Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Without wasting time, Oborah delved into the now widely debated issue of DALC's misunderstanding. Apparently, people here do not move with the times and are questioning DALC for their "fresh" approach in Education. This innovative approach has not been received well by the people who are now suspicious. He thoroughly canned all of us Africans for over-questioning new things and concepts such as DALC. He put it in a manner to suggest that it was unintelligent not to take to DALC like fish to water. He failed to mention that DALC lies, tricks, hoodwinks and uses all tricks in the book to make you pay for a fake Diploma.

He brought in the prosperity gospel thing to this debate by alleging that we are not prosperous due to our "failure to accept change and new concepts". That got my blood boiling especially when he went further and said that Africans are suspicious of new things and that in sum, education policies in Africa are bad.

His new Bio-Medically approached education is Africa's silver bullet to all the problems of the education systems. He warned that while Africans are wallowing in negativity, the west is moving forward which is loosely translated to mean that our questioning of DALC is causing Africas poor development. We hinder DALC's grand plan by writing the truth. He also said that cases of bad mouthing of DALC were sponsored by jealous people and institutions that do not like to share. He blamed those people with a know it all psychology for all these problems. HAHAHA. Seriously, this is an education expert who speaks on national TV. KTN had better find better things for Mahia Mutua to do!!

I can take criticism of Africa's problems from a true scholar. Not Oborah who is busy cheating people off their money by giving them useless CAMBRIDGE/OXFORD diplomas. The same Oborah who holds a fake professorship and claims to have gone to Cambridge University on a scholarship when he didn't!



    Digital Advisory and Learning Centre Diploma in Computing P.O Box 5172 -00506, Nairobi 5th and 2nd Floor, Soin Arcade, Westlands, Nairobi. Tel: 020 - 4450824
    Diploma in Management
    Nairobi Aviation College Diploma in Business Management (Comprising of Diploma Part 1, Diploma Part 2, and Advanced Diploma of ABE , UK) P.O Box 2018 - 00100, Nairobi, Uchumi House, 3rd and 4th Floor, Aga Khan Walk, Nairobi
    Computer Pride Training Centre Diploma in Business Management (Comprising of Diploma Part 1, Diploma Part 2, and Advanced Diploma of ABE , UK) P.O Box 42656 - 00100, Nairobi, ICEA Building 1st Floor, Kenyatta Avenue, Tel: 020-221973 Fax: 020 - 250951
    Diploma in Computer Science (Comprising of International Advanced Diploma in Computer Science of NCC, UK)
    Zetech College Diploma in Community Development (JKUAT) P.O Box 2768 - 00200, Nairobi, Reliance Centre, Woodvale Grove, Westlands Tel: 020-32049
    Diploma in Business Administration (JKUAT)
    Diploma in Purchase Supplies (JKUAT)
    Diploma in Information Technology (JKUAT)
    Defence Staff College Diploma in Strategic Studies (UON) Post graduate Diploma in Strategic Studies (UON) P.O Box 24232 - 00502 Karen, Nairobi. Westwood Park Road, Karen, Nairobi
    Kenya Institute of Social Work and Community Development Diploma in Social Work and Welfare (Kenya Methodist University) P.O Box 57961-00200, Nairobi, NACICO Co-op Plaza, Landies Rd, Nairobi. Tel: 020-2248637 Fax 020-247539
    Diploma in Commnity Development
    Diploma in Human Resource Management (KIE/KNEC)

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