Saturday, March 14, 2009


It is important to understand the danger you face by falling for a diploma mill scam.  If you trust the wrong people, you can cause a long delay in your education because your life can be consumed with the process of untangling yourself from diploma mill clutches. You can end up signing a document that sinks you into costly legal obligations that last for years.
Don't be too trusting. Don't accept an organization's claims of being accredited. There are fake accrediting bodies! A few things you should always do?
  • Check accreditation body to see if it is acknowledged by the Commision of Higher Education. Do not ask the name of the college but simply present your CAM/OXIM admission letter to the CHE. 
  • Check out the physical address of the CAM/OXIM institutions.
  • Compare the cost DALC's programmes with the cost of a known reputable college around.
  • If it's too easy, think twice (exemptions, fast track, form 4 leaver starting at 2nd yr etc) think again. 

Remember: It might be a diploma mill if:

  • You can't find a genuine physical address, telephone/fax no. 
  • They offer credit for life experience
  • They charge by degree or program (not by semester hour)
  • You can't find the names of faculty members or staff on the CAM/OXIM website
  • The CAM/OXIM web site is fancy, but there are no links to departments
  • There are words misspelled
  • They promise a degree in less than two years
  • They don't require original official transcripts when enrolling you.



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