Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Watching the class today was a little dizzying and un african. All the
references were about africa's backwardness and resistance to change
and innovation which DALC intends to cure. This particular episode
attempted to explain the need for credit transfers and why all
universities in the world should have a seamless system. Clever how
the Oborah keeps to global and african problem so that he seems like a
real expert. A mere college that has been accredited to teach only two
courses now speaks of having a system of credit transfers for the
world. Obviously, DALC is punching above its weight.
He also took time to explain why DALCS fakeness with a long winded lie
about a man he helped get credit transfers . In this episode one Grace
osoro came out and said that she was able to transfer her CAM credits
to Nazarene university. If its true, then we shall question that
university for allowing fraudulent diplomas to transfer credits. We
will pay them a visit soon. The review of todays episode of the class


  • People flash you mind back i.e. around 2008 a female staff of the Mater Hospital was equally popularising DALC through the KTN TV and a newspaper. Whatever happened to that ambassador to the professor considering her very high position in that institution!

    Another ambassador was a purpoted civil sevant mama who confessed on the TV of her graduation ceremony at the "cambridge university" - a dream come true. With her PITMAN qualification she was "conferred" the power to read and write .

    DALC has all the addresses and job positions (as of joining class)of former students and who "successfully" attained their degrees from the dubious Irish International University and European Business School. Why not contact them through an association / alumni to be counted on! Oborah you are a lone ranger.

    March 25, 2009 at 1:31 PM

  • Since the inception of DALC there has been no other of its official whom has publicly spoken on its behalf either through a press conference,interviews, TV shows or otherwise apart from Oborah himself. Check this out, in all student admission forum he talks endlessly. The staff are in the dark about the DALC policy and activities, they can not comforetbly tell you about upgrading unless they consult "maji marefu". Oborah you are the enemy within yourself. By disempowering or withholding basic and sensitive information to your staff and for the students' welfare, then how would feel free for your DALC idea sell out by itself?

    March 25, 2009 at 1:46 PM

  • About the class.the story of the guy who scored a D in kcse.oborah is a stupid man really.some logic please.explain this.he said that when he admitted him in dalc,it was 12 years since he was rejected from university and by now the man was rich and driving around in big he said,the man by now is still when he is admitted to dalc,the students started to question the learning institution since the man had a D.Tell me this,if you walked into a class and met a rich guy who by far is so clever and informed and by now is an adult,do you start asking what he got in kcse 12-15 yrs back unless the man carries his certificates everywhere.
    Oborah used to say tgat the only reason people called dalc fake is because he refused to employ a man from his village and now the man with some friends decided to tarnish his name and i know 95% of dalc guyz know this story.ask yourself,how comes all of a sudden its because of the D- student and not his kinsmen that caused dalc to be called fake.this guy isnt ashamed of anything thats why he's lying left right and center.eish.

    March 26, 2009 at 11:04 AM

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