads who show typical African backward or stone age thinking. Like Oborah says "Unafikiria kama Mwafrika". He refers to people who question him as having a low attitide.
  • The ties to the outside education world have been cut, the studentr feels like his only family is DALC, and he has nowhere else to go. He cannot go to a public universties and private ones like KEMU,USIU and DAYSTAR will openly reject his qualifications.
  • The leader (oborah) extends favour to model students . The students who behave as expected are rewarded with social interactions, student leadership posts, appearance on the CLASS TV show and jobs. They also get Oborah promise of eternal protection from the outside world. Ask Amuola Patrick and Nicky Koyiet.
  • The students strongly believethat only DALC offers good education and if he/she leaves, they will never find UK education in Kenya that is better than DALC..
Thought reform is a long process and students are continually subjected to these techniques -- it's part of daily life in DALC.
This has resulted in a new breed of students who have taken to defending Oborah's fake qualifications and DALC's bogusness with a terrier like tenacity. Some of them are as young as 19 years and are now working overtime to convince other students not to leave wben when it is obvious that they know nothing about UK qualifications or accreditations.
You may have seen their responses to our articles previously and noted how personal an attack on DALC was to them. Its all a result of indoctrination!


One of the most peculiar things you will find with DALC staff, old and current.  Is a fear so deep, that many of them will not dare tell the truth about OBORAH and his fraudulent activities. These are staff who know precisely how the DALC con is run. They have collected money on DALC's behalf and handed IIU degrees to DALC students.
Some students also fall into this category of people who have not seen,heard or spoken evil at DALC. They will defend DALC mindlessly and take matters personal if you question DALC.  I say mindlessly because it is not a defence informed by facts, it is as if questioning DALC is equal to insulting them.
So why do people pay expensively to study at DALC, get dubious diplomas and then defend the same people defrauding them?
Why do staff who work 12hrs a day and get paid on the 10th of the month fail to speakout about an institution that has contributed so much to their suffering?

I have not lost it. Look carefully at DALC and you will realise that it brainwashes its staff and students such that these people are fearful or fiercely loyal to DALC.  In the late 1950s, psychologist Robert Jay Lifton studied former prisoners of Korean War and ultimately defined a set of steps involved in the brainwashing cases he studied:  DALC uses the some of the tricks to turn students into staunchest defenders and staff to fearfull wimps who would not dare make a statement..even to the police due to their fear of OBORAH.

Breaking down the self

  • Assault on identity: You are not who you think you are.
    This is a systematic attack on a persons sense of self (also called his identity or ego) and his core belief system. The agent denies everything that makes the target who he is:  At DALC the staff hear things like "You are not a man." "You are not effective." "You are a fool" The target is under constant attack for all the months they work there. Oborah has never had a good thing to say to his staff and they get to the point that they becomes exhausted, confused and disoriented. In this state, the staffs beliefs seem less solid.

  • Guilt: You are bad.
    When the identity crisis is setting in, DALC creates an overwhelming sense of guilt in the staff. Staff are repeatedly and mercilessly attacked for any "sin" they commit, large or small. Infact, DALC never ever compliments its staff and has been rebuking them in an online system where even students can read staff memos warning specific staff. Staff are strongly criticised for everything from "questioning in DALC" of his beliefs to being stupid. The staff begin to feel a general sense of shame, that everything he/she does is wrong. Thats why no one in DALC will answer even simple questions as they are fearful of making another mistake and getting a rebuke/firing for the same. All questions are refered to one man.

  • Self-betrayal: Agree with me that you are bad.
    Once the staff is disoriented and drowning in guilt, DALC forces them through the  continuance of the mental attack to agree with DALC values and disagree with the others who have a "wrong" belief system that he holds. This betrayal of his own beliefs and of people he feels a sense of loyalty to increases the shame and loss of identity the he is already experiencing. That is why you find a person who holds a masters degree from a genuine University teaching at DALC. It is fundamentally against everything he learned at the university yet he continues to do it rather than seek another job. The same person might actually accuse the Nation Newspaper of having a vendetta against DALC for its articles that expose the bogus nature of the institution.

  • Breaking point: Who am I, where am I and what am I supposed to do?
    With this identity in crisis, experiencing deep shame and having betrayed what he has always believed in, the staff may undergo what in the lay community is referred to as a "nervous breakdown. The staff may have lost his grip on reality and have the feeling of being completely lost and alone. When the person has reached this, his sense of self is pretty much up for grabs -- he has no clear understanding of who he is or what is happening to him. At this point, DALC converts the person to their own set of beliefs.

The Possibility of Salvation

  • ­­Leniency: I can help you.
    With ­the target in a state of crisis, the agent offers some small kindness or reprieve from the abuse. He may a small payrise of lets say 2000, or give a compliment. In a state of breakdown resulting from an endless psychological attack, the small kindness seems huge, and the staff may experience a sense of relief and gratitude completely out of proportion to the offering, for example DALC staff celebrate when the salaries come early on the 8th of the yet that date is still late by all standards.

  • Compulsion to Speak: You can help yourself.
    For the first time in the brainwashing process, the staff is faced with the contrast between the guilt and pain of identity assault and the sudden relief of leniency. The staff may feel a desire to reciprocate the kindness offered to him, and at this point, the DALC may present the possibility of speaking as a means to relieving guilt and pain. Speaking about staff who question the institution, overly inquisitive students are all things the staff could speak about.

  • Channeling of guilt: This is why you're in pain.
    After weeks or months of assault, confusion, breakdown and moments of leniency, DALC staff's guilt usually has lost all meaning -- they are not sure what they have done wrong, they just know that they are wrong. This creates something of a blank slate that lets the agent fill in the blanks: THe staff can attach that guilt, that sense of "wrongness," to whatever he wants.

Rebuilding the Self

  • ­Progress and harmony: If you want, you can choose good.
    DALC  introduces a new belief system as the path to "good." At this stage, Oborah stops the abuse, offering the some comfort i.e promotion, pay rise, kind words and mental calm in conjunction with the new belief system. The staff will be rewarded for loyalty and encouraged to fully take in DALCs belief systems. Such a member of staff has largely denounced his old belief system in response to leniency and to­rment, and making a "conscious choice" in favor of the contrasting belief system helps to further relieve his guilt.

  • Final confession and rebirth: I choose good.
    Contrasting the agony of the old with the peacefulness of the new, the target chooses the new identity, clinging to it like a life preserver. He rejects his old belief system and pledges allegiance to the new one that is going to make his life better. At this final stage, you will find graduates of University of Nairobi, Egerton and Kenyatta University defending DALC with a cultlike passion. The staff has been converted to induct the converted target into his new community. This stage is been described by some brainwashing victims as a feeling of "rebirth."

When you feel that DALC is the right thing to do and get rid of all the guilt you had initially, you have passed through the DALC indoctrination system.

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OUR research (Ekman and O'Sullivan, 1990; Frank and Ekman, forthcoming; Ekman, Frank, and O'Sullivan, forthcoming) suggests that most people cannot tell from demeanor whether someone is lying or telling the truth. Such poor performance is not because lies are told flawlessly. Most liars make mistakes which could be detected but usually are missed. Both perpetrating a lie and detecting a lie, in most people, seem to be poorly developed skills. In this article, I consider six explanations for why most of us do not catch liars from demeanor. I will first explain how I distinguish lying from other forms of deceit, and then discuss the evidence which suggests that people are such poor lie catchers.

The intent of the liar is one of the two criteria I (Ekman, [1985] 1992) use to distinguish lies from other kinds of deception. The liar deliberately chooses to mislead the target. Liars may actually tell the truth, but that is not their intent. And truthful people may provide false information--bad advice from a stock broker--but that is not their intent. The liar has a choice; the liar could chose not to lie. We are all tempted to lie, but we do not always do so. Lying is not irresistible; it is, by my definition, a conscious, considered choice. I do recognize that lying can become a habit and then performed with little consideration, but, at least initially, all such habits began as considered choices about whether or not to do so. Presumably, a pathological liar is compelled to lie and by my definition, therefore, is not a liar.

The second criterion for distinguishing lies from other deceptions is that the target is not notified about the liar's intention to mislead. A magician is not a liar by this criterion, but Uri Geller is a liar, since Geller claimed his tricks were not magic. An actor is not a liar, but an impostor is. Let the buyer beware is one example of an explicit warning that products or services may not be what they are presented to be. (Of course, that warning does not appear in advertisements, nearly all of which are designed to convey the opposite message.) Poker is still another situation in which the rules of the game sanction and notify the players that deception will occur, and, therefore, one cannot consider bluffing to be a lie.

Sometimes notification of an intention to mislead is implicit in the framing, to use Goffman's (1974) term, of the situation. In real estate transactions, the potential buyer is implicitly notified that the seller's asking price is not the actual price the seller would accept. Various forms of politeness are other instances in which the nature of the situation notifies the target that the truth may not be spoken. The host would not properly scrutinize the dinner guest to determine if the guest's claim to have enjoyed the evening is true anymore than the aunt should worry whether the nephew is lying when he says that he appreciated being given a tie for Christmas. Deception is expected; even if the target might suspect that the truth is not being told, it is improper to question it. Only certain types of deception may be allowable: the poker player cannot use marked cards; the home seller cannot conceal a known defect.

In courtship, it is ambiguous whether the parties should expect truthfulness. The saying "all's fair in love and war" would seem to warn lovers not to believe all they are told. Recent public opinion polls suggest that lies that downplay the number of previous sexual partners are common among college-aged adults. Yet I expect that lovers want to believe in the truthfulness of their lover. Many popular songs testify to the betrayal felt when lies are discovered (although some do warn that lies may be expected). Romantic love requires collusive efforts to develop and maintain myths about each other and the nature of the relationship.

I differ from Bok (1982), who only considers false statements to be lies. I (Ekman, [1985] 1992) argued that one can falsify without words, and one need not falsify, verbally or nonverbally, to lie. Concealment is just as much a lie as falsification, if there is an expectation that information will be revealed. When filling out a job application that asks for a listing of all previous employment, omitting the one from which one was fired would be a concealment lie, for there is an obligation to reveal. In personal relationships it is not always so clear cut, and the liar, once discovered, and the target of the lie may disagree about whether or not an obligation to reveal the concealed information was in force.

Concealment and falsification are different techniques for accomplishing the same objective. The issue is the motive, not the technique employed to accomplish it. If the motive is to mislead, then the choice between falsifying or concealing is simply a matter of which technique will work better in a given instance. Elsewhere (Ekman, [1985] 1992) I have explained why most liars would prefer to conceal rather than falsify if the situation will allow it and also described some other techniques for implementing a lie.


How to Spot a Con Man


This is the first and foremost thing to look out for. A compliment is normal. Flattery is not.

Whenever somebody flatters you, watch the wallet. Flattery is normally a prelude to an unusual or out-of-the-ordinary request.

The psychology works like this:

Flattery makes you feel all puffed up and great about yourself. But this is a set up so you'll agree more easily to whatever request comes next.

You are more likely to make a bad decision when you are feeling overconfident. Flattery is an easy way to build your confidence.m
Flattery such as.."you are definately a very bright girl if you don't qualify for those useless public university.

"…a flattering mouth works ruin." Proverbs 26:28


A person who brags is not necessarily a con man; he could just be insecure.

It's the type of bragging that matters.

Some people brag about how good they are at a specific skill. This is your garden variety braggart, relatively harmless.

Others brag about their good character or how much money they give to their church, poor people, etc. This is your con man variety of braggart.

It is designed to get you to lower your guard… to get you thinking about what a good person it is you're dealing with. Next thing you know, the con-man lowers the boom.

Watch out for people who brag about their good character. People who brag about their non Existent Education qualifications fall into this category. Why would someone claim to have gone to CAMBRIDGE University when they didn't?

"But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret." Matthew 6:3,4

Unrealistic Promises

A common negotiating tactic is to build neediness in the other party.

For instance, a certain man might tell you that there's  a possibility of getting a masters degree in 9 months fast track even though you don't have a first degree. He's building your confidence to the point where you believe this future pay-off will really happen.

The next thing he'll do is ask you to work for 9 months and submit a thesis to him so he can send it to a UK university. If you believe the vision he's painted, you might agree to unreasonable terms, work hard for months… and get a useless degree in a very short time.

"Like clouds and wind without rain is a man who boasts of gifts he does not give." Proverbs 25:14

Safeguard Yourself

A con man uses all kinds of techniques to build your confidence in yourself and in him. Once your confidence is high enough, you're in a vulnerable position. That's how you get conned.

Ask yourself: "Am I feeling overly confident? Why?"

Ask yourself: "Why is this person flattering me? Why is he telling me all about his good deeds? Why is he promising me a huge pay-off somewhere down the road?"

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We watched the class as Oborah called for a new world order of sharing among Education Institutions in the world over. He sounded hurt when he accused some instituitons of being knw-it-alls who were not willing to SHARE. He reminded the other institutions that this lack of generosity was the reason why Africa was not developing.

To crown his credit transfer episode, he brought us Grace Osoro. A fiercelly loyal DALC student who apparently is one of the DALC achievers after getting transfers to study her course at Nazarene University.If that is true the African Nazarene University is the first university to be duped by DALC. The others DAYSTAR, KEMU and USIU etc have been vigilant enough to keep out the fake CAM/OXIM qualifications out.

Grace, how did you go to Nazarene? Did they really take you with CAM qualifications. Do you know that CAM does not exist? Finally, which programme did Nazarene admit you into because we all know that at DALC you studied securities management where half the time you did not have a tutor? Nazarene does not have any securities management course so tell us which final year major did you transfer your credits to? Grace, are you being used to trick other people to get the same substandard education that DALC gives? If you knowingly participated in this, whats in it for you?

Read below what DALC says about the credit transfers!!!


Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL)

At the time of joining DALC Education for the Cambridge/Oxford programmes, many students have already undertaken other post secondary school courses (certificates, diplomas and higher diplomas). Our admission policy also recognizes that many students, and particularly mature students, also possess an extensive range of skills and knowledge derived from a variety or professional, vocational, community, leisure and personal contexts. APEL provides students with the opportunity to have this prior learning counted as part of their current course thereby earning exemptions from some modules or course levels.

Reasons for claiming academic credit points through APEL include:

·        You can save time by completing your course more quickly.

·        You can avoid having to repeat learning already undertaken hence saving on costs and time.

·        You can have learning and capabilities gained through experience recognized at Higher Education level.

The Accreditation of Prior Certificated Learning (APCL) is where credit is awarded for learning which has already been assessed and certificated as part of a completed or partly-completed course or qualification at higher education level.

The Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) in which credit is awarded for learning and capabilities gained through your experiences in a work, voluntary, home or leisure environment. A wide range of life experiences could provide appropriate learning opportunities, although it is the ability to state and demonstrate your learning, rather than simply having had the experience that is the basis for credit.


How to Apply For APEL

1.      You MUST be accepted for a Cambridge/Oxford programme at DALC Education to be eligible for this application.

2.      Develop a comprehensive Resume which states all your achievements, awards, courses and seminars attended. Provide the names, addresses and contact details of two (2) individuals who are not related to you with whom the APEL Office can get in touch with if it wishes to investigate your academic/work background.



3.      Log onto your user profile on the DALC portal and complete your application through the Exemptions Tab. Attach scanned copies of all certificates and transcripts presented to you from previous qualifications. These copies must be certified as true copy.


Certification for APEL

Once the applications are processed applicants are notified of their exempted modules or course levels through System Notification emails.


Certification for APEL and the awarding of credit points is done by the Quality Assurance Commission – UK. Applicants wishing to receive this certification MUST pay a fee of 20 GB Pounds.

Applicants receive a certificate from Quality Assurance Commission, UK (QAC-UK) confirming this accreditation which can be used uniformly in the world for acceptance of the credits hence exemptions from whole level of learning or particular subjects or modules.



What students go through to study practical courses at DALC. Below is a complaint from a 
student sent to a centre manager who availed it to us. DALCs CAMBRIDGE/OXFORD courses
are so practical, they dont even hire tutors. See below.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have just had a telephone conversation with Dr. Oborah and my complain is serious. Take

I did not have a lecturer to take me through the Conflict Management course.Am remaining with one International relations
Module(Strategic Planning for International relations) and up to now I cannot tell which Lecturer I will have.Initially I had
Eunice Kitur and looks like she does not exist.This is affecting my studies because I do not know who is going to guide
me through my project papers and most of my assignments are pending marking.

Kindly address the above issues and advise me accordingly.

Thank you.




DALC does not take it kindly when you change your mind about the courses and choose to pull out. The email below is from one frustrated student who paid the money and did not attend any classes as she realised immediately that she had made a mistake and realised that the last thing DALC would do is refund money. Her quest for a refund was a long and painfull one and this should serve as a warning to those who pay the monies in advance.

When the rug will be pulled from under the will be left clutching to the air as DALC clutches ever so tightly to your money. You have been warned

From: Lucy: BB Kenya
Sent: 14 July 2008 08:44
Subject: RE:Fees refund request; Lucy


Dear Dr Obora,

I have been to your offices severally requesting a full refund on a payment done to your BBK account for kshs 17,000.00 dated 26.02.2008.

This amount was in relation to Tuition: kshs 10,000, Library fees: kshs 1,000.00, Computer usage: Kshs 1,000.00, and registration: kshs 5,000.00(letter attached for ease of reference).

After several conversations with your Ms Kanyae, she adviced me to collect a cheque for kshs 12,000.00, this I was adviced was what the board had agreed to refund.

Considering that I was not registered with Dalc, l'm at a loss to understand why l would be penalised a registration fee of kshs 5,000.00, and the name Lucy  does not appear on your records as a student of DALC. 

I requested Ms Kanyae for an audience with your board, to attempt to put my point across, that l was being penalised unjustly, to date she has not come back to me, even after numerous phone calls.

Prior to e-mail below from yourselves, the only communication l  have exchanged with DALC was with the admin officer.

Thus my request on a full refund of the amount banked on 26.02.2008 of kshs 17,000.00, as per my letter dated 12.03.2008(attached). 

Kindly advice.




Thursday, March 26, 2009


Hello to All,

This email is sent to a select number of people. So do not forward this mail to other sources. You see we tend to blame mass media for corrupting people's minds (let us talk about current world affairs). We point fingers to the big guys in the press, well truth is we locally are quite a gullible people. Especially after media propaganda by a number of known media houses after post election violence, we learnt no lesson about the political and other sources of influence on our own media. Today we gonna critically analyse the DALC scam, coz iv been hearing alot about it (at least locally, not abroad). Question to ask is: How many of you had taken time to do the research after the DALC scam came out? Lemme guess, no hands up. I have. And now I want you to listen closely, coz I shall give citations from the articles and, prove them wrong. Here goes.

Before I begin, I take this opportunity to Introduce Kogan Page - the compiler of the world famous British Qualifications booklet. In Kogan Page's website we are told "Europe's leading and largest independent business book publisher. Founded in 1967, Kogan Page provides affordable and practical business information for professionals, managers, entrepreneurs and students around the world. Our range of over 1200 books and electronic products caters for all business needs, from initial careers advice to professional texts, reference works and regional analysis."

So what is the British Qualifications Booklet, states it to be "The single best one-volume reference on British Educational awards in print." and then goes on to say "The field of professional, academic and vocational qualifications is ever-changing. The new edition of this practical guide provides thorough information on all developments in these areas in the UK. Fully indexed, it includes details on all university awards and over 200 career fields, their professional and accrediting bodies, levels of membership and qualifications. British Qualifications is a unique resource for human resource managers and university admissions officers to verify the qualifications of potential employees and students." I dont want to make this email look too long, just know this for the moment.

Citation: The colleges are accredited by Quality Assurance Commission Limited owned by a Malaysian businessman and which is not recognised by UK education authorities. "There are two accreditation bodies in the UK and QAC is not one of them," Mr David Higgs, the head of British Council is said in an earlier interview.

Are you sure its not recognized? Then why is it enlisted on page 905 of the British Qualifications Booklet, 36th Edition? You see, then it gets more interesting.

DALC collaborates with two institutions in the UK — Cambridge Association of Managers and Oxford Association of Management — which run two separate colleges offering management courses but which have no working relationship with either Cambridge or Oxford Universities.

I thought they told us that CAM and OXIM were not related to the universities before we enrolled anyway? You see, the two are registered resellers of degree related programmes. Once you finish their courses you get credits to do a BSc in other UK institutions. And did I tell you that:

   1. Cambridge Association of Managers (CAM) - Listed on Page 692 of the British Qualifications Booklet. 36th Edition.
   2. Oxford Association of Management (OXIM) - Listed on Pages 492, 690, 704 of the British Qualifications booklet, 36th Edition.

Again these "bogus" bodies seem to be documented in the British Qualifications booklet?

According to Prof Standa, the Commission is currently studying the validation application by DALC, while admitting that there was a mistake in the DALC case.

What? And what was Mr Joel Mberia, Deputy Commission Secretary, Commission of Higher Education (CHE) - Kenya, doing in the 2008 DALC graduation ceremony some 2 months ago? I mean people from these "bogus" bodies were graduating right? Actually he also delivered a speach? Ask those who attended the ceremony. Better still you can see his photo when within the ceremony at this site address -

You remember the bogus scam issue in the BBC? Do search about it. You will find out that it is related to the Irish International University only. Its not that "big" scam they portrayed it to be. Do a search youll see for yourself. Africa and Asia were not mentioned at all.

Ok, let me give them a piece of my mind also. Now you know QAC-UK and CAM and OXIM are mentioned in Kogan Page's book. Let me shed you light on something. I want you to see the DALC logo as an accredited training center for Eastern Africa for OXIM, on OXIM's own site. I want you to open:

Wasn't DALC the only one there under East Africa? Yah, you got that right. They have exclusive coverage for East Africa to somwhere around 2020 or so on behalf of OXIM. Its like a patent. Exclusive, meaning they are the only ones who can do it. Thats why people want to push DALC out. Coz they have seen the commercial potential of them having an Exclusive coverage. Who doesnt know how business is done in Kenya? I mean Grand Regency was just a small time contract?

Im sorry to say this to Nai University gards and the others, but in a listing of top 10,000 Universities in the world, our Kenyan institutions rated within the last 4,000. Only Nai University and Moi university appeared on the top 10,000 list, but at the very extreme bottom. Thats why you need yr degree rubber stamped by the local embassies once you get a job abroad - if you do ever get the job because of the university. Most guys getting jobs abroad get it because of proven work experience and talent which they built up on their own, not coz of the University qualification. Our PHD grads have failed to raise a thesis that affects Uganda and Tanzania let alone the world. Even Tanzania and Uganda had better institutions that ours. So, none of us are any better huh?

I cant do much from here on. Its up to you. Don let the media play you. Play the game.




Despite DALCs lies,USIU does not recognise the qualifications from DALC. I know Oborah has told you that you can go to USIU and Naazarene just like Grace Osoro did on TV last 32 days ago but here is an email from one wasted DALC student who went to USIU.

Dear SIR ,

 I am writing to inform you of my situation since I completed the advanced diploma at DALC.

I travelled to Toronto in august last year where I had applied to Ryerson University and Seneca College. Application had to be done through (including credit transfers). I got my letter of approval plus and 1 year college degree exemption from the association which enabled me to proceed to second year studies. However, life in Canada turned out to be too expensive and I had to return.

In january I applied to USIU for admission to IBA degree with credit transfers for may intake. I began in the May semester and just yesterday I approached one of the Heads of the business departments, who looked over my application for transfers and told me the university does not recognise DALC and went on to tell me DALC is a scam and isnt what it claims to be, and that its been in the papers.

This came as an utter shock, because even when i tried explaining to him that relying on a newspaper article is not basis for judging DALC, and that DALC is backed by several boards, my application wasnt even considered. Just cancelled.

Now its like I have to start from scratch, after two years...


Please look into this matter because I might not be the only one facing this.


yours faithfully,



(Ex-DALC student 2007)


If you are a DALC fool , a fib is hair in between your toes. For the rest of
you who were watching the class,

 Oborah explained that DALC was NOT FAKE despite
admitting a D+ O level fellow straight to the 3rd year of the GRADUATE
DIPLOMA. He crafted this long tale on a Mr. James Muiruri who got a D+
because both parents died before examinations?? So he failed and the joint
admissions board refused to listen to his pleas?? So Muiruri was employed as
a sweeper in this big company until one day he decided that he wanted to go
to school and he wrote a letter?? His English was so good, the boss did not
believe it and he wrote a 2nd letter that was even better and he was
promoted. He was a sweeper for 5 years. At his new position he wrote
proposals that were impressive and was promoted to be the MD's PA because of
his loyalty and writing skills after  years.One day, the MD was to make a
presentation but suddenly fell ill and sent  Mr. James Muiruri to do it on
his behalf. He did not send his deputy whom he feared would take his job. (
At this point I was laughing uncontrollably at Oborah's rudimentary
thinking) . So Muiruri made such an impressive presentation that the
Managers deputy was fired and Muiruri replaced him.
So Muiruri was now a big man with a big office and a big car (oborahs words)
who was refused admission by the University because he still had that D+
until he met Humphrey OBorah who assessed him through APEL and found that he
had gone to school for an equivalent of 2  years while working. Oborah
promptly took him to the 3rd year and now some dirty bloggers and the nation
newspaper daresay that DALC is fake. Is Muiruri a fool?

This is a fib right away especially the fact that it incorporates all of
Oborah limited stylistic devices. First, when did Muiruri approach Oborah?
From his history and the unexplained timeline, there is no way Muiruri would
have finished school less than  20 years ago. He was a sweeper for 7 years,
then a messenger for 5 years before being the PA to the MD and deputy MD. I
expect that a man who swept for 7 years to take another 10 before is deputy
Managing Director. Convince me otherwise if Jesus is your cousin but we all
know how hard it is to rise to the top even with qualifications in any company.

 If the man was in the company for 20years, then lets assume that he came
to DALC in 2007. 22 years before 2007 takes you to 1987. Now in 1987 they
did not have the 8-4-4 system we have today that grades in D+, A- etc.
They had the
other system that gave principles, subsidiaries etc and the freaking Joint
Admissions Board did not exist. So what is Oborah saying?

We thought such an elaborate story and earth shattering revelation should have
been told by James Muiruri himself instead of Oborah. That would be more

We attempted to track Muiruri today and we had a map, magnifying
lenses, fake diplomas and a sniffer dog. We spent all day and finally
realised that Muiruri is a voice in Oborah's head. Just like the King
of Belgium, Cambridge University, DAAD scholarship and BioMedically
approached education.

He's just not the sharpest knife in the kitchen this Humphrey Oborah..

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Without wasting time, Oborah delved into the now widely debated issue of DALC's misunderstanding. Apparently, people here do not move with the times and are questioning DALC for their "fresh" approach in Education. This innovative approach has not been received well by the people who are now suspicious. He thoroughly canned all of us Africans for over-questioning new things and concepts such as DALC. He put it in a manner to suggest that it was unintelligent not to take to DALC like fish to water. He failed to mention that DALC lies, tricks, hoodwinks and uses all tricks in the book to make you pay for a fake Diploma.

He brought in the prosperity gospel thing to this debate by alleging that we are not prosperous due to our "failure to accept change and new concepts". That got my blood boiling especially when he went further and said that Africans are suspicious of new things and that in sum, education policies in Africa are bad.

His new Bio-Medically approached education is Africa's silver bullet to all the problems of the education systems. He warned that while Africans are wallowing in negativity, the west is moving forward which is loosely translated to mean that our questioning of DALC is causing Africas poor development. We hinder DALC's grand plan by writing the truth. He also said that cases of bad mouthing of DALC were sponsored by jealous people and institutions that do not like to share. He blamed those people with a know it all psychology for all these problems. HAHAHA. Seriously, this is an education expert who speaks on national TV. KTN had better find better things for Mahia Mutua to do!!

I can take criticism of Africa's problems from a true scholar. Not Oborah who is busy cheating people off their money by giving them useless CAMBRIDGE/OXFORD diplomas. The same Oborah who holds a fake professorship and claims to have gone to Cambridge University on a scholarship when he didn't!


People, the future according to Oborah's crystal ball is so bleak, I piss myself when I think of it. Just kidding there but Oborah has the following devastating predictions for the future.
  • There will be no physical schools with physical classrooms.
  • Universities will no longer offer papers
  • Certificates will be worthless
  • Universities that offer certificates will perish
  • Skills and Knowledge will be required instead of certificates
His explained that the future will be paperless and qualifications irrelevant. Infact he gave a time frame of 25 years for the certificates to be irrelevant and years for Universities to stop existing in their current state. Given the fact that Harvard, Cambridge and MIT are light years ahead of our systems and are still giving certificates means that Oborahs predictions are total rubbish. Unfortunately, these predictions are the kind of junk that dumpsite mongrels detest.

Oborah was in short playing down the importance of certificates and recognition now that it has been proven that his certificates are dubious.

He said the key emphasis for the future will be skills but you tell me if you will go to a surgeon who studied at a dubious school 25 years from now.

He claims that years ago, he already knew that certificates recognition will be obsolete and thus coined his slogan " A certificate is just paper... Its content is the VALUE! We all know that the slogan was changed quietly a year ago and before that it was " A certificate is just paper... Its recognition is the VALUE!" We think he got tired of all the recognition values and decided to change to content. Thats like that time when he points to a fly in the wall when asked a bout the CHE accreditation.
Somehow, Oborah missed the main prediction for the future where he will languish in KAMITI for fraud in a cell where Kenyas best crooks will have signed their names on the dirty walls.


This was certainly the most African hating episode of the CLASS. If Oborah was a white man, we'd call him a racist. He went to the extent of dismissing the Education system as obsolete and in the same breath presented DALC as the alternative for the future. He predicted doomsday for presentday institutions for their rigidity and rules when it came to curriculum and admissions.
Some of the issues he presented that are wrong with the Kenyan system include:
  •  People do not get jobs after their parents invest lots of money. For a professor, his thinking was doormat-esque considering that job creation has never ever been the role of the education system. ITS THE ECONOMY STUPID. Economist create the jobs. Let me engage some simple examples..Did the UAE create jobs by overhauling the education system? No. They changed their economic plan and hence the same KEnyans whom Oborah dismisses as being educated in an obsolete system are highly valued in the UAE companies. The same case goes for South Africa, Qatar and Botswana where Kenyans are the leading African Expatriates in the country. It is never ever the fault of the Education system if the engineers, doctors and artisans cannot find jobs, it is the economists that have failed in creating enough wealth for all to share. How many college dropouts make it in the USA? Many, mostly as a result of the wealth in that country.
  • Education systems in the US/UK create opportunities. That is not my argument ladies and gentlemen. That is Oborah on KTN after the 9 oclock news. Mahia Mutua called him a leading researcher in new world order of world education. That is quite a hefty title for a local Nairobian whose claim to fame is a professorship from the unaccredited WIDU and untraceable research documents. Oborah is angling for a new system that will guarantee opportunities to the youth and prevent politicians from promising hapless youth jobs during campaigns and getting away  with it. 
He used phrases such as "exit the mzungu enter the african" to emphasise this point of Africans failure in educating themselves. He is on a pedestal this man.


Watching the class yesterday was painful and infuriating at the same time. Oborah will lie to Kenyans week in, week out and claim that he offers Africans , specifically Kenyans a way out in the quest for proper Education. He spoke of :


Oborah and Mahia Mutua kept on repeating UK and USA every two minutes. Everything that is wrong with Africa was attributed to old education systems that had not been reviewed for years unlike the UK and USA that regularly reviewed theirs. He seemed hellbent to ingrain an inferiority complex on everything else that was not up to US/UK standards. Of course he did not fail to remind the viewers that DALC was offering recognised  UK courses locally hence ensuring that students had access to world class syllabus that are localized for local content.

That is a fraudulent claim as Oborah collaborates with limited companies that do not exist and are not accredited. Therefore, his claim that DALC offers UK qualifications is misleading and he can take that to the high court if he wishes. We stand by the fact that Oborah is making fraudulent claims and he can put us out of this business by presenting his evidence in court!!.

Are these foreign qualifications recognised by the UK authorities? How many students in the UK are taking these prestigious courses? Get the answers.


Watching the class today was a little dizzying and un african. All the
references were about africa's backwardness and resistance to change
and innovation which DALC intends to cure. This particular episode
attempted to explain the need for credit transfers and why all
universities in the world should have a seamless system. Clever how
the Oborah keeps to global and african problem so that he seems like a
real expert. A mere college that has been accredited to teach only two
courses now speaks of having a system of credit transfers for the
world. Obviously, DALC is punching above its weight.
He also took time to explain why DALCS fakeness with a long winded lie
about a man he helped get credit transfers . In this episode one Grace
osoro came out and said that she was able to transfer her CAM credits
to Nazarene university. If its true, then we shall question that
university for allowing fraudulent diplomas to transfer credits. We
will pay them a visit soon. The review of todays episode of the class

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


We know that giving useless career advice is one fake profs forte and today we would like to pass some not so useless career advice to him. We understand that Doctors cannot treat themselves and have taken this opportunity to suggest things this beloved man can do given his unique skill set and inherent abilities. See the career options below.

Obow ra will shortly be launching the DALC Herbal centres. He will offer herbal education that is embeded in herbal testing and assesment. To this end, students will receive herbs from the UK In OXIM/CAM paper bags. The DALC HERBAL centres will have a catchy slogan " A herb is just a plant, Its medicinal content is the value. Patients will receive herbal prescriptions from the UK that will have an option to upgrade to stronger herbs upon payment of UK HERBAL.  OBOW ra will advertise his HERBAL centre on KTIN every Tuesday night after the 9 oclock news where he will proclaim to cure diseases that are yet to affect patients and sensationally claim cures for AIDS, MADNESS and lying.

Ham Frey intends to get into the baking business due to the increasing cost of bread which presents him with a unique opportunity to con people. His bread will be known the DIGITAL bread which will be baked with ingredients purpotedly from Oxford and Cambridge in the UK. His digital bread will have the capability of enhancing peoples career choices and will be marketed to schools and students through front page newspaper ads. The Kenya Bureau of Standards will question the quality of the bread but Obow ra will call a press conference where he will claim that there is nothing wrong with his bread as long as it fills the stomcah. He will accuse the Kenya Bureau of Standards of being jealous of his bakery. He will advise the KBS to open its own bakery and see how hard it is to run a bakery.

With extensive experience of running Kenya biggest diploma mill, Ham Frey expects to start his milling business where he will produce flour that is academically tested. His flour will result Gifts and talents for the users. He will claim that his flour was originally milled in the UK cities of CAMBRIDGE and Oxford. The mill will be known as the DIGITAL ACADEMIC LEANING MILL. He will publish pictures of ministers, the queen, michael jackson, mickey mouse, playboy bunny and obama on the flour packet.

When questioned by the press on his misleading advertisements he will promptly point to a fly on the wall and ask the pressmen to name it, explain how it got there and state what they were going to do about it. He will then tell a joke on how he's tried to hang his jacket on a fly on the wall after one too many. Upon further questioning on the matter of his advertising, he will challenge  the journalist to prove that she used tissue paper before coming to the press conference.

To get back at us, Obow Ra will be launching 11 blogs that will be fully prometrically created using biomedical technology. One of the blogs will be called "Am laughing to the bank with this CAMFORD shiat", where he will piss on the other bloggers claiming that their attempts to halt his fraud have borne little fruit. He will also write an article " Shave your balls if the mayor does not exist", where he will write about his exploits with a man claiming to be the OXFORD mayor. When interviewed on the press, Obow Ra will say, " The blogs are now connected/linked/joined/put together/interlocked to all the UK blogs and have been validated/accepted/acknowledged/allowed/accredited/approved at CAMBRIDGE/OXFORD". He is currently working on an article, " I'm cleverer than you. Thats why I gave you diploma from non existent CAM/OXIM".

Monday, March 23, 2009


DALC Education has never been about content. They may have all these fancy slogans and Cambridge/Oxford Connections but that is all flash. DALC loves to show off personalities it claims to be associated with. If the Prime Minister shook hands with Oborah, then it would be on the prospectus tomorrow. This will be done with aplomp and fanfare and would probably be broadcast on KTN just as a reminder. We have a long list of people on DALC prospectus whose pictures have been used to improve the image of a fraudulent institution and make it seem as if these prominent people endorse DALC with all its trickery.

When you walk into any of DALC's "campuses", the centre manager will give you a copy of this prospectus which summarises DALC courses on the inside with pictures of Oborah, CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY, students graduating etc The couloured pictures and glossy paper do not come cheap so they have you fooled on that first point.

Those who doubt will be convinced easily by the pictures of CAMBRIDGE university buildings and the OXFORD MAYOR. Ahem.. We have Oborah in the company of the mayor of Oxford. A certain PETER KEEN. To a layman, this Kenyan who commands the audience of the OXFORD mayor must be an important man. As usual, thats DALC's trickery and you have fallen for it all this time.
The man who according to the DALC prospectus was OXFORD's mayor in the year 2006 has never been mayor of the city of OXFORD. Thankfully, it is easy to access the list of all the cities mayors going all the way back to the last century and there is no PETER KEEN in that list. As has become the norm with DALC, everything is a big facade and the lies start on the front of their prospectus.
Mr. Peter KEEN seen in this picture with Oborah was not the Mayor of OXFORD at any point and that is another one of DALC's blantant lies. Oborah knows that the average person in Kisumu , Kitale or Mombasa has no way of knowing who the real mayor of OXFORD was in the year 2006. A white man with a big bling bling chain around neck will do. This goes a long way in enhancing the image of a institution which is nothing but one big lie.

Oborah cannot claim that competitors are behind this lie and neither can he lay the blame on old staff. Simply put, Oborah is a Liar who will say/print anything to make it seem like DALC is collaborating with worthy institutions whilst using the name of CAMBRIDGE and OXFORD to invoke demand for his worthless courses from unsuspecting customers.
See the true list of OXFORD mayors here and see why Humphrey Peter Ouko Oborah is a liar to the core.
In 2006 when Oborah claims that the man in the picture was the mayor of Oxford, the seat was actually held by a Jim Campbell.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


The most important thing is that the qualifications are so recognized (i.e registered by Kenya Goverment through Ministry of Education and Commission for Higher Education) and thus the said  UPGRADES, THROUGH CREDIT TRANSFERS, ARE GUARANTEED in most universities as long as you pass all the modules (i.e achieve 50%).
Why is it a lie? DALC was accredited to teach only two courses and the understanding was that the students would be getting a DALC Diploma. As we all know, DALC is giving Kenyans a raw deal by claiming that the CAM/OXIM courses are accredited and recognised. DALC has been around for a while and still not even one student has left DALC and successfully transfered their credits to a legit university. Do you know anyone?  The only thing DALC guarantees you is waste. Money and time.
Upgrades of Cambridge or Oxford diplomas (through credit transfers) to  bachelors or masters degrees are at the discretion of the awarding universities. It is further gratifying to note that very high profile universities recognize the Cambridge (CAM) and Oxford (OXIM) diplomas hence ease, and guarantee, of these upgrades in most universities in UK or locally
Why is it a lie? DALC makes all sorts of claims and never bothers to give the necessary evidence. If high profile universities acknowledge their courses, why do they have to remain anonymous? Would a legit University recognise unaccredited qualifications? The promise that MOST universities accept you is totally fraudulent and should be investigated by all who study at DALC. Mark my words, those DIPLOMAS ARE NOT ACCEPTED BY AN ACCREDITED UNIVERSITY ANYWHERE. SEND US AN EMAIL WHEN YOU FIND ONE.
All marking and certifications are done in Cambridge or Oxford (UK). Once you qualify, your transcripts or /and certificates will be received directly from Cambridge or Oxford. It therefore means that there is no difference between a student studying locally and that in UK since the assessment is done uniformly.This ensures the much-needed quality assurance and international acceptance
Why is it a liE?  THE LIES keep coming thick and fast. Kenyans love anything made in UK and will forget that even if the certificates came from the UK or Andorra, the important thing is the awarding body. Oborah prints everything here and he used to burn all the case studies students presented. These days it is easier for him as the students send the projects as soft copies. When DALC claims "there's no difference between a student studying locally and that in UK", it creates an illusion that CAM/OXIM have students in the UK which is an outright lie. CAM does not even exist!!
In addition to The British Council Library we have our elaborate Resource Centres at all campuses.
Why is it a liE?  British Council cannot stand Oborah. They once disowned him in a newspaper ad.They have no ties with the man but he just cannot help lying about this imaginary association. Probably it helps DALC look British with Cambridge/Oxford written all over the college and now the British Council. Take time off and enquire at British Council opposite Rahimtulla towers at upper hill.

There are in-house staff training programmes which are dedicated to those who deal directly with students enquiries.Teaching staff have a special "teachers and trainers" update programme which is dedicated to teaching staff on how pass their vast knowledge to another. There are exchange programmes where tutors from overseas come home to interact with local tutors. Our tutors also travel overseas for similar exchange programmes.

Why is it a liE? HAHAHAHAH. DALC TUTORS interact with international tutors to exchange knowledge and even travel overseas on exchange programmes!! They also posses vast knowledge which they exchange. Outlandish! DALC tutors would only go to the UK  for an exchange programme if :
a)CAM/OXIM exist- they dont
b)CAM/OXIM are colleges- Oborah says they are not
c)Oborah cares for staff welfare - he doesn't
d) The staff would get VISAs- they wouldn't 
It seems to me that DALC is totally averse to the truth. Check out the DALC page of lies.


DALC loves to thump its chest and proclaim to all that it offers the best education because it is practical. This practical nature is as a result of DALC's ingenious examination policy where students go to the field, identify problems and create solutions. This sounds good when you read it on a prospectus or watch Oborah on TV but those who have been in DALC know that it is a total waste of time.
The only practical thing about DALC EDUCATION is the manner in which they bank your hard earned money and print you useless certificates. For example how practical are DALC's  IT, hospitality, tourism, pre engineering, medical courses? DALC hospitality students complete the entire course in a classroom and the institution has no hospitality establishment where they take the practical bit of their course. One of the reasons why UTALII students are internationally recognised is the high standard and their practical ability. The hospitality sector is one that requires strong hands-on ability.
A DALC student will receive a diplomas (printed by Oborah) in hospitality management after spending their entire course writing case studies. The lecturer Mr. Okwany will teach things like customer care, Food and Beverage management without having the students go to a hotel. How practical is that?
The same case applies for students of tourism management where the entire course will be done at the Westlands campus and students at the end will be bragging how practical DALC's system is. Tell me, how do you teach tour guiding in a class? There are many more cases that raise eyebrows such as premedicals and preengineering. These are courses that would require specialised labs that are lacking at DALC.
DALC EDUCATION continues to propagate the PRACTICAL EDUCATION illusion by teaching such courses as Robotics Technology. This is a very very specialised course that is offered by few universities in the world at the Masters level. According to research...
Graduates of a degree program in Robotics Technologies are prepared to use their skills to program, assemble, troubleshoot, coordinate or design robots for use in industrial and light manufacturing. Possible job titles in this field include robot technician, computer controlled machine programmer.
Basically, these people should be able to take a robot apart, fix it and have it working in an hour.
How is DALC teaching such a specialised course? Of course they have practical education where a student of Robotics will go and write case studies which will be marked by a tutor who has never studied Robotics. So is that practical education to you? 
On the minimum, DALC should have a LAB where robots are assembled and programmed to teach such a course. They don't, students will get a Post Graduate Diploma in Robotics Technology from case studies they write. Everybody knows how easy it is to write a case study these days. You can google anything!!! 
Oborah can continue lying to Kenyans about his practical education system but only a fool would consider a graduate who has studied a hands on course such as Hospitality, Tourism, Systems Architecture entirely in class with case studies being the closest they come to PRACTICE.
Thank God DALC is not training doctors! Imagine a doctor who has spent all his time writing case studies.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

FAKE Professor impersonates comedian!!

This story is not real but I imagine a story like this tomorrow in a newspaper somewhere..

A fake professor was escorted out of K! KlibHouse in handcuffs by police officers last  night after "performing" in front of a sell-out crowd. He is currently being charged with impersonating a comedian.

Chief of Police released a statement to the press . " The man is in our custody until he has posted the bail set. If he performed his 'act' somewhere on the river road, he would never have been charged. But this is Parklands, and you just can't pull that terrible, flaccid, fake diploma kind of joke.

Audience members are pleased with the action taken by police. Said Tom, who sat in the third row, "When I saw this douche come on stage with those fake diplomas, I knew it was going to be a long night."
Another lady , concurred. "He  had this terrible fake English accent, and he started making 'jokes' about getting a Phd with no Masters and why you dont' need accreditation. We couldn't even 'boo' him, it was that bad. Thank God the police showed up when they did.

The sentencing for the fake professor could be up to 7330 days in jail as well as mandatory enrollment in the 12-step program, "Truth or Lie," where he will be exposed to at least 400 hours of audio and video recordings of people telling the truth .

The Professor could not be reached for comment, but his wife, issued a statement to reporters. "The professor is not sorry for all of the practical  jokes he had made about education. The awkwardness and frustration they caused is a result of malice and jealousy by other comedians ."

Adopted from


Did Oborah go to study on a DAAD scholarship as he claims? Sometimes he forgets and tells people he was on a DFID scholarship.   Well the truth easy to find out, his brief biography at the WIDU website claims that he went to study on a DAAD scholarship. Why don't you write to and know the real truth of the matter.

Friday, March 20, 2009


When you look at DALC's prospectus and websites. They all look very Cambridge and Oxford. We cannot fault them for that because its their business to represent CAMBRIDGE and OXFORD in Kenya and thus must potray the image. Is it?
Is using Cambridge and Oxford Universities fraudulent? YES! If you make the decision to join DALC from the prospectus, then you will have fallen for the rooftops. What do I mean? DALC,CAM and OXIM websites have pictures of CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY building which gives it that old english allure. This becomes a lie because we have established that CAM physical address leads to Wellington House as seen below.

So why is DALC showing you pictures of CAMBRIDGE and OXFORD universities if not to mislead you? Why would a business that operates from River Road publish pictures of a RAHIMTULLA in Upperhill. That is dishonesty and deliberate misrepresentation. It is part of the deception and trickery that these people have perfected. Look at the current and past DALC prospectus and see how heavily they use images of Universities they are not affiliated to but deceptively make it look like they are. Do not be fooled.