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 Have you ever wondered why a DALC student with CAM/OXIM Diploma that is being rejected right left and centre will still stand up and strongly defend DALC, its Head (who holds a fake professorship) and insist that the world is wrong to judge DALC.

Like destructive cult, DALC uses countless techniques to get its students to stay, commit themselves and take part in its activities. The sum of these techniques constitutes what some people call "mind control" also known as "thought reform. 
 Thought reform is an umbrella term for any number of manipulative techniques used to get people to do something they wouldn't otherwise do. Thought reform  does change a person's thought processes. These techniques include:
  • Deception - DALC trick new recruits into joining the group and committing themselves to a course and affiliations that don't fully understand.
    • DALC misleads new recruits the true nature of the Oxford/Cambridge affiliations. DALC ambigously states that it is an accredited centre for cambridge and oxford.
    • DALC hides any signs of illegal, dubious activities by displaying licences on the wall and advertising that it is fully accredited.
    • Oborah uses the UK OXFORD/CAMBRIDGE affiliation, speaking in an English accent, title of professor and claim to have studied at Cambridge England to increase vulnerability of students to suggestion.

  • Isolation - DALC has cut itself off  from the outside world to produce intense introspection, confusionand a distorted sense of reality. DALC staunchest students have other DALC students as their only social contact and feedback mechanism.
    • DALC has isolated itself by claiming that other education institutions are backward while it is modern. The other institutions fail to accept DALC's CAM/OXIM qualifications because they fear and do not understand DALC. Oborah claims that some emloyers do not understand DALC and therefore fail to hire its graduates. This leads to students living in a DALC bubble.  DALC has little interaction with other institutions, they do not take part in intercollege events with the "others."
    • DALC has instilled the belief that "outsiders"  are dangerous and wrong. Outsiders who do not accept DALC's practical projects format, outsiders who dare question the DALC affiliations and mode of learning should be avoided. These outsiders include, Education experts who take a different view, the media who publish articles that are not DALC friendly and bloggers who lay evidence of DALC's conmanship open for the world to see. All these people are labelled as evil according to Oborah.

  • Induced Dependency - DALC demands absolute, unquestioning devotion, loyalty and submission. A feeling of worthlessness and "evil" becomes associated with independence and critical thinking and inquisitiveness.
    • Oborah, the DALC leader typically controls all communication at DALC. He speaks on TV, he replies all the emails from an online system and staff are supposed to direct their queries to him. People are not supposed to think or analyze independently at DALC. Even his wife who is also his partner, refers all the queries to Oborah. 
    • DALC students are told what to believe in, what to say and why DALC is special. They are not supposed to seek information from other sources and are supposed to believe only what DALC tells them. Any person,newspaper,website that reports otherwise is a competitor and jealous of the institution.
    • Any special talents, bright people, inquisitive individuals are immediately devalued and criticized in order to confuse the member's sense of self-worth. These sharp people are dangerous as they will quickly put two and two together burst the bubble. For DALC, slow people are prefered as they are slow to raise trouble and quick to convince.
    • Any doubts or "questioning" of DALC are punished by other students through  criticism, guilt and alienation. Questions and doubts are systematically "turned around" so that the doubter feels wrong, worthless, "evil" for questioning. The student will of course be loved again when they renounce their doubts. The student council is DALCs tool to kill doubts that other student may have about DALC and effectively ostracises those who question the institutions legitimacy from the social circle.
    • Oborah randomly alternates praise and love with scorn and punishment to keep the staff and students off-balance and confused and instill immense self-doubt. The leader may offer occasional gifts and special privileges to encourage continued submission. These include night outs and trips to Naivasha crayfish camp.
    • DALC students are now the favoured source of employees for DALC education. These students strive at being model students who do not question DALC or Oborahs genius so that they can get a job at DALC. This has become a cycle of dependency where students need DALC to continue its warped existence so they can get jobs in the future.

    Dread - Once complete dependence is established, DALC students and staff must retain the Oborah's good favor or else their life falls apart.

  • Oborah punishes doubt or insubordination with emotional trauma by questioning the intelligence and mental aptitude of the peope who doubt him. Those who dare question DALC are danderheads who show typical African backward or stone age thinking. Like Oborah says "Unafikiria kama Mwafrika". He refers to people who question him as having a low attitide.
  • The ties to the outside education world have been cut, the studentr feels like his only family is DALC, and he has nowhere else to go. He cannot go to a public universties and private ones like KEMU,USIU and DAYSTAR will openly reject his qualifications.
  • The leader (oborah) extends favour to model students . The students who behave as expected are rewarded with social interactions, student leadership posts, appearance on the CLASS TV show and jobs. They also get Oborah promise of eternal protection from the outside world. Ask Amuola Patrick and Nicky Koyiet.
  • The students strongly believethat only DALC offers good education and if he/she leaves, they will never find UK education in Kenya that is better than DALC..
Thought reform is a long process and students are continually subjected to these techniques -- it's part of daily life in DALC.
This has resulted in a new breed of students who have taken to defending Oborah's fake qualifications and DALC's bogusness with a terrier like tenacity. Some of them are as young as 19 years and are now working overtime to convince other students not to leave wben when it is obvious that they know nothing about UK qualifications or accreditations.
You may have seen their responses to our articles previously and noted how personal an attack on DALC was to them. Its all a result of indoctrination!


  • I know one unfortunate student who has made it her personal business to convince the others DALC is gernuine. I wonder if she gets paid for her efforts or is an appearance in the CLASS enough to make here happy.

    March 29, 2009 at 7:09 PM

  • The only institution which is giving DALC a run for its money is Centre for Finance and Project Mnanagement - CFPM, , UniAfric House 3rd Floor ,just near Kengeles, Koinange street. If you want to infuriate Oborah just mention CFPM.

    CFPM does it courses inconjucntion with cambridge university , remember the fight between DALC and British Council?

    I found my way there in pursuit of PMI certification after attaining the IIU bachelors only to be denied the chance, "ati your from DALC and Bsc in Project Management of IIU. Pole , labda start afresh with us". Come I show you the genuine Cambridge Cert "Lo! and behold. In one of their rooms they equally display University of Cambridge certificates. A total contrast with those of Cambridge Association of Managers certificates displayed by DALC campuses.

    The inside stories they have about DALC is astonishing. The marking of DALC projects ask them.

    Oborah, your competitors are offering genuine papers.

    April 3, 2009 at 3:42 PM

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