Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Watching the class yesterday was painful and infuriating at the same time. Oborah will lie to Kenyans week in, week out and claim that he offers Africans , specifically Kenyans a way out in the quest for proper Education. He spoke of :


Oborah and Mahia Mutua kept on repeating UK and USA every two minutes. Everything that is wrong with Africa was attributed to old education systems that had not been reviewed for years unlike the UK and USA that regularly reviewed theirs. He seemed hellbent to ingrain an inferiority complex on everything else that was not up to US/UK standards. Of course he did not fail to remind the viewers that DALC was offering recognised  UK courses locally hence ensuring that students had access to world class syllabus that are localized for local content.

That is a fraudulent claim as Oborah collaborates with limited companies that do not exist and are not accredited. Therefore, his claim that DALC offers UK qualifications is misleading and he can take that to the high court if he wishes. We stand by the fact that Oborah is making fraudulent claims and he can put us out of this business by presenting his evidence in court!!.

Are these foreign qualifications recognised by the UK authorities? How many students in the UK are taking these prestigious courses? Get the answers.


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