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Gloria Jean Clutton says on the OXIM website that "I welcome you as an individual, as an organisation or both. Opportunity exists for ALL at The Oxford Association Of Management. I must congratulate you for choosing OXFORD, the best in the world". It leaves the impresion that this Oxford is second to none. After all, it is the best in the world! Never mind that Gloria Jean Clutton is named as the CAM president here. So as she welcomes you into OXIM (The best in the world) she is apparently president of the nearby CAM. What a coincidence?

OXIM gives certified awards to candidates apparently based on recognised entry qualifications. OXIM Candidates will normally be admitted as certified members based on recognised entry qualifications. The following are the certified memberships.

Certified Master of Business Administration Candidates must have been awarded a master degree by an organisation recognised by the Membership Committee as being of a sufficiently high standard.
Certified Doctorate Candidates must have been awarded a doctorate degree by an organisation recognised by the Membership Committee as being of a sufficiently high standard.

Certified MBA
£ 300
View Certificate
Certified DBA
£ 600
View Certificate
Am I the only one who thinks that a professional association has no business awarding academic qualifications? The OXIM unfleetingly awards masters and Doctorated in Business Administration despite the fact that it is a LTD company. And all you need to do to get this Certified DBA is pay a life membership fee. Thats a Diploma Mill right there!

Is OXIM really a LTD company? Does this OXIM (the best in the world) exist? Ladies and Gentlemen, you have been duped and lied to for a number of years now as OXIM does not exist in the UK. Not as a limited company, not as an examination body. THERE IS NO OXIM. This is not one of the outlandish remark I would make to draw attention to myself but the result of research.
You and me can access registration details of companies in the UK thanks to the internet. According to the Uk companies registration records OXIM was incorporated on 2005. It operated as a dormant company for three years.

According to the OXIM website, it is registered in England and Wales Company No.:05344566 but if you query the companies registration that number leads to the OXBRIDGE COLLEGE LONDON LTD.
The series of events is as follows:


As from 22.3.06 when OXIM changed its name to LONDON EXECUTIVE SCHOOLS (INTERNATIONAL) LIMITED, Oxford Association of Management stopped existing. It should have continued to trade but the new entity would have been London Executive Schools. Let me give you an example, when Kencell changed to Celtel. Kencell ceased to exist and all transactions would be under Celtel and the same happened when it changed to Zain. What OXIM and DALC are doing here is fraudulently using a non existent entity to hoodwink Kenyans. Even if you were to raise a complain against OXIM, the thing doesn't exist so you are going to find yourself in no man's land.

Your beloved Oxford (the best in the world) changed from OXIM to London Executive Schools in 2006 to Oxbridge College London last year.

All students from 206 and onwards who are holding OXIM certificates and documents should know that those documents are null and void. That is like signing a contract to supply Kencell and walking to Zain's offices to claim payment. Even the courts would not help you. Kencell does not exist, so does OXIM!
It should not escape your attention that for all this time, OXIM has been listed as a dormant company. According to

The term dormant applies to a company that, in legal terms, has no significant accounting transactions during a financial year. A dormant company must not have any accounting transactions except specific allowable transactions that can be disregarded. Dormant accounts show very little financial data except for assets and shares held.

A company is dormant if it has had no 'significant accounting transactions' during the accounting period. A 'significant accounting transaction' is one which the company should enter in its accounting records.

So, all this time you have been paying the OXIM examination fees, the company was filing returns as dormant, meaning that it was not trading.

This means that OXIM as a company did not engage in any trade upto 2006 despite examining defrauding hundreds of Africans and Asians from whom significant fees was collected. How dishonest is that? I reckon atleast 100 million has been collected as examination fees


  • ngai baba we are dead. Oborah is just a proud arrogant luo, and i bet he will not succed coz God watches this. He is illiterate, but does not know. He should meet learned men/women who know they are learned and do nothing about it.
    some times God can use you to see how you can treat people which Oborah does not know.
    he is just money minded. education is not something to joke abt

    March 6, 2009 at 5:06 PM

  • Yo are just a "tribalistic" character with no shame.We have relatives who have studied in CAMBRIDGE and are well off.I know some of you were either tutors or students who failed to meet the DALC requirements. Some tutors wanted to play the games that is played in Kenyan universities and students failed to conduct research projects as expected of them. We have no easy things in this world we must work hard to take AFRICAN UNIVERSITIES at the top of the global education.Greedy teachers would want to tutor around a bunch of colleges without paying taxes, where will they get to concentrate in taking care of DALC students who are supposed to come up with good research.It is attitude and it is the negative one.

    September 26, 2010 at 12:22 PM

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