Wednesday, March 25, 2009


This was certainly the most African hating episode of the CLASS. If Oborah was a white man, we'd call him a racist. He went to the extent of dismissing the Education system as obsolete and in the same breath presented DALC as the alternative for the future. He predicted doomsday for presentday institutions for their rigidity and rules when it came to curriculum and admissions.
Some of the issues he presented that are wrong with the Kenyan system include:
  •  People do not get jobs after their parents invest lots of money. For a professor, his thinking was doormat-esque considering that job creation has never ever been the role of the education system. ITS THE ECONOMY STUPID. Economist create the jobs. Let me engage some simple examples..Did the UAE create jobs by overhauling the education system? No. They changed their economic plan and hence the same KEnyans whom Oborah dismisses as being educated in an obsolete system are highly valued in the UAE companies. The same case goes for South Africa, Qatar and Botswana where Kenyans are the leading African Expatriates in the country. It is never ever the fault of the Education system if the engineers, doctors and artisans cannot find jobs, it is the economists that have failed in creating enough wealth for all to share. How many college dropouts make it in the USA? Many, mostly as a result of the wealth in that country.
  • Education systems in the US/UK create opportunities. That is not my argument ladies and gentlemen. That is Oborah on KTN after the 9 oclock news. Mahia Mutua called him a leading researcher in new world order of world education. That is quite a hefty title for a local Nairobian whose claim to fame is a professorship from the unaccredited WIDU and untraceable research documents. Oborah is angling for a new system that will guarantee opportunities to the youth and prevent politicians from promising hapless youth jobs during campaigns and getting away  with it. 
He used phrases such as "exit the mzungu enter the african" to emphasise this point of Africans failure in educating themselves. He is on a pedestal this man.


  • However how much would like to glorify and justify DALC position. Just answer this: On any given DALC KTN TV' presentation, why doesn't Oborah talk of graduate diploma upgrading through the dodgy (no permanent address, declined registration by reputable accreditation bodies and Governments,) Irish International University and European Business School openly?

    His repeatedly DALC philosophy on TV is so tired. His mono selling pitch is watered down by the fact no other official has publicly drummed the existence of DALC. Please remind me.

    Just pop into any of their campuses and ask the above question , you will get a vague answer on upgrading and a mumble on an elusive charter from CHE.

    March 26, 2009 at 3:58 PM

  • Thats true, at the nakuru campus the otherday. The receptinist failed to give the right answers and took me in circles. They thot i had not read about dalc!

    March 26, 2009 at 10:01 PM

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