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Hello to All,

This email is sent to a select number of people. So do not forward this mail to other sources. You see we tend to blame mass media for corrupting people's minds (let us talk about current world affairs). We point fingers to the big guys in the press, well truth is we locally are quite a gullible people. Especially after media propaganda by a number of known media houses after post election violence, we learnt no lesson about the political and other sources of influence on our own media. Today we gonna critically analyse the DALC scam, coz iv been hearing alot about it (at least locally, not abroad). Question to ask is: How many of you had taken time to do the research after the DALC scam came out? Lemme guess, no hands up. I have. And now I want you to listen closely, coz I shall give citations from the articles and, prove them wrong. Here goes.

Before I begin, I take this opportunity to Introduce Kogan Page - the compiler of the world famous British Qualifications booklet. In Kogan Page's website we are told "Europe's leading and largest independent business book publisher. Founded in 1967, Kogan Page provides affordable and practical business information for professionals, managers, entrepreneurs and students around the world. Our range of over 1200 books and electronic products caters for all business needs, from initial careers advice to professional texts, reference works and regional analysis."

So what is the British Qualifications Booklet, states it to be "The single best one-volume reference on British Educational awards in print." and then goes on to say "The field of professional, academic and vocational qualifications is ever-changing. The new edition of this practical guide provides thorough information on all developments in these areas in the UK. Fully indexed, it includes details on all university awards and over 200 career fields, their professional and accrediting bodies, levels of membership and qualifications. British Qualifications is a unique resource for human resource managers and university admissions officers to verify the qualifications of potential employees and students." I dont want to make this email look too long, just know this for the moment.

Citation: The colleges are accredited by Quality Assurance Commission Limited owned by a Malaysian businessman and which is not recognised by UK education authorities. "There are two accreditation bodies in the UK and QAC is not one of them," Mr David Higgs, the head of British Council is said in an earlier interview.

Are you sure its not recognized? Then why is it enlisted on page 905 of the British Qualifications Booklet, 36th Edition? You see, then it gets more interesting.

DALC collaborates with two institutions in the UK — Cambridge Association of Managers and Oxford Association of Management — which run two separate colleges offering management courses but which have no working relationship with either Cambridge or Oxford Universities.

I thought they told us that CAM and OXIM were not related to the universities before we enrolled anyway? You see, the two are registered resellers of degree related programmes. Once you finish their courses you get credits to do a BSc in other UK institutions. And did I tell you that:

   1. Cambridge Association of Managers (CAM) - Listed on Page 692 of the British Qualifications Booklet. 36th Edition.
   2. Oxford Association of Management (OXIM) - Listed on Pages 492, 690, 704 of the British Qualifications booklet, 36th Edition.

Again these "bogus" bodies seem to be documented in the British Qualifications booklet?

According to Prof Standa, the Commission is currently studying the validation application by DALC, while admitting that there was a mistake in the DALC case.

What? And what was Mr Joel Mberia, Deputy Commission Secretary, Commission of Higher Education (CHE) - Kenya, doing in the 2008 DALC graduation ceremony some 2 months ago? I mean people from these "bogus" bodies were graduating right? Actually he also delivered a speach? Ask those who attended the ceremony. Better still you can see his photo when within the ceremony at this site address -

You remember the bogus scam issue in the BBC? Do search about it. You will find out that it is related to the Irish International University only. Its not that "big" scam they portrayed it to be. Do a search youll see for yourself. Africa and Asia were not mentioned at all.

Ok, let me give them a piece of my mind also. Now you know QAC-UK and CAM and OXIM are mentioned in Kogan Page's book. Let me shed you light on something. I want you to see the DALC logo as an accredited training center for Eastern Africa for OXIM, on OXIM's own site. I want you to open:

Wasn't DALC the only one there under East Africa? Yah, you got that right. They have exclusive coverage for East Africa to somwhere around 2020 or so on behalf of OXIM. Its like a patent. Exclusive, meaning they are the only ones who can do it. Thats why people want to push DALC out. Coz they have seen the commercial potential of them having an Exclusive coverage. Who doesnt know how business is done in Kenya? I mean Grand Regency was just a small time contract?

Im sorry to say this to Nai University gards and the others, but in a listing of top 10,000 Universities in the world, our Kenyan institutions rated within the last 4,000. Only Nai University and Moi university appeared on the top 10,000 list, but at the very extreme bottom. Thats why you need yr degree rubber stamped by the local embassies once you get a job abroad - if you do ever get the job because of the university. Most guys getting jobs abroad get it because of proven work experience and talent which they built up on their own, not coz of the University qualification. Our PHD grads have failed to raise a thesis that affects Uganda and Tanzania let alone the world. Even Tanzania and Uganda had better institutions that ours. So, none of us are any better huh?

I cant do much from here on. Its up to you. Don let the media play you. Play the game.




  • Ahmed,

    The Highly aclaimed British Qualifications book is a publication of the Irish International University group.It is NOT a goverment publication.

    Ever asked yourself how IIU found its way to the cover page? Take a copy of this book to any British Authority on education and watch them burn it......

    March 27, 2009 at 6:37 AM


    The Higher Education and Training Awards Council of Ireland has recently reviewed their policies and procedures to include transnational providers of higher education.

    The Irish International University has re-engaged itself with the Higher Education and Training Council of Ireland for official recognition of MBA and PhD awards.

    The University website is under reconstruction at the moment and the old website can be viewed at:

    All enquiries can be directed to:

    March 27, 2009 at 12:05 PM

  • So IIU is still calling itself a university and awarding fake dilomas even as they await to be accredited? How enlightening. And why should all enquiries be directed to the IIU? Can't we direct them to the government of Ireland and the UK education authorities. Why can't we ask the UK authorities?

    March 27, 2009 at 5:35 PM

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