Friday, March 20, 2009


When you look at DALC's prospectus and websites. They all look very Cambridge and Oxford. We cannot fault them for that because its their business to represent CAMBRIDGE and OXFORD in Kenya and thus must potray the image. Is it?
Is using Cambridge and Oxford Universities fraudulent? YES! If you make the decision to join DALC from the prospectus, then you will have fallen for the rooftops. What do I mean? DALC,CAM and OXIM websites have pictures of CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY building which gives it that old english allure. This becomes a lie because we have established that CAM physical address leads to Wellington House as seen below.

So why is DALC showing you pictures of CAMBRIDGE and OXFORD universities if not to mislead you? Why would a business that operates from River Road publish pictures of a RAHIMTULLA in Upperhill. That is dishonesty and deliberate misrepresentation. It is part of the deception and trickery that these people have perfected. Look at the current and past DALC prospectus and see how heavily they use images of Universities they are not affiliated to but deceptively make it look like they are. Do not be fooled.




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