Sunday, March 15, 2009


...the path to college education is strewn with numerous pitfalls.There are many unaccredited colleges that claim to offer all manner of courses, and many that claim to be affiliated with prestigious foreign universities.

The Commission for Higher Education has done a commendable job in warning the public to be vigilant and to ask as many questions as possible about the colleges they intend to join.

All this information is public and should be provided on demand.But it is also incumbent on would-be applicants to spend the necessary time doing internet searches to find out as much as possible about the institutions that look interesting.

Then there is the question of choosing the right college overseas. Many students and parents have rued their decisions after wasting money on universities and colleges that are not recognised.

Some of the affected students have ended up living miserable lives in foreign countries, all because they did not do enough research about the schools before they applied.

In short, young people and their guardians will have only themselves to blame should they find themselves in some tight corner because all the information is available.

Read the editorial again and see that you are advised to be careful when dealing with colleges that claim to be collaborating with foreign institutions of repute. You will have only yourself to blame when the AXE falls and your money is wasted at institutions like DALC. You do not have to read this blog, go to google and dedicate 60 minutes finding out all the information you need before you commit your sh. 200,000 to a CAMBRIDGE COURSE.
DALC's continued use of CAMBRIDGE/OXFORD in its marketing has been exposed in this blog as a sham. The nation advices that all prospective student have a duty to spend the necessary time doing internet searches to find out as much as possible about such institutions.
Your education will affect almost all aspects of your life and take the time to make sure you get it right. Not from Oborah or DALC as they are deceitful, the truth is out there.


  • This blogger must be commended for his effort to expose this scam of a clooge which i am in and have even reccommended friends to go to.
    Those who do not want to accept it can keep going there and paying such high fees,but bottom line is that it is still a paper.

    March 16, 2009 at 12:33 PM

  • why do you guyz envy DALC. Geeeez look for something else to do. am a student there and i think its good. go to the british counsel and enquire about it.if you guyz dont have anything to do why dont you think of something else like biz, something that can help you coz you r goin nowhere about this issue.pliz do something constructive and mind your own biz. you think the government is stupid by accrediting dalc. DALC is the future.

    March 20, 2009 at 6:49 AM

  • To the comment above, DALC can only be the future example of how not to run a con. We do not envy a bunch of liars and their supporters one bit. Why do you think we are jealous of an institution that is affiliated to nonexistent examination bodies? People like you are beneath our contempt and thus i'll let people read the comment above so they can see exactly the kind of defence DALC has put up to this.

    March 20, 2009 at 5:23 PM

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