Thursday, March 26, 2009


Despite DALCs lies,USIU does not recognise the qualifications from DALC. I know Oborah has told you that you can go to USIU and Naazarene just like Grace Osoro did on TV last 32 days ago but here is an email from one wasted DALC student who went to USIU.

Dear SIR ,

 I am writing to inform you of my situation since I completed the advanced diploma at DALC.

I travelled to Toronto in august last year where I had applied to Ryerson University and Seneca College. Application had to be done through (including credit transfers). I got my letter of approval plus and 1 year college degree exemption from the association which enabled me to proceed to second year studies. However, life in Canada turned out to be too expensive and I had to return.

In january I applied to USIU for admission to IBA degree with credit transfers for may intake. I began in the May semester and just yesterday I approached one of the Heads of the business departments, who looked over my application for transfers and told me the university does not recognise DALC and went on to tell me DALC is a scam and isnt what it claims to be, and that its been in the papers.

This came as an utter shock, because even when i tried explaining to him that relying on a newspaper article is not basis for judging DALC, and that DALC is backed by several boards, my application wasnt even considered. Just cancelled.

Now its like I have to start from scratch, after two years...


Please look into this matter because I might not be the only one facing this.


yours faithfully,



(Ex-DALC student 2007)


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