Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Humphrey Peter Ouko Oborah has moved with speed to cover up his lies after the exposure on this blog. This confirms that we have the dirt on the man and he is desperate to hide all the evidence we have raised here.What he doesn't know is that we are just getting started.
Radical measures have been taken by the man in an attempt to stop the truth from coming into the open. Humphrey Oborah, why have you done al these things in the past one month if not to hide the truth?

  • Transferred the long serving messanger dOMINIC to Eldoret so that your Certificate Fraud PRINTING Factory details are not revealed to anyone.

  • Removed the bulletins you used to post online after you realised that they were evidence of your dishonesty.

  • Modified your website to remove all references to Creative Africa which was used to hoodwink people to join DALC.

  • Modified your Website to remove references to plagiarised prospectus we highlighted here.

  • Blocked calls from "pesky" students who have taken you to task over the upgrading universities.

  • Disabled the QAC link on your site. That says a lot about QAC and you.

  • Send official communications through the webmaster so that in future it cannot be linked back to you.

  • Moved to wipe the paper trail by threatening staff that they should not have anything on a DALC letter head through phonecalls.
  • Asked employees to submit their PIN numbers so you can start paying tax...or start pretending to pay tax.


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