Thursday, March 5, 2009


DALC exists for the sole purpose of getting as much money as they ca from unsuspecting Kenyans in the shortest possible time. To do this it pretends to be a fully legitimate institution but in reality is like a shopkeeper who knowingly sells you expired flour. He may have all the licenses on the wall, but he is taking your money for nothing.

To successfully achieve it mission of parting you from your money and making its owners billionaires by 2011, DALC has looked at Kenyans psyche, written a script on that and executed it very well.

How they part you from your money.

Glitz and Glamour

DALC knows very well that people judge things by the appearance and they make sure that everything about DALC is glamorous. Just like a cars paintwork would mislead on its worth, DALC makes sure that its glitzy so that you do not bother looking under the hood and finding its crappy engine!

  • Premises- If you walk into a DALC office with dusty shoes or some of that red mud found on some parts of Thika Road, you will definitely feel out of place because the offices are clean, shiny and posh. You will be much more at home with your dusty shoes at the UoN lobby than at DALC because they have an upmarket look. Image is everything they say and DALC EDUCATION knows that 80% of human beings make a judgement solely on appearance.

  • Staff- Staff at the college have a strict dress code and are required to dress formally all the time and men should never be seen without a tie or wearing less than sparkling shoes. That compared to the staff at other institution is a pretty high standard that goes further to help you choose DALC.

  • Evidence- Walk into any DALC today and you will see sample certificates everywhere alongside letters from the ministry of Education, newspaper cuttings, pictures of past students, graduands etc. Now walk go to Daystar. Spot the difference? DALC seems to give you all the evidence that it is prestigious and well known. Maybe they should hang the 10 commandments on the wall somewhere and throw in a picture of Oborah's Primary school Headmaster as well. I am yet to find a legitimate institution that shows sample certificates anywhere. I just don't understand why a sample certificate would mean anything, DALC tries to answer all the questions in advance : Is it recognised?-there is a letter. Do students graduate?-there are the pictures etc

  • Events- Graduations, Professorship awards, cavalier of hopelessness, parents meetings, UK collaboration launch, Cambridge Awards etc are all events that DALC organises and ensures are held in the best available hotels. DALC makes sure that these events are attended by hundreds of people and covered by the KTN. “ Who can question us when we hold our events in the open and invite the press”, is Humphrey Oborah's favourite retort when asked if the institution is legitimate.

  • Hotels-DALC hires halls of the best hotels for their events. Whatever town DALC is operating in, they have held a couple of events in the best hotels. For the common man who has not had the opportunity of sitting at the Hilton or Nairobi Safari Club, DALC affords him the opportunity sit and walk the halls of these prestigious establishments. To most people, no dodgy college would hire the Hilton hotel for an event.


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