Tuesday, March 31, 2009


The DALC Head of Missions is a man who could start a cult and manage to get followers in the thousands. Those who have worked one on one with him know that his charisma is unmatched and can talk his way out of a tight spot. We looked at previous research on psychology of cult leaders and found that Oborah has some of the traits that have been identified in Cult Leaders worldwide. These are:

Single authority - unlike distributed power of modern organization , Oborah totally overshadows all other leaders in his organization and exhibits a total lack of trust to members. Not even his wife who is his business partner at DALC is allowed to speak for DALC or make "proper" decisions. Oborah is the know it all in DALC and encourages students and parents not to listen to other sources of information on him or DALC

Questionable credentials -he claims to ha ve 2 masters degrees, scholarships, professorships etc which are non existent or from a fake university. No one in this world can prove that Oborah went to Cambridge University because he did not, neither did he get a DAAD scholarship usually given to first class students from local universities. As a result, he is no career specialist or a curriculum scientist as he claims. Interesting Oborah claims that he was the 2nd best student in KCSE in his year, that he willingly gave up med school for his BSc and that he was headed to Mangu high school but the fees was too high.

Requirement for unconditional trust - Oborah always demands extreme loyalty unquestioning faith and does not tolerate open criticism of his ideas. Staff at DALC are rewarded for their unquestioning loyalty and not performance. He needs this so that the dirty secrets of DALC and his personal life do not come out in the open.

Generate extreme wealth at expense of the poor.. Oborah lives lavishly and spends money like he was in Zimbabwe. He walks around with not less that 50,000 on him, a cheque book and a set of credit and debit cards. DALC are unwilling to submit to 3rd party disclosure and audits. Oborah demands that students pay their fee on the 5th yet goes on to pay his staff after 10th.

Of course, he takes the liberty to make deductions on the salaries as he pleases. He then tells the students that all this measures are to improve the service delivery by the staff. DALC is raising close to 500,000,000 annually from thousands of people who believe that the Cambridge/Oxford diplomas mean something. Many parents have been driven to near poverty by DALC's exorbitant exam fees that goes straight into Oborah's pockets.He is living large?



BMW 6 SERIES -VALUE kSH. 8,000,000,

TAG HEUeR WATCH- kSH.328,000

Sexual misconduct . Many female staff speak of the misconduct that goes on at DALC. Not many would like the matter discussed further but female employees at DALC are sexually harassed. One former librarian refused to give in to the demands and she was seriously abused verbally. One IT staff who joined last year quit within months of joining DALC after the man started demanding sexual favours. This man is simply disgusting.

Grandiose promises . DALC students are made to feel very significant in history.There are claims that DALC will start clinics treating people with Genopuls, that CAmbridge and Oxford will be building a university, that the European Union had donated millions of Euros to build a DALC university. This is bound to make all of you hold on to the promise and look forward to making history.

Demand major ongoing financial contributions . The lowest you could pay at DALC is 90,000. This is for the lowest Diploma, the cost goes higher and with upgrade fees, graduation fees, examination fees and admission fees. Some people spend as much as 500,000 at DALC.

A claim that evil sinister forces attempt to subvert him-The devil, the government, competitors, jealous people, retrogressive kenyans, Al pacino, the bearded man and Mickey Mouse etc. have been accused of trying to bring down DALC. A sense of paranoia helps keep faithful followers. The DALC students tend to say anyone not with us is against us. - Oborah seeks student sympathy with these outlandish claims . It seems everything and everybody is out to get him. He talks of a great conspiracy against DALC because Africans do not understand new things and fear creative institutions.e

Big event is just around the corner - Oborah has been pumping DALC's faithful with stories of the BIG EDUCATION BANG that will leave those unprepared for the future flailing in the wind. The BIG EVENT will leave DALC unscathed because OBorah has prepared for it by offering "PRACTICAL BIOMEDICALLY APPROACHED" education . According to this man Education Institutions will be rendered obsolete unless they follow DALC's formula. He says this will happen in 20 or so years. I'd run if i were you.


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