Monday, March 23, 2009


DALC Education has never been about content. They may have all these fancy slogans and Cambridge/Oxford Connections but that is all flash. DALC loves to show off personalities it claims to be associated with. If the Prime Minister shook hands with Oborah, then it would be on the prospectus tomorrow. This will be done with aplomp and fanfare and would probably be broadcast on KTN just as a reminder. We have a long list of people on DALC prospectus whose pictures have been used to improve the image of a fraudulent institution and make it seem as if these prominent people endorse DALC with all its trickery.

When you walk into any of DALC's "campuses", the centre manager will give you a copy of this prospectus which summarises DALC courses on the inside with pictures of Oborah, CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY, students graduating etc The couloured pictures and glossy paper do not come cheap so they have you fooled on that first point.

Those who doubt will be convinced easily by the pictures of CAMBRIDGE university buildings and the OXFORD MAYOR. Ahem.. We have Oborah in the company of the mayor of Oxford. A certain PETER KEEN. To a layman, this Kenyan who commands the audience of the OXFORD mayor must be an important man. As usual, thats DALC's trickery and you have fallen for it all this time.
The man who according to the DALC prospectus was OXFORD's mayor in the year 2006 has never been mayor of the city of OXFORD. Thankfully, it is easy to access the list of all the cities mayors going all the way back to the last century and there is no PETER KEEN in that list. As has become the norm with DALC, everything is a big facade and the lies start on the front of their prospectus.
Mr. Peter KEEN seen in this picture with Oborah was not the Mayor of OXFORD at any point and that is another one of DALC's blantant lies. Oborah knows that the average person in Kisumu , Kitale or Mombasa has no way of knowing who the real mayor of OXFORD was in the year 2006. A white man with a big bling bling chain around neck will do. This goes a long way in enhancing the image of a institution which is nothing but one big lie.

Oborah cannot claim that competitors are behind this lie and neither can he lay the blame on old staff. Simply put, Oborah is a Liar who will say/print anything to make it seem like DALC is collaborating with worthy institutions whilst using the name of CAMBRIDGE and OXFORD to invoke demand for his worthless courses from unsuspecting customers.
See the true list of OXFORD mayors here and see why Humphrey Peter Ouko Oborah is a liar to the core.
In 2006 when Oborah claims that the man in the picture was the mayor of Oxford, the seat was actually held by a Jim Campbell.


  • This reminds me in one their prospectus and photo albums lying in their offices at Chiromo rd and Eldoret campus have the photo of Mrs. Ida Odinga (current Kenya Prime Minister's wife) at DALC's function. Poor Lady used for commercial exploits by a ill bent dubious professor.

    March 24, 2009 at 2:21 PM

  • Oborah needs to make it. He needs to wear expensive clothes and exercise his loins all over the country. To achieve all these things, he has to lie to people and cheat them off their money. Why is so difficult to understand? He wants to be an MP as well so he can protect himself from bloggers who love to speak the truth like you people.

    March 24, 2009 at 5:56 PM

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