Friday, March 6, 2009


The Media

What would DALC be without the media? Kenya's media is more trusted than the government and what they say goes. So they say DALC is offering Career goes. DALC cleverly uses the media to gain some credibility and hoodwink Kenyans who think that the media is watching out for them. Always.

  • Documentaries-, I feel bad when these documentaries are aired because tens of people enroll as a result . These are aired during the prime time and sometimes on 3 channels at once. They (media) love DALC's money and clearly want the matters to remain that way. Tell me how the investigative journalists are able to get information on the dirty ministers, Anglo leasing all the way in UK, inside military deals, the oil scam have no whiff about DALC!! You see, the DALC scam is not hard to investigate, the journalist can go to the British Council, the British High Commission or fly to Cambridge Association of Managers office in the UK. They can also google! We have written countless of emails to Standard Group Editors and the KTN management asking them to make sure DALC is squeaky clean as they air its adverts. We have gone further and contacted their investigative journalists to no avail. So? Yeah, conclude that for yourselves!!

  • The Class- The class is simply an infomercial where Mahia Mutua introduces a topic (problem) and then invites an expert Humphrey Oborah to discuss it (solution). Through all that, we see random camera shots of DALC students , burning cars, Nairobi traffic, donkeys carrying firewood, DALC premises and whatever image the editors want you to see as Oborah drums another one of his strange philosophies across. I haven't really come to understand what the program is supposed to achieve and anybody who knows could help us see the light.
  • Front Page Ads- You saw one on the day KCSE results were announced, didn't you. Front page of the standard. This was one of those nonsensical adverts that trashes recognition and hails content of education. It said that long ago, people were rewarded with medals (cavalier of hopelessness) and olives. DALCs courses are loaded with skills and you will be successful in your business as a result. The ad also prominently says CAMBRIDGE/OXFORD learning centre, that is misleading if you ask me but the Standard Group don't care because they got 200,000 from DALC as a result of the AD. Thats the average amount a “Cambridge” Post Graduate student is conned at DALC!


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