Saturday, March 14, 2009


We like to remind you that people who should be answering questions at DALC prefer to talk and stir emotions at the expense of Kenyans lives. The comment that was posted below show just how intelligent some people at DALC are.

Just think of it.Why should you guys spend alot of your vital time fighting Obora.These are just former employees who were not given a nice tratment or were sent off unceremoniously from DALC and they are on revage mission.Why dont you do something useful to your life.Did you get another job?If still tarmacking and feel cheated by DALC am sorry for you but dont revege pliz pliz.Get another job.Stop personal issues.Take him to police instead or to court if you have a case.All you are doing is cowardice.


  • So what if the writers are former employees? They can tell the truth about DALC much easier now that they are out. Are they liars? This is the point you should have addressed
  • You forgot to deny the allegations on this BLOG and instead ask us not to revenge. Isn't this confirming that you indeed have something to hide.
  • The disdain for unemployed people comes out in the open. What does tarmacking have to do with a factual account of DALC's lies??
  • Your appeal to the police and courts is very Obora-isque. Oborah sued the Business Daily when they first opened his can of worms last year.
  • Attacks at the bloggers show the same pattern. We all know who at DALC loves to say that those who leave are useless and those who dare speak against DALC are cowards.

Time DALC hits back with the truth, does someone still think that this is a mchongoano session at a bar?


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